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St. Louis lists alleged abusers. Aug 9, 2019 229
We're still here: The clergy abuse crisis is the lived reality of many in our pews on Sunday morning. Fought, Eric S. Jul 1, 2019 1338
Abuse series features starkly different views. Remedios, Jesse Conference notes May 17, 2019 1327
Benedict blames clergy abuse on sexual revolution, Vatican II theology. McElwee, Joshua J. May 3, 2019 842
Francis ends summit with promise to 'decisively confront' abuse. McElwee, Joshua J. Mar 8, 2019 2238
Vatican's summit on abuse gets a mixed verdict. Editorial Mar 8, 2019 765
Francis seeks forgiveness. Brief article Feb 24, 2017 143
Hell, hope and healing: a four-part series. Frawleyodea, Mary Gail May 6, 2016 350
The community yearns for healing. Editorial Mar 11, 2016 864
A first step in bringing secrets to light: in 1985, NCR provided pages and protection to the early reporters of the clergy sex abuse scandal. Fox, Thomas C. Jul 3, 2015 1658
Commission discusses sanctions for bishops. McElwee, Joshua J. Feb 27, 2015 794
UN scrutinizes Vatican policies. May 9, 2014 191
Church officials defend abuse record. Roewe, Brian May 9, 2014 1443
Task force reports 'serious shortcomings'. Roewe, Brian Apr 25, 2014 879
Will Francis tend to those most impoverished by the church? Frawley-O'Dea, Mary Gail Apr 11, 2014 1347
Clergy sex abuse treatment disputed: survivors, supporters voice concerns over Milwaukee's plan. Rohde, Marie Mar 28, 2014 1280
Francis, you must meet abuse victims. Mar 28, 2014 856
Archdiocese makes abuse costs public. Roewe, Brian Feb 28, 2014 509
Newark shows need for transparency. Editorial Jun 7, 2013 803
LCWR accusers have spotty records: US bishops leading disciplinary action against sister's group have themselves faced no discipline in abuse scandal. Berry, Jason Jan 18, 2013 2285
Bishops tweak child protection charter. Morris-Young, Dan Jun 24, 2011 1073
Vatican to stage major symposium on sex abuse crisis. Allen, John L. Jr. Jun 24, 2011 648
Catholics still wait for final accountability. Sean, Michael Column May 13, 2011 886
Pinning down a vague term: disparity in definitions dogs 'credible accusation' standard. Ryan, Zoe Apr 29, 2011 1320
Money, not justice, still guiding abuse policies. Editorial Apr 29, 2011 1192
Benedict's defense may mean tainting John Paul II. Allen, John L., Jr. May 14, 2010 1938
Search for answers begins within. Mar 19, 2010 843
Scope of clerical sex abuse crisis widens in Europe: allegations in Germany raise questions of what the pope knew and when. Roberts, Tom Mar 19, 2010 1157
Abuse rooted in clerical celibacy: as the scandal spreads to Germany, it's time to deal with its essential structural causes, says noted theologian Hans Kung. Kung, Hans Mar 19, 2010 1093
The Irish Catholic house of cards. Kelly, Michael Mar 5, 2010 1098
Donal Hurray. Dec 25, 2009 86
The San Diego diocese agreed to pay the second-largest settlement in the country, $198 million, to 144 victims who were sexually abused by clergy between 1938 and 1993. Brief article Dec 22, 2007 158
In an address to the 125th Supreme Convention of the Knights of Columbus, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone railed against lawyers for victims in clergy sexual abuse trials. Brief article Dec 22, 2007 84
The scandal of silence: ordinary Catholics looked the other way when priests abused children. Pawlowski, Diane R. Aug 25, 2006 809
Intersecting systems: abuse implications for teachers. Romo, Jaime J. Mar 22, 2006 6365
Sex abuse in Brazil: abuser priest provides checklist for selecting victims. Allen, John L., Jr. Dec 9, 2005 858
Seminary review committee greeted. Dec 9, 2005 185
For what it's worth, our condolences. Editorial Dec 9, 2005 714
Levada served with subpoena. Brief Article Aug 26, 2005 165
'Unprotected intercourse' legal argument shocks Catholics. Aug 26, 2005 389
Bishops' report shows widespread diocesan compliance; victims question effectiveness of child protection programs. Feuerherd, Joe Mar 4, 2005 1065
'The power of purifying memory': the pope's concept is thwarted by a hierarchy that refuses to confront its own dark underworld. Berry, Jason Critical Essay Oct 15, 2004 5103
Dissecting the lamb of god: the other devastation of clergy sexual abuse. Rauch, Mikele Sep 22, 2004 2822
Portland bankruptcy seen as high-risk strategy: process requires church disclosures and transparency. Feuerherd, Joe Jul 30, 2004 1058
Priest says case lacks due process; New York archdiocese rejected exculpating evidence, critics say. Ryan, Dick Jul 30, 2004 1048
American hierarchy seals its fate. Sipe, A.W. Richard Jul 30, 2004 1031
Bankruptcy filing sets dangerous precedent. Jul 30, 2004 948
Alleged abusers are monitored. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Jul 16, 2004 162
Portland says abuse lawsuits forced it into bankruptcy. Jul 16, 2004 347
Lawyers added to speed cases. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Jul 16, 2004 164
Tucson diocese considers bankruptcy: some say move would dodge responsibility to clergy sex abuse victims. Horton, Renee Schafer Jul 2, 2004 987
Priests said to cross borders to escape abuse charges. Jul 2, 2004 966
'This in no way diminishes ...'. Kennedy, Eugene May 28, 2004 1596
Sexual abuse by priests in the spotlight in Spain. Allen, John L., Jr. May 21, 2004 449
Clergy sex abuse, the movie: coming soon to a small screen near you. Grennan Gary, Heather Brief Article May 1, 2004 154
Pardon my skepticism: in their rush to move on, the bishops seem to be counting on our short memories. Ferder, Fran May 1, 2004 756
L.A. district attorney seeks access to all abuse files. (Church In Crisis). Jones, Arthur Mar 7, 2003 404
Chicago archdiocese gives accounting of sex abuse costs. (Church In Crisis). Martin, Michelle Feb 7, 2003 946
Lay group urges preservation of records; diocese may shred abuse files after accused priest dies. (Church In Crisis). Jan 24, 2003 1751
Former priest is canon law expert for abuse suits. (Church In Crisis). Jones, Arthur Dec 20, 2002 508
Secret Vatican norms on abuse show conflicts with U.S. policy. (World). Allen, John L., Jr. Nov 29, 2002 1036
Footnotes that determine history: sex scandals grab headlines while liturgical directives ritualize clerical separation. (Viewpoint). Kichline, Kathleen MacInnis Nov 15, 2002 1440
Church needs study of human sexuality: Catholic sexual, spiritual institute could make research available to all. (Viewpoint). Kramer, Joseph Nov 1, 2002 792
Bishop calls for reform following clergy abuse crisis. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Sep 6, 2002 204
Church woes in U.S. could help lawsuits in Canada. (News). Barnsley, Paul Sep 1, 2002 1266
African bishops call for oversight of nuns' formation. (Church In Crisis). Allen, John L., Jr. Brief Article Aug 16, 2002 331
Virginia bishop under fire for reinstating accused priest. (Church In Crisis). O'Neill, Patrick Brief Article Aug 16, 2002 1289
Group of bishops calls for U.S. plenary council: Dallas dealt with immediate crisis, council would address underlying causes, proponents say. (Church In Crisis). Morrison, Pat Brief Article Aug 16, 2002 1001
Web site sheds light on media fascination with abuse crisis. (Church In Crisis). Fox, Thomas C. Brief Article Aug 16, 2002 771
Expert says abuse policy should extend to bishops. (Church In Crisis). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Aug 16, 2002 619
Bishops in Dallas: a remake of Frankenstein. (Church In Crisis). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Aug 16, 2002 595
Religious orders take different view of abuse policy. (Church In Crisis). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Aug 16, 2002 599
Catholic press challenged. (signs of the times). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 134
From the book of numbers. (signs of the times). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 94
Dallas meeting disappoints many. (signs of the times). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 405
Bad news. (signs of the times). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 117
Some see big reforms on horizon: conservatives and liberals align in call for lay involvement. (Church In Crisis). Donovan, Gill Jul 19, 2002 1980
Religious-order priests being removed under child protection charter. (Church In Crisis). Filteau, Jerry Brief Article Jul 19, 2002 1024
Bishop proposes registry of guilty priests. (Church In Crisis). Brief Article Jul 19, 2002 675
Time for bishops to listen, take ordinary Catholics seriously. (Commentary). Ferder, Fran; Heagle, John Brief Article Jul 19, 2002 940
Catholic scandal, ecumenical solution: the whole church must combat sexual misconduct. (Leadership). Berger, Rose Marie Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 632
Two bishops resign following sex scandals. (Church In Crisis). Brief Article Jun 21, 2002 94
Sex abuse suit filed against St. John's monks. (Church In Crisis). Brief Article Jun 21, 2002 164
Call to Action proposes sex abuse guidelines. (Church In Crisis). Patterson, Margot Brief Article Jun 7, 2002 208
Boston College plans program to examine crisis. (Church In Crisis). Brief Article Jun 7, 2002 236
Pope assures Bush U.S. Catholics can overcome crisis. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Jun 7, 2002 253
Zero tolerance martyrs priests to sell-righteousness: Cardinal George battles for common sense in doubts about sex abuse policy. (Viewpoint). Kennedy, Eugene Brief Article Jun 7, 2002 820
Pope hopefuls: everyone assumes that John Paul II's successor will be a conservative. Don't bet on it. Allen, John L. Jr. Jun 1, 2002 2859
Broken trust, broken lives; survivors of priest sexual abuse speak out. Clarke, Kevin Cover Story Jun 1, 2002 4030
How to build a healthier church: an interview with father Donald B. Cozzens. Scherer-Emunds, Meinrad Interview Jun 1, 2002 3286
Scandal diminishes church clout; priests break ranks in Massachusetts political battle. (Christ In Crisis). Colbert, Chuck May 24, 2002 2123
Cardinal admits silence about priest abuser. (Church In Crisis). Jones, Arthur Brief Article May 24, 2002 581
As Peter said: `repent, be baptized'. (Viewpoint). Oldershaw, Bob May 24, 2002 1668
Church leaders knew of abuse in 1960s, documents show. (Church in crisis: commentary). Brief Article May 24, 2002 365
Victims ask bishops to back changes to law. (Church in crisis: commentary). Brief Article May 24, 2002 112
Suspended priest shot over abuse allegations. (Church in crisis: commentary). Brief Article May 24, 2002 273
Priest who made allegations of abuse is suspended. (Church in crisis: commentary). Brief Article May 24, 2002 185
Make room for wild and domesticated priesthood; competing moral interests complicate question of allowing priests to marry. Berggren, Kris Brief Article May 24, 2002 940
In '70s, '80s, bishops saw abuse of minors as sin: faulty assumptions led to tragic decisions. (Viewpoint). Wilson, George Brief Article May 24, 2002 936
Clerical sexual abuse: exploring deeper issues. (Analysis). Ferder, Fran; Heagle, John Cover Story May 10, 2002 2820
Solutions that make matters worse. Brief Article May 10, 2002 1058
When clergy fail their flocks: cases of child sexual abuse by clergy are in the headlines as victims come forward seeking justice. Attorneys can help remedy this ultimate betrayal of trust. Serbin, Richard May 1, 2002 4478
Sex abuse allegations faced by many denominations. (Church in Crisis). Brief Article Apr 12, 2002 206
Prelates say U.S. scandal could have been prevented. (Church in Crisis). Brief Article Apr 12, 2002 224
Gay priests not part of pedophilia problem: official's statement suggests Rome clings to deceit that no valid priest abused a child. (Column). McBrien, Richard P. Brief Article Apr 5, 2002 766
Bishops face difficult journey toward a moment of truth. Brief Article Apr 5, 2002 913
Vatican defends church's handling of sexual abuse accusations. (Sex Abuse Crisis). Allen, John L., Jr. Mar 29, 2002 1564
Pressure mounts for Law's resignation. (Sex Abuse Crisis). Colbert, Chuck Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 1016
Bush calls Cardinal Law `man of integrity'. (Sex Abuse Crisis). Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 127
Pope says those who find chastity difficult should leave. (Sex Abuse Crisis). Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 85
Gregory calls failure to stop appointment a `travesty'. (Sex Abuse Crisis). Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 128
Documents provoke criticism of cardinal. (Sex Abuse Crisis). Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 574
Nebraska prelate rebukes Catholics for critical letters to newspaper. (Sex Abuse Crisis). Malcolm, Teresa Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 678
National crisis draws attention to local, abuse cases. (Sex Abuse Crisis). Jones, Arthur Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 598
Accusers say church rarely offers sincere, simple apology. (Sex Abuse Crisis). Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 180
Canon law leaders urge protection of rights. (Sex Abuse Crisis). Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 96
Scandal widens as bishop resigns; Boston laity airs concerns to Cardinal Law about sex abuse by priests. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Mar 22, 2002 1432
Parishioners, priests search for solutions. (Special Report). Colbert, Chuck Mar 15, 2002 1402
Leaders with vision needed to conquer sex abuse problem. McBrien, Richard P. Brief Article Mar 15, 2002 791
Tragedy will continue until church asks right questions: Vatican's new rules obscure causes of sexual abuse. (Viewpoint). Kennedy, Eugene Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 793
Nuncio apologizes for sexual abuse scandals. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Dec 21, 2001 232
`Open, just procedure' needed in Maciel case. (Editorials). Brief Article Dec 7, 2001 760
Two California dioceses settle sex abuse case. Brief Article Sep 7, 2001 500
`I have been having an affair with my assistant pastor'. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 1035
Priest-liturgist arrested for sex abuse in 1970s. Donovan, Gill Brief Article Jul 13, 2001 252
African leaders vow action on clergy sex abuse. Brief Article Jun 29, 2001 832
Old critiques surface in wake of school murder. ALLEN, JOHN L. Brief Article May 11, 2001 1041
South African bishops denounce abuse. Brief Article May 4, 2001 665
Full text of the statement of major superiors in Nigeria. Letter to the Editor May 4, 2001 517
ADDENDA. Donovan, Gill Brief Article Apr 27, 2001 467
ADDENDA. Brief Article Mar 9, 2001 545
Weigel sees Bernardin behind vote. KENNEDY, EUGENE Brief Article Jan 19, 2001 790
NATION. Malcolm, Teresa Biography Oct 27, 2000 1161
Why I Am (Still) a Catholic. BERRY, JASON Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2000 3352
Diocese of Nova Scotia settles lawsuit in abuse case. Apr 1, 2000 277
Santa Rosa's year of trial. JONES, ARTHUR Mar 3, 2000 6914
Palm Beach bishop admits sex abuse. Gross, Judy Jun 19, 1998 916
Pedophiles and priests: anatomy of a contemporary crisis. Book Review Sep 1, 1996 1157
Case for clerical celibacy: its historical development and theological foundations. Book Review Apr 1, 1996 421
Blowing whistle on sex abuse means new career for priest. Wirpsa, Leslie Sep 15, 1995 1419
For sex addiction, too, answers will be found. O'Neill, John Column Jul 28, 1995 864
Combating clergy sexual misconduct. Schaefer, Arthur Gross May 1, 1994 2021
Confession is good for the soul. Madigan, Timothy J. Editorial Sep 22, 1993 788
Priest offenders and the saga of the Paracletes. Chittister, Joan Column Jul 30, 1993 1084

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