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Sexual assault on the rise.

Byline: A concerned citizen - Riaz Bhutto

Sexual assaults and abuses are on the rise in our society and are becoming alarming , involving children and adults alike .

Parents feel shy to talk to children on the subject at the appropriate time to gaurd against the evil and they do not encourage them to speak to their parents openly .

Similarly , teaching of sex subject is not done to the students at the appropriate age at the school level , and no instructions are imparted to the young ones as how to protect themselves from the wrong people around .

An awareness drive is necessary in the country to check and arrest the rising incidences . In rural areas where there is no schooling , the parents , elders and khateebs of the mosques should play their role to educate the young and old to distinguish between evil and good .

Alongside , all sorts of media be cleaned of immoral content and material .

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Author:A concerned citizen - Riaz Bhutto
Publication:Pakistan Today (Lahore, Pakistan)
Date:Sep 14, 2020
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