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No strings attached: description of the sexual behavior in the Neotropical spider Parabatinga brevipes (Keyserling, 1891) (Araneae: Ctenidae). Toscano-Gadea, A. Carlos; Gonzalez, Macarena; Trillo, Mariana C. Sep 1, 2021 3522
A NEW COMPACT FOR SEXUAL PRIVACY. Citron, Danielle Keats May 1, 2021 28976
Preparing At-risk Youth for Employment: Identifying and Reducing Behaviors that Deter Job Readiness and Employment Success. Smith, Peggy B.; Van Horn, Anne; Hatter, Reginald; King, Jasmine Report Mar 1, 2021 4527
Six rules of love from Scotland through time; Love is a mysterious game, no doubt, so why not take inspiration from how it has been played through time in Scotland? From sex customs, to women's legal rights and getting married for a year and a day. Alison Campsie Feb 12, 2021 965
Sarajevo Canton Assembly adopts a Resolution against Sexual Harassment. Feb 4, 2021 376
Sexual behavior of Diplura macrura and Ischnothele annulata (Araneae: Mygalomorphae): further evidence of diplurid polyphyly. Ghirotto, Victor Morais; Guadanucci, Jose Paulo Leite Jan 1, 2021 6780
Sexual Health Determinants of Normal Weight, Overweight, and Obese Sexual Minority Men. Pereira, Henrique Jan 1, 2021 5882
I. Had Sex in the National. Simonds, Sandra Poem Jan 1, 2021 335
Local Anesthesia in Piglets Undergoing Castration--A Comparative Study to Investigate the Analgesic Effects of Four Local Anesthetics Based on Defensive Behavior and Side Effects. Abendschon, Nora; Senf, Steffanie; Deffner, Pauline; Miller, Regina; Grott, Andrea; Werner, Julia; S Oct 1, 2020 8760
Carcass Characteristics and Primal Pork Cuts of Gilts, Boars, Immunocastrates and Barrows Using AutoFOM III Data of a Commercial Abattoir. Kress, Kevin; Hartung, Jens; Jasny, Johannes; Stefanski, Volker; Weiler, Ulrike Oct 1, 2020 8427
Freshers urged to join harassment event after '1 in 3 suffer incidents'. SHEENA MCSTRAVICK Sep 17, 2020 258
Housing Management of Male Dromedaries during the Rut Season: Effects of Social Contact between Males and Movement Control on Sexual Behavior, Blood Metabolites and Hormonal Balance. EL-Shoukary, Ramadan D.; Nasreldin, Nani; Osman, Ahmed S.; Hashem, Nesrein M.; Saadeldin, Islam M.; Report Sep 1, 2020 6832
The Effect of Theory-Based HIV/AIDS Educational Program on Preventive Behaviors Among Female Adolescents in Tehran: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Farahani, Farideh Khalajabadi; Darabi, Fatemeh; Yaseri, Mehdi Jul 1, 2020 7237
SKYN releases results of sex and intimacy survey. Jun 29, 2020 886
A different plague. Ishraq Ashraf - Islamabad May 1, 2020 319
Coronavirus and Sex: Will Israel Experience a Baby-Boom in Nine Months? Apr 13, 2020 577
Effect of Maternal Water Restriction on Sexual Behavior, Reproductive Performance, and Reproductive Hormones of Male Rat Offspring. Khazaleh, Ja'far Al-; Kridli, Rami; Obeidat, Belal; Zaitoun, Shahera; Abdelqader, Anas Report Mar 1, 2020 7316
Young Adult Sexual Behavior in South Africa: How Important is Parental Social Support? Agudile, Emeka P.; Okechukwu, Cassandra A.; Subramanian, S.V.; Langer, Ana; Geller, Alan C. Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 10580
Sexual hormones and mental health. Martinez-Mota, Lucia Editorial Jan 1, 2020 1299
Electroencephalographic changes and testosterone levels in a pubertal stress animal model: effects on adult sexual motivation. Gonzalez, Marisela Hernandez; Arteaga, Enrique Hernandez; Guevara, Miguel Angel; Jaime, Herlinda Bon Jan 1, 2020 6164
How Money Now Tries to Bury the Truth. Starr, Paul Jan 1, 2020 1881
Limnology of the Minor Goddesses. Hajratwala, Minal Poem Dec 22, 2019 752
Mysteries Around Gay Sex In The Animal Kingdom Widens. Seema Prasad Dec 20, 2019 483
Flirting with colleagues may reduce workplace stress-study. Dec 19, 2019 396
Flirting With Coworkers May Reduce Your Office Stress. Darwin Malicdem Dec 17, 2019 426
Initiating Sexual Behaviors with Online Dating Partners: Stereotypical Gender Norms, Intimate Personal Data, and Romantic Compatibility. Cadge, Karin; Lazaroiu, George; Durana, Pavol; Kovalova, Erika Dec 1, 2019 1818
'Offensive Clothing' and 'Lewd Sexual Behavior' Could Soon Be Criminalized in Egypt. Oct 31, 2019 232
Make Love Better; How to Own Your Story, Connect with Your Partner, and Deepen Your Relationship Practice. Foster, Claire Book review Oct 27, 2019 326
China rolls out plan for controlling HIV transmission. Oct 15, 2019 192
James Franco Sued For Alleged Sexual Harassment And Exploitation. Kevin Billings Oct 4, 2019 346
Placido Domingo Leaves New York Met Opera. Wesley Dockery Sep 26, 2019 269
The Goddess of Love in Sadomasochistic Costume: Roman Polanski's Venus in Fur. Barr, Alan Sep 15, 2019 6879
Sexual dimorphism and patterns of sexual behavior in Lustrochernes argentinus (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae). Palen-Pietri, Rocio; Ceballos, Alejandra; Peretti, Alfredo V. Sep 1, 2019 4412
There Is No 'Gay Gene,' Major Study Concludes. Thompson, Dennis Report Aug 29, 2019 748
Injection Practices and Sexual Behaviors Among Persons with Diagnosed HIV Infection Who Inject Drugs--United States, 2015-2017. Dasgupta, Sharoda; Tie, Yunfeng; Lemons, Ansley; Wu, Kathleen; Burnett, Janet; Shouse, R. Luke Aug 2, 2019 2640
Transmission Risks Up for HIV-Positive Injection Drug Users; HIV-positive injection drug users often have detectable viral load, participate in risky behaviors. Aug 1, 2019 245
Is There Association between Risky Sexual Behaviors and Depression Symptoms among Youth? A Case of Jimma University Students, Ethiopia. Tesfaye, Yonas; Negash, Alemayehu; Tewelde Gebrehiwot, Tsegaye; Tessema, Worknesh; Anand, Susan; Ahm Jul 31, 2019 7666
Gaining Social Attraction and Disrupting Gender Dynamics through Mobile Dating Applications: Online Romance, Impression Management, and Sexual Behaviors. Flygare, Anne Jul 1, 2019 1917
Prevalence of HPV Genotypes in South Europe: Comparisons between an Italian and a Turkish Unvaccinated Population. Schettino, Maria Teresa; de Franciscis, Pasquale; Schiattarella, Antonio; La Manna, Viviana; Gala, A Jun 30, 2019 5281
Study finds link between lack of sleep and risky sexual behaviours. Jun 3, 2019 378
The Religious and Philosophical Characteristics in a Consensually Nonmonogamous Sample. Kolesar, Akhila E.A.; Pardo, Seth T. Jun 1, 2019 11822
Using Social Media To Increase HIV Testing Among Men Who Have Sex with Men--Beijing, China, 2013-2017. Wang, Liming; Podson, Dylan; Chen, Zihuang; Lu, Hongyan; Wang, Vania; Shepard, Colin; Williams, John May 31, 2019 3359
WHY SEXUAL PRIVACY MATTERS FOR TRUST. Citron, Danielle Keats May 1, 2019 12949
Evaluation of Factors Affecting Sexual Activity and Sexuality-Related Quality of Life in Different Stages of Pregnancy/Gebeligin Degisik Donemlerinde Cinsel Aktiviteyi ve Cinsellige Bagli Hayat Kalitesini Etkileyen Faktorlerin Degerlendirilmesi. Cavus, Evren; Beyazit, Fatma Medical condition overview May 1, 2019 4852
The impact of sexual self-disclosure, sexual compatibility, and sexual conflict on predicted outcome values in sexual relationships. La France, Betty Report Apr 1, 2019 8278
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Repeat Pregnancy among South African Adolescent Females. Govender, Desiree; Naidoo, Saloshni; Taylor, Myra Report Mar 1, 2019 7641
COGNATE / COGNADO. Sanchez, Steven Poem Mar 1, 2019 352
The role of septal nuclei in modulation of sexual behavior in young male rats. Agrawal, Meena; Hundekari, Jagdish Feb 1, 2019 2623
Keynote Friday AM: Advances and Best Practices for Working With Clients Who Are Sex Addicts-and Their Partners. Carnes, Stefanie Jan 1, 2019 1237
Seasonal variation in sexual behavior and web aggregation in a little-known long-jawed spider (Tetragnatha straminea) (Araneae: Tetragnathidae). Simkovic, Victoria; Andrade, Maydianne C.B. Jan 1, 2019 6770
PEOPLE. Dec 28, 2018 404
RISKY SEXUAL BEHAVIOR AND SORORITY MEMBERSHIP. Alexander, Apryl A.; Harrelson, Megan E.; Amerigo, Laura Serrano; Kelner, William Report Dec 22, 2018 2525
Shock waves of #MeToo reach the City of London. Dec 16, 2018 704
HIV testing low in U.S. women engaged in risky behavior. Lesney, Mark S. Brief article Dec 1, 2018 308
Adults report distress associated with difficulty controlling sexual feelings: Study. Nov 11, 2018 206
Condom Use and its Associated Factors Among Iranian Youth: Results From a Population-Based Study. Hooshyar, Samira Hosseini; Karamouzian, Mohammad; Mirzazadeh, Ali; Haghdoost, Ali Akbar; Sharifi, Ha Report Nov 1, 2018 6339
HPV Vaccination Not Tied to Risky Sexual Behavior in Teen Girls; Finding among adolescent girls before, after school-based vaccination program. Oct 18, 2018 219
Sexually engaging with your ex might not be as bad as you think. Oct 17, 2018 432
From Tinseltown titan to #MeToo pariah: Weinstein's year of shame. Oct 4, 2018 796
Parent jailtime harms health into adulthood. Krisberg, Kim Oct 1, 2018 258
Trends in adolescent sexual behavior, health, and education: A conversation with Laura Lindberg. Heller, Rafael Interview Oct 1, 2018 3140
Veiled Truths: Iranian Women and Risky Sexual Behavior in the Context of Substance Use. Khoei, Effat Merghati; Jamshidimanesh, Mansoureh; Emamian, Mohammad Hassan; Sheikhan, Fatemeh; Dolan Report Oct 1, 2018 6738
Catholic prelate supports voluntary HIV test for OFWs. Sep 11, 2018 350
The PTC releases study of network primetime family comedies: "Lewd by Example". Sep 11, 2018 660
Arlington Heights pastor removed after his arrest. Sep 5, 2018 264
Annual Review of Neuroscience; Volume 41, 2018. Book review Sep 1, 2018 103
Oral High-Risk HPV Prevalence Appears to Be Low in England; Smoking and sexual behavior associated with high-risk HPV status. Aug 30, 2018 183
Sexuality Despite Obstacles: Sexual Behavior of Individuals with Mental Disability/Engellere Ragmen Cinsellik: Zihinsel Yetersizlige Sahip Olan Bireylerde Cinsellik. Boyacioglu, Nur Elcin; Karacam, Zeynep Dilsah; Ozcan, Neslihan Keser Aug 1, 2018 3479
Perceived and reported romantic and sexual outcomes in long-distance and geographically close relationships. Goldsmith, Kaitlyn M.; Byers, E. Sandra Aug 1, 2018 11361
Sex addiction is a mental health condition, says WHO. Jul 11, 2018 317
Symphonies. Baldwin, Jamaica Poem Jun 22, 2018 248
Promoting sexual health in the LGBTQ community: A nonjudgmental, informed approach will create a safe space for productive discussions. McCabe, Philip; McMillan, Mark; Padilla, Kristina; Fawcett, David Jun 22, 2018 2094
Few ob.gyns. are taking detailed sexual histories. Oakes, Kari Jun 1, 2018 1044
Sexual Behaviors, Experiences of Sexual Violence, and Substance Use among Women Who inject Drugs: Accessing Health and Prevention Services in Puerto Rico. Collazo-Vargas, Erika M.; Dodge, Brian; Herbenick, Debby; Guerra-Reyes, Lucia; Mowatt, Rasul; Otero- Jun 1, 2018 8824
Predictors of unplanned pregnancies among female students at South African Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges: Findings from the 2014 Higher Education and Training HIV and AIDS survey. Mbelle, N.; Mabaso, M.; Setswe, G.; Sifunda, S. Report Jun 1, 2018 4561
More LGBT issues loom as justices near wedding cake decision. May 27, 2018 1165
Emotion Regulation Program Cuts Risky Sex Behaviors in Youth; Findings based on emotion regulation skills training for at-risk seventh grade students. May 11, 2018 175
Maryland outlaws 'sextortion'. May 9, 2018 200
Tom Brokaw denies allegations of sexual harassment; women feared retaliation at NBC. Apr 28, 2018 3677
Griffith analyzes US Christianity's division over sex. Williams, Mariam Book review Apr 20, 2018 1061
Trazando fronteras nacionales en contextos de integracion: migracion femenina y sexualidad en la subregion andina. Ruiz M., Martha Cecilia Ensayo Apr 1, 2018 11095
The Effects of Breast Reduction on Sexual Activity. Oral, Meltem Ayhan; Aslan, Cem; Tuzuner, Murat; Aksam, Ersin; Capkinoglu, Fatma Buse Kilin; Gulpek, Clinical report Apr 1, 2018 3913
WE'RE NOT BACKING DOWN. Cole, Susan G. Column Mar 22, 2018 629
Is #MeToo starting to do more harm than good? Mar 8, 2018 1324
Seminal Parameters and Sexual Behavior on Farm Rabbits Provided with a Diet Supplemented with Canola Oil at the Start of Puberty/Parametros Seminales y Conducta Sexual en Conejos de Granja con Dieta Suplementada con Aceite de Canola al Inicio de la Pubertad. Huerta, Nancy Guadalupe Mejia; Espinosa, Jorge Hernandez; Perez-Martinez, Mario Mar 1, 2018 2586
The not-here letter roils Annapolis. Mar 1, 2018 1564
Correlates of Postpartum Sexual Activity and Contraceptive Use in Kano, Northern Nigeria. Iliyasu, Zubairu; Galadanci, Hadiza S.; Danlami, Khadija M.; Salihu, Hamisu M.; Aliyu, Muktar H. Report Mar 1, 2018 5987
Risk behavior score: a practical approach for assessing risk among men who have sex with men in Brazil. Rocha, Gustavo Machado; Kerr, Ligia Regina Franco Sansigolo; Kendall, Carl; Guimaraes, Mark Drew Cro Report Mar 1, 2018 7285
Did Jefferson Have Dalliances? For a variety of reasons, critics have claimed that Thomas Jefferson, after his wife's death, fathered children with his slave Sally Hemings, but the facts say otherwise. Byas, Steve Feb 19, 2018 2243
Compulsive sexual behavior: A nonjudgmental approach: Despite limited evidence, this disorder can be accurately diagnosed and successfully treated. Grant, Jon E. Feb 1, 2018 3202
Survey: 9-In-10 Employees Admit Sexual Activity In Their Office. Jan 31, 2018 402
Is Matt Lauer Ready To Divorce Wife Annette Roque? Jan 25, 2018 413
Will Matt Lauer's Wife File For Divorce? Jan 22, 2018 411
Matt Lauer Reaching Out To Producers At 'Today'. Jan 4, 2018 394
The self-protection against HIV for nursing professionals: study of social representations/A autoprotecao contra o HIV para profissionais de enfermagem: estudo de representacoes sociais/La autoproteccion contra el VIH para profesionales de enfermeria: estudio de las representaciones sociales. Spindolam, Thelma; Braga, Renato Martins de Oliveira; Marques, Sergio Correa; Formozo, Glaucia Alexa Jan 1, 2018 3829
The Root Aqueous Extract of Entada africana Guill. et Perr. Mvondo, Marie Alfrede; Essono, Stephane Minko; Tatsinkou, Francis Desire Bomba; Ateba, Sylvin Benjam Jan 1, 2018 8782
Sexual Behavior of Perinatally Infected Youth in Northwest Ethiopia: Implication for HIV Prevention Strategy. Moges, Nurilign Abebe; Bizuayehu, Habtamu Mellie Report Jan 1, 2018 3987
Leaf-Methanolic Extract of Pseudopanax arboreus (Araliaceae) (L. F. Phillipson) Reverses Amitriptyline-Induced Sexual Dysfunction in Male Rats. Besong, Egbe B.; Ateufack, G.; Babiaka, Smith B.; Kamanyi, Albert Jan 1, 2018 10063
Sexual Enhancing Effect of Anacardium occidentale in Stress-Exposed Rats by Improving Dopaminergic and Testicular Functions. Wattanathorn, Jintanaporn; Prabsattroo, Thawatchai; Somsapt, Pichet; Sritragool, Opass; Thukham-mee, Jan 1, 2018 7802
Drug use in teens increases risk of HIV in adulthood. Clinical report Dec 22, 2017 328
Japanese Monkeys Have Repeated 'Sexual Interactions' With Deer. Dec 16, 2017 550
Sex, drugs and disease: The deadly mix (Part 2). Dec 15, 2017 1573
MSM, low condom use, gov't policies fuel HIV/AIDS rise. Dec 3, 2017 1083
Empowerment of Adolescent Girls for Sexual and Reproductive Health Care: A Qualitative Study. Alimoradi, Zainab; Kariman, Nourossadat; Simbar, Masoumeh; Ahmadi, Fazlollah Report Dec 1, 2017 7026
Matt Lauer In Sexual Harassment Parody Video. Nov 30, 2017 466
Mother Wants 'Sleeping Beauty' Off School Curriculum Over Inappropriate Sexual Behavior. Nov 24, 2017 512
From cells to socioeconomics, meth worsens HIV outcomes. Sullivan, Michele G. Nov 15, 2017 931
U.K. minister resigns in harassment scandal. Nov 2, 2017 467
Sex Without Desire: Exploring the rituals of the campus hook-up culture. Wax, Amy L. Nov 1, 2017 3917
METH USE GOING GLOBAL: Drug is top choice for HIV high-risk groups. Sullivan, Michele G. Nov 1, 2017 927
High HIV infection prevalence in a group of men who have sex with men. Torres, Raquel Maria Cardoso; da Cruz, Marly Marques; Perisse, Andre Reynaldo Santos; Pires, Denise Report Nov 1, 2017 7789
Duck, Duck, Goose. Puterbaugh, Dolores T. Nov 1, 2017 1080
Research Suggests Millennials Are Interested In Threesomes More Than Ever Before. Oct 11, 2017 585
"Why is this person writing this stuff on Facebook?" Female college students' perceptions of sexual reference displays on Facebook. Burkhart, Laura; Hoopes, Andrea; Moreno, Megan Report Sep 22, 2017 4964
PERCEIVED BARRIERS AND BENEFITS OF CONDOM USE AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS. Fehr, Sara. K.; Vidourek, Rebecca A.; King, Keith A.; Nabors, Laura A. Sep 22, 2017 7616
Seroprevalence of HSV, HBSAg & HCV in STD clinic attendees of a tertiary care state headquarters hospital. Godha, Venkata Ramana; Prasad, J. V. D. S.; Kuman, Veena; Pinjala, Padmaja; Ananthula, Venkata Krish Report Aug 7, 2017 4398
Americans Might Be Having Less Sex Due To Helicopter Parenting: Study. Aug 6, 2017 919
Former teacher pleads guilty. Jul 12, 2017 336
The "bare life" of Thai transnational migrant workers in Taiwan. Smutkupt, Suriya Jul 1, 2017 6410
Tesla Fires Female Engineer After She Sues Company For Sexism. Jun 2, 2017 598
Straight Men Are Sexually Attracted To Other Men After A Few Drinks. May 5, 2017 585
The sexual integrity of religious schools and tax exemption. Buckles, Johnny Rex May 1, 2017 28051
Subjected to sexually inappropriate behavior? Set LIMITS. Aziz, Rehan; Marshall, Jenna May 1, 2017 521
Sex History Must Be Shared To Prevent Spread Of Disease. Reprint Apr 30, 2017 1410
Relation between HIV status, risky sexual behavior, and mental health in an MSM sample from three Chilean cities/Relacion entre el estado de seropositividad al VIH, el Comportamiento sexual arriesgado y la salud mental en una muestra de HSH de tres ciudades chilenas. Gomez, Fabiola; Barrientos, Jaime; Cardenas, Manuel Apr 1, 2017 4826
Sex, gender roles and sexual attitudes in university students/Sexo, roles de genero y actitudes sexuales en estudiantes universitarios. Garcia-Vega, Elena; Rico, Rosana; Fernandez, Paula Apr 1, 2017 4723
Exploring the activity of daily living of sexual activity: a survey in occupational therapy education. Lohman, Helene L.; Kobrin, Alexandra; Chang, Wen-Pin Report Mar 22, 2017 5048
Americans having less sex - study. Mar 8, 2017 412
Americans Aren't Having Sex. Mar 7, 2017 495
Clinical and demographic factors associated with sexual behaviour in children with autism spectrum disorders. Fourie, Lurike; Kotze, Carla; van der Westhuizen, Deborah Report Mar 1, 2017 4634
Uncut 'Fifty Shades Darker' gets R-18 rating. Feb 1, 2017 229
US And Russian Intelligence Both Have History Of Sexual Blackmail. Jan 14, 2017 957
Analysis of resilience and sexual behavior in persons with HIV infection. Araujo, Ludgleydson Fernandes deTeva, Inmaculada; Quero, Jose Hernandez; Reyes, Antonio Ortega; Berm Jan 1, 2017 6927
Transactional Sex between Men and Its Implications on HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Nigeria. Bamgboye, Eniola A.; Badru, Titilope; Bamgboye, Afolabi Jan 1, 2017 5081
Human Papillomavirus Positivity in the Anal Canal in HIV-Infected and HIV-Uninfected Men Who Have Anal Sex with Men in Guangzhou, China: Implication for Anal Exams and Early Vaccination. Ren, Xuqi; Ke, Wujian; Zheng, Heping; Yang, Ligang; Huang, Shujie; Qin, Xiaolin; Yang, Bin; Zou, Hua Report Jan 1, 2017 5731
Nonpaternity and Half-Siblingships as Objective Measures of Extramarital Sex: Mathematical Modeling and Simulations. Omori, Ryosuke; Nagelkerke, Nico; Abu-Raddad, Laith J. Report Jan 1, 2017 5979
Depression and HIV Risk Behaviors among Female Sex Workers in Guangdong, China: A Multicenter Cross-Sectional Study. Shen, Hongcheng; Zou, Huachun; Huang, Shujie; Liu, Fengying; Zhao, Peizhen; Chen, Lei; Zhang, Ye; Lu Report Jan 1, 2017 5991
Comparison of Sexual Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior between Female Chinese College Students from Urban Areas and Rural Areas: A Hidden Challenge for HIV/AIDS Control in China. Chen, Min; Liao, Yong; Liu, Jia; Fang, Wenjie; Hong, Nan; Ye, Xiaofei; Li, Jianjun; Tang, Qinglong; Report Jan 1, 2017 6729
Same-sex sexual behavior in Xenogryllus marmoratus (Haan, 1844) (Grylloidea: Gryllidae: Eneopterinae): Observation in the wild from YouTube. Olivero, Paola; Robillard, Tony Abstract Jan 1, 2017 4202
Is sex better when drunk or stoned? Dec 1, 2016 484
New research on health-related behaviors of GLB youth. Chelvakumar, Gayathri Nov 1, 2016 933
Sexual behaviour in male patients with genital ulcers attending dermatology outpatient department and sexually transmitted infections clinic. Report Sep 30, 2016 4556
Updated Sex and the Soul takes in changed landscape of college campuses. Ott, Kate Book review Sep 9, 2016 1125
In Burkina Faso, a sharp decline in HIV prevalence coincides with a shift toward safer sexual behaviors. London, S. Sep 1, 2016 1075
Tuning in to your turn-ons: appreciating the sexual feelings in our everyday lives. Hosey, Joy Jul 1, 2016 868
Diagnostic value of the urine mucus test in childhood masturbation among children below 12 years of age: a cross-sectional study from Iran. Doust, Zarin Keihani; Shariat, Mamak; Zabandan, Neda; Tabrizi, Aidin; Tehrani, Fatemeh Report Jul 1, 2016 3140
My eyes are up here: a recent study suggests that the whole world knows I'm a bottom--and they can tell by just looking at my face. Shucart, Brenden Apr 1, 2016 589
Effects of ghrelin on sexual behavior and luteinizing hormone beta-subunit gene expression in male rats. Babaei-Balderlou, Farrin; Khazali, Homayoun Report Apr 1, 2016 5496
Female sexual hedonism: navigating stigma. Fulle, Andrea; Chang, I. Joyce; Knox, David Report Mar 1, 2016 3036
Will climate change ruin your sex life? Global warming could cool sexual passions and reduce birth rates. Bailey, Ronald Feb 1, 2016 1240
Human papillomavirus vaccination at a time of changing sexual behavior. Baussano, Iacopo; Lazzarato, Fulvio; Brisson, Marc; Franceschi, Silvia Jan 1, 2016 4591
A cautionary tale: how to handle the hookup culture at camp. Wallace, Stephen Gray Jan 1, 2016 3154
Conflicting agendas: the politics of sex in aged care. Rahn, Alison; Jones, Tiffany; Bennett, Cary; Lykins, Amy Jan 1, 2016 9770
Poem of Sex and Time. Cohen, Elizabeth Poem Sep 22, 2015 110
2nd Poem of Sex and Time. Cohen, Elizabeth Poem Sep 22, 2015 102
Do sex and violence really sell products? Sep 1, 2015 473
Does relationship status matter for sexual satisfaction? The roles of intimacy and attachment avoidance in sexual satisfaction across five types of ongoing sexual relationships. Birnie-Porter, Carolyn; Hunt, Mitchell Aug 1, 2015 8203
Hook-up culture among college students: a comparison of attitudes toward hooking-up based on ethnicity and gender. Helm, Herbert W., Jr.; Gondra, Stephanie D.; McBride, Duane C. Report Aug 1, 2015 4168
Gay acts no longer misconduct. Brief article Jul 31, 2015 109
Redeeming Sex: Naked Conversations about Sexuality and Spirituality. Marsh, Donna Jul 6, 2015 583
Survey: millennials more liberal on sexuality. Salgado, Soli Jul 3, 2015 1473
Female Sexual Dysfunction, Feminist Sexology, and the Psychiatry of the Normal. Taylor, Chloe Essay Jun 22, 2015 13899
Religiousness and congruence between sexual values and behavior. Hook, Joshua N.; Farrell, Jennifer E.; Ramos, Marciana J.; Davis, Don E.; Karaga, Sara; Van Tongeren Report Jun 22, 2015 5595
Dim light during scotophase enhances sexual behavior of the oriental tobacco budworm Helicoverpa assulta (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Li, Huiting; Yan, Shuo; Li, Zhen; Zhang, Qingwen; Liu, Xiaoxia Report Jun 1, 2015 4521
Controversial Enas al Dughaidi airs her dirty laundry on Dream TV! Brief article May 25, 2015 249
Survey: Millennials don't judge. Brief article Apr 10, 2015 189
Young New Zealand women's sexual decision making in casual sex situations: a qualitative study. Cooper, Annette; Gordon, Barrie Report Apr 1, 2015 7023
Using social cognitive theory to predict safer sex behaviors in college students. Kanekar, Amar; Sharma, Manoj; Bennett, Russell Mar 22, 2015 5577
The Effects of Maternal Low Protein and Estrogen on Sexual Behavior and Testicular Maturation in Male Rats/ Efectos de Niveles Maternos Bajos de Estrogeno y Proteina sobre el Comportamiento Sexual y Maduracion Testicular en Ratas Macho. Kavak, V.; Balsak, D.; Togrul, C.; Deveci, E.; Ekinci, A.; Ekinci, C.; Babacan, F. Mar 1, 2015 3416
Sex in the media: teen perception of body image and attitude toward sex. Korie, Daniel Report Feb 1, 2015 2789
The boomerang effect of liberal abortion laws in patriarchal societies: the case of gender biased sex-selection in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Aliyeva, Bahija A. Report Jan 1, 2015 7699
Sexual behaviors of college freshmen and the need for university-based education. Wyatt, Tammy; Oswalt, Sara Dec 1, 2014 5157
Client and provider perspectives on adolescent reproductive and sexual health services in India. Dec 1, 2014 982
Casual sexual relationships: identifying definitions for one night stands, booty calls, fuck buddies, and friends with benefits. Wentland, Jocelyn J.; Reissing, Elke Report Dec 1, 2014 8540
Perceiving that one's partner is supportive moderates the associations among attachment insecurity and psychosexual variables. Peloquin, Katherine; Bigras, Noemie; Brassard, Audrey; Godbout, Natacha Report Dec 1, 2014 8189
Marriage, intimacy and risk of HIV infection in South West Uganda. Agol, Dorice; Bukenya, Dominic; Seeley, Janet; Kabunga, Elizabeth; Katahoire, Anne Report Dec 1, 2014 5210
Can an apple a day keep the bad science away? Schwarcz, Joe Report Nov 1, 2014 676
Four men. Holiday, Harmony Sep 22, 2014 1769
"Maybe now the parade": The exigencies of sexual survival in Tennessee Williams's Something Cloudy, Something Clear. Frontain, Raymond-Jean Critical essay Sep 22, 2014 17451
Rhetorical voyeurism: negotiation of literal and rhetorical audience in responses to Kinsey's sexual behavior in the human female. Cole, Andrew; Salek, Thomas Sep 22, 2014 5851
Sex is a very big thing in Islamic Rep. Sep 5, 2014 447
Does access to antiretroviral drugs lead to an increase in high-risk sexual behaviour? De Coninck, Zaake Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2014 1268
Survey offers insights on postnatal intimacy. Jul 14, 2014 384
Can't touch this! Former ladies' man Hani Salama says women offer him sex even as a married man. Brief article Jul 6, 2014 161
Le socius et le masculin: elements de psychanalyse de l'originaire sociale. Georgescu, Matei Report Jul 1, 2014 3833
Christian University under attack. Jun 1, 2014 356
CME: sexual health. Editorial Jun 1, 2014 174
Dating violence and self-efficacy for delayed sex among adolescents in Cape Town, South Africa. Boafo, Isaac M.; Dagbanu, Emmanuel A.; Asante, Kwaku Oppong Report Jun 1, 2014 7288
Intimacy: it's complicated. Cronin, Kerry May 23, 2014 1917
Love Poem. Hicok, Bob Poem May 1, 2014 192
Mother's Baptism. Jarman, Mark Foster Poem May 1, 2014 414
A new study confirms that young women who get a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine do not engage in riskier sexual behavior as a result of it. May 1, 2014 142
Relationship between disclosure of same-sex sexual activity to providers, HIV diagnosis and sexual health services for men who have sex with men in Vancouver, Canada. Ng, Brian E.; Moore, David; Michelow, Warren; Hogg, Robert; Gustafson, Reka; Robert, Wayne; Kanters, May 1, 2014 4926
The survey of sexual functioning of women with children and without children and its relationship to marital satisfaction. Akbaran, Elahe Pour; Yazdi, Seyd Amir Amin Report Apr 15, 2014 3735
Pushing the limits: how much is too much? Welch, Rollie; Rockefeller, Elsworth; Hayes, Summer Column Apr 1, 2014 2196
Vanilla Fields. McGlynn, Karyna Poem Mar 22, 2014 196
Carrion. Cortez, Rio Poem Mar 22, 2014 162
Higher levels of risky sexual behavior reported in polling booth surveys than in face-to-face interviews. Melhado, L. Report Mar 1, 2014 977
Prophylactic treatment for HIV does not lead to risky sexual behavior. Mar 1, 2014 985
Tryst. Cloud, Abigail Poem Mar 1, 2014 182
Addicted to brain scans: the debate about sex addiction reflects a larger cultural confusion. Peele, Stanton Mar 1, 2014 3325
Sexual practices of female sex workers who inject drugs in Osogbo, Nigeria. Adelekan, Ademola Lukman; Omoregie, Philomena Imade; Edoni, Elizabeth Ronami Report Jan 1, 2014 4740
How steroid use in humans affects sexual behavior. Dec 31, 2013 182
Do family structure and poverty affect sexual risk behaviors of undergraduate students in Nigeria? Odimegwu, Clifford; Adedini, Sunday A. Report Dec 1, 2013 7479
Levels of Risky Sex Did Not Rise When HIV Therapy Was Initiated in KwaZulu-Natal. Dec 1, 2013 915
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