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Paedophile who abused girl aged three is jailed. Nov 10, 2017 564
OAP cult perv faces jail for sex attacks on kids. Nov 10, 2017 187
Gal Gadot on Brett Ratner sexual allegations, James Cameron's 'Wonder Woman' criticism. Nov 9, 2017 1405
'Hated' paedophile who abused girl of three jailed for five years. Nov 9, 2017 266
Harris jury 'poisoned against him by fake sex allegations'. Nov 9, 2017 136
Mr Sleazy; patient sexually assaulted harassed dentist for six months. Nov 8, 2017 551
I was groped by Spacey at a party so I told him to go f*** himself; Irishman alleges sex assaults by star. Nov 7, 2017 545
Spacey groped me at a party in his luxury apartment.. I told him to go f**k himself.. ULSTERMAN IN FRESH CLAIMS AGAINST A-LISTER; Barman, 30, targeted twice; Victim left horrified by attack. Nov 7, 2017 772
Sex beast back in the dock. Nov 6, 2017 188
This man, a senior figure in the party, assaulted me, in full view of other people. I felt hurt, disappointed, embarrassed and let down. But the message was clear.. the whole thing was to be treated as a joke; LABOUR MSP REVEALS HER SHOCK AFTER BEING ATTACKED BY MALE COLLEAGUE AT SOCIAL EVENT being ATTACKED AT SOCIAL EVENT; Politician We must do more to help victims. Nov 5, 2017 1479
The man, a senior figure in the party, assaulted me, in full view of other people. I felt hurt, disappointed, embarrassed and let down. But the message was clear.. the whole thing was to be treated as a joke; LABOUR MSP REVEALS HER SHOCK AFTER BEING BEING ATTACKED BY MALE COLLEAGUE AT SOCIAL EVENT ATTACKED AT S OCIAL EVENT. Nov 5, 2017 1491
HE PINNED ME AGAINST WALL & SAID 'COME ON GAY, YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT' NOW RACING ROCKED BY SEX ATTACK SCANDAL; Officials were only yards away from appalling ordeal; Harassment included naked rider & hotel visits; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 4, 2017 1080
He pinned me against wall & said 'Come on Gay, you know you want it' NOW RACING ROCKED BY SEX ATTACK SCANDAL; Officials were only yards away from appalling ordeal; Harassment included naked rider & hotel visits; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 4, 2017 1080
Cable fears more sexual allegations will emerge. Nov 4, 2017 573
Smirking rapist is facing jail sentence after admitting sex attack on girl. Nov 4, 2017 482
TOP JOCKEY'S SEX ATTACK ON WOMAN RIDER; HORSE RACING SCANDAL; Famous sportsman 'pounced with Jockey Club officials present'; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 4, 2017 787
He pinned me against wall & said 'Come on Gay, you know you want it' NOW RACING ROCKED BY SEX ATTACK SCANDAL; Jockey Club staff yards away from appalling ordeal; Harassment included naked rider & hotel visits; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 4, 2017 1066
Give young people a brighter future; NSPCC HELPED JAMIE, 15, START HIS LIFE AGAIN. Nov 3, 2017 1003
Victims' anger at release of rapist policeman; PC GIVEN LIFE SET TO GO FREE AFTER SIX YEARS. Nov 3, 2017 574
Perv surgeon Shine found guilty of indecent assault; Shamed medic, 85, fondled teen boys' genitals at private clinic and hospital. Nov 3, 2017 452
'Independence Day' actor claims he was sexually assaulted at the age of five. Nov 3, 2017 474
'Killer sexually assaulted me', claims woman. Nov 2, 2017 523
'Killer sexually assaulted me', claims woman. Nov 2, 2017 520
Rapist Scots cop out after 6 years. Nov 1, 2017 137
Girl 'fought off' student; MAN, 22, GAVE GIRL FREE DRUGS AND THEN ATTACKED. Nov 1, 2017 454
Sex Without Desire: Exploring the rituals of the campus hook-up culture. Wax, Amy L. Nov 1, 2017 3917
Jailed for sexually assaulting homeless woman as she slept. Oct 31, 2017 418
SPACEY: There are stories out there about me.. SEX SCANDALS ROCK SHOWBIZ AND WESTMINSTER; Hollywood star hints at further sex allegations. Oct 31, 2017 860
Child rapist faces prison. Oct 31, 2017 154
Magician faces quiz by cops in UK & New York; BLAINE DENIES SEX ATTACK CLAIMS OF BRITISH MODELS. Oct 29, 2017 828
Sorry just isn't enough.. show us the money; CALL TO COMPENSATE GAY MEN JAILED FOR LOVE; Campaign urges redress. Oct 29, 2017 538
Sorry just isn't enough.. show us the money; CALL TO COMPENSATE GAY MEN WHO WERE JAILED; Plea over Sturgeon apology. Oct 29, 2017 538
Sex attacker claimed it was him who saved victim. Oct 28, 2017 772
Taxi driver is jailed for sex attack. Oct 28, 2017 259
Justin Timberlake on Harvey Weinstein sex allegations, working with Woody Allen. Oct 27, 2017 1417
Wife of man who sexually assaulted women on trains 'will stand by him'. Oct 27, 2017 603
Care worker filmed sex assaults on 2 residents.. & walks free; Perv spared jail after guilty plea. Oct 27, 2017 323
Parliament discusses anti-sexual crime bill. Oct 27, 2017 390
Repeat sex offender gets life sentence. Oct 27, 2017 586
'Elektra' actress Natassia Malthe says Weinstein sexually assaulted her. Oct 26, 2017 454
Anna Faris was sexually assaulted by a director. Oct 26, 2017 239
Bookseller arrested for sexually assaulting foreign national in Greater Noida. Oct 25, 2017 221
Royal Bank of Sleaze; FINANCE GIANTS THE LATEST TO FACE SEX ALLEGATIONS Female manager claimed she was expected to sleep with her boss, MPs told. Oct 25, 2017 625
My drink was spiked like in Liar... I woke to find him on top of me; PENNY REVEALS SEX ATTACK HELL. Oct 20, 2017 1061
17-year-old girl suffers 3 sex attacks in 1 hour on London street. Oct 15, 2017 381
Pride in their fight for equality; susan lee on the new exhibition marking the 50th anniversary of the 1967 sexual offences act. Oct 12, 2017 312
Emirati man sexually assaults teen in Dubai. Oct 12, 2017 267
Women claim Weinstein sexually assaulted them. Oct 11, 2017 527
Devious offender is back in prison. Oct 10, 2017 475
Taxi drivers' criminal records not being kept by councils; / OFFENCES INCLUDE THEFT, INDECENT ASSAULT & WEAPONS / DENBIGHSHIRE THE ONLY AUTHORITY TO GIVE INFORMATION. Oct 10, 2017 600
serial shop sex pest dodges jail; Sleazebag boss carried out vile attacks on female colleagues. Oct 10, 2017 388
Jogger sexually assaulted by BMX cyclist. Oct 9, 2017 188
Rapper is held over tour bus sex attack. Oct 8, 2017 239
Face of burglar who tied up and assaulted victim. Oct 5, 2017 247
Burglar jailed for sex attacks on Chinese students. Oct 4, 2017 689
Police hunt pair after ginnel sex attack on girl. Oct 4, 2017 239
A YEAR OF HELL ON THE STREET; I was beaten up, robbed and sexually assaulted I slept rough because I was terrified in the hostel I ended up ondrugs to block it all out but I'm clean now; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 1, 2017 831
Child abuser, 72, told 28 years in jail is deserved; paedophile ex-priest tried to argue sentence was too long at his age. Sep 28, 2017 432
Drunken man, 51, groped 17-year-old girl while she slept. Sep 28, 2017 451
United Kingdom : 3% fall in recorded crime. Sep 27, 2017 563
New Texas law keeps sex offenders out of college dorms. Sep 25, 2017 681
FIND THIS SCUM; Hunt for intruder who sexually assaulted sleeping woman, 75. Sep 22, 2017 373
Sex attacks, thefts and assaults at GP surgeries in region; Figures reveal scale of crime in NHS centres. Sep 21, 2017 306
OAP accused of exposing himself to young girl says epilepsy was to blame; 70-YEAR-OLD DENIES 11 SEXUAL OFFENCES CHARGES. Sep 21, 2017 361
Student jailed for lying about cabbie sex attack. Sep 20, 2017 220
60 50 Rapist's brutal reign of terror over women for alleged drug debts. Sep 19, 2017 308
Police deal with 600 crimes in health centres; OFFENCES FROM SEX ATTACKS TO ARSON. Sep 18, 2017 316
Sex offender lured boys with ferrets, games and drink. Sep 16, 2017 552
10 sex attack allegations by police probed by force. Sep 14, 2017 253
Woman sexually assaulted at car wash urges others to report abuse. Sep 12, 2017 655
8 years for rapist who recorded his sex attack; MONSTER THEN TRIED TO USE FOOTAGE TO BLACKMAIL VICTIM. Sep 8, 2017 288
Police investigating TEN sex attack claims against officers. Sep 8, 2017 346
Ryan student death: Accused bus conductor tried to sexually assault kid before killing. Sep 8, 2017 482
SC to hear Bachpan Bachao Andolan's plea on IPC, POCSO conflict. Sep 5, 2017 262
Delhi Police arrests man for sexually assaulting, killing minor. Sep 3, 2017 282
Gymnast guilty of sex offences asked girls. Sep 1, 2017 120
ON BAIL RAPIST IS CAGED; Beast attacked mum & girl. Sep 1, 2017 193
Killer paid up to PS60k during investigation into alleged sex assaults. Aug 31, 2017 610
Video: Settlers threaten to sexually assault Palestinian woman in Hebron. Aug 30, 2017 369
Teenager tells court of sex attack in city flat. Aug 25, 2017 372
Double sex attack man avoids jail. Aug 25, 2017 140
Man jailed for sex assault on woman after Christmas party. Aug 24, 2017 374
SHOP BOSS ACCUSED OF SEX ASSAULTS ON 8 FEMALE WORKERS; He denies 18 charges as woman tells court he dragged her by the bra. Aug 24, 2017 464
Call for inquiry into how health board handled sex allegations. Aug 22, 2017 237
Jail for taxi driver who sexually assaulted passenger. Aug 22, 2017 798
IHC directs IO to produce sexually assaulted student within a week. Aug 19, 2017 282
Pak man charged for sexually assaulting mentally ill Indian boy in Dubai. Aug 18, 2017 348
United Kingdom : Improving forensic medical examination services. Aug 18, 2017 469
Third woman accuses Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski of sexual attack. Aug 16, 2017 380
SCANDAL OF THE FAKE SEX FIEND PERVERT; BEAST WAS ON BAIL FOR OTHER SEX ASSAULTS He posed online as fictitious woman 'Iona' to lure victim SCANDAL OF BRUTE FREED ON BAIL Sex beast posed online as a woman to lure his victim to deserted park Predator locked up for five years after being found guilty of two sick attacks. Aug 15, 2017 713
Man accused of assaulting disabled teen. Aug 15, 2017 435
Cop slams Uber over sex attack. Aug 14, 2017 140
Call to make taking 'upskirt' photos a sexual offence. Aug 12, 2017 436
Many more child sexual offences on social media; RISE INVOLVES FACEBOOK, SNAPCHAT AND INSTAGRAM IN WEST YORKSHIRE. Aug 11, 2017 203
Australia : White again fails to lead on tougher sentences for sexual offences against children. Aug 11, 2017 327
Officer sacked for not challenging paedophile. Aug 10, 2017 698
Officer sacked for failing in duties; PHONE OF PAEDOPHILE SHOULD HAVE BEEN EXAMINED. Aug 10, 2017 729
The youth worker who groomed girls; BIBLE TEACHER, 22, IS SPARED PRISON TERM AFTER ADMITTING FIVE SEX OFFENCES. Aug 8, 2017 495
Child abuse victims tell of nightmare lives after sex attacks by pervert; loner given new hospital order after luring boys to his 'den'. Aug 7, 2017 754
Ex-EastEnders actor admits sex offences against teens. Aug 4, 2017 366
EastEnders actor admits sex offences on teen girls; FORMER SOAP STAR FACING JAIL. Aug 4, 2017 341
Police hunt men after sex attack; NEWS IN BRIEF. Aug 3, 2017 142
Man jailed for 16 months for sex offences against girls 65 56 67 58. Aug 3, 2017 206
Burglar targeted Coventry students. Aug 3, 2017 721
Lawsuit Filed On Behalf Of Kaiser Patients Who Were Sexually Assaulted By A Former Kaiser Physician. Aug 3, 2017 968
Hearing on Bachpan Bachao Andolan's plea on IPC, POCSO conflict to continue. Aug 2, 2017 258
Twisted cousin told me he loved me, that I was his soulmate, and that when I got older we would be together; victim relives ABUSE ORDEAL AT HANDS OF JOCK SLATER Beast preyed on vulnerable child for seven long years - starting when she was just nine. Aug 1, 2017 770
Shameful way to treat those that protect us; VOICE OF THE. Jul 30, 2017 255
SEX ATTACKER OFF THE LEASH; Judge orders cops to halt their checks on abuser; LEGAL CHALLENGE FEARS AFTER SHERIFF RULES KILLER IS NOT A RISK TO PUBLIC. Jul 30, 2017 902
10 years for rapist who beat one woman unconscious. Jul 28, 2017 422
'Removing guards could increase the risk of sex attacks' FORMER MERSEYTRAVEL CHAIRMAN SLAMS 'CULL'. Jul 28, 2017 738
Paedophile OAP jailed for historic sex offences. Jul 28, 2017 311
Cabbie warned to expect jail for sex attack on woman. Jul 28, 2017 635
Kirsty's 'sex attack terror' SHOCK CLAIM AFTER LAWYER'S CUSTODY BID IN BENIDORM COURT FAILS Police report says Scot was 'desperate' as four men hide faces before Spanish court appearance. Jul 27, 2017 1006
'Plunge girl was fleeing sex attack'. Jul 27, 2017 129
Sex assault victim 'unable to move on with her life'. Jul 27, 2017 323
Full extent of paedophile's crimes may not be known; Ex-policeman jailed last year. Jul 27, 2017 628
Robberies and sex attacks up as crime soars in region; 'Major concern' as figures show huge jump in offences. Jul 27, 2017 357
Sally Anne killer admits two historic sex attacks. Jul 27, 2017 613
Sex attack on mum with baby in park. Jul 25, 2017 202
I was sexually assaulted at a summer camp .. no one cared; Brit hol worker's shocking claims. Jul 23, 2017 300
Violence and theft behind big crime rise. Jul 22, 2017 587
Figures show rise in recorded crime. Jul 21, 2017 341
'A chilling desire to manipulate others ... a degrading deceit' NEWLAND SOBS AS SHE'S JAILED AGAIN FOR REPEATED SEX ATTACKS ON HER DUPED FRIEND. Jul 21, 2017 1116
Taxi driver found dead was on bail for suspected sexual offences. Jul 21, 2017 411
Crime-ridden streets in city centre revealed. Jul 16, 2017 211
Man sexually assaulted student on way home. Jul 15, 2017 340
Murderer cleared of sex attacks on girls after trial. Jul 13, 2017 685
Ex-UO student gets prison for sex assault at frat party. Jul 11, 2017 665
Man told he could be jailed for sex offences. Jul 8, 2017 163
Man assaulted passenger. Jul 8, 2017 142
Ex-football coach denies sex attacks; UK BULLETINS. Jul 8, 2017 119
21-year-old of sex offences. Jul 7, 2017 140
Cricketer is probed 'over sex offence'. Jul 7, 2017 116
Woman who accused 15 men found guilty of sex attack lies. Jul 7, 2017 136
Cricketer is probed 'over sex offence'. Jul 7, 2017 112
Jury sworn in in case of sex offences in 80s and 90s. Jul 4, 2017 225
Woman jogger sexually assaulted. Jul 4, 2017 211
FIGHTING BACK; EDITED BY SALLY MCLEAN Women tell how their confidence has been given a huge boost by taking self-defence classes set up in wake of jogger sex attack My attack when I was 10 still haunts me if there had been classes like this when I was younger, I might have been able to fight them off Spurred on by traumatic experiences, women are learning defence techniques to give them a fighting chance if they are targeted again. Jul 3, 2017 1204
Woman reveals nightmare of abuse by brother; MAN ADMITS ASSAULTING HIS SISTER 30 YEARS AGO. Jul 3, 2017 744
Many crimes in centre of Brum 'going unpunished' MANY CASES CLOSED AFTER VICTIMS' CHANGE OF HEART. Jul 3, 2017 328
Rapist to appeal his conviction. Jul 1, 2017 387
I'm so glad Grant has been jailed; women tells of horrific assault. Jun 30, 2017 307
Woman convicted again of tricking friend into sex. Jun 30, 2017 470
Cardinal George Pell vows to return to Australia to defend himself. Jun 30, 2017 315
Friends jailed for 'vile' child abuse; NEWS IN BRIEF. Jun 28, 2017 169
FOOTBALL COACH ON CHILD SEX RAP; Man, 66, charged with indecent assault. Jun 25, 2017 187
Sally Anne killer charged with sex attacks on more women. Jun 24, 2017 137
Dashcam appeal over sex attack. Jun 23, 2017 161
Former Boro player admits sex attack. Jun 22, 2017 347
A price for injustice: efficiency and fairness in the justice system improve when the falsely convicted are compensated. Klick, Jonathan; Mungan, Murat Jun 22, 2017 3176
Kerala godman bobbitisation case: No bail for Swami, victim to undergo polygraph test. Jun 20, 2017 193
Bill Cosby criminal case: 'Mistrial' declared. Jun 18, 2017 241
WE'LL NEVER GIVE UP FIGHT FOR JUSTICE; BILL COSBY SEX ASSAULT TRIAL COLLAPSES; Prosecutors in pledge to retry veteran star after jury fail to reach a verdict. Jun 18, 2017 684
Mistrial declared in Cosbysex assault case as jury deadlocks (Update). Jun 17, 2017 400
Luke Heimlich won't pitch for Oregon State baseball in College World Series, may return next season Heimlich elects notto pitch in CWS after report on sex offense. Jun 16, 2017 717
Osteopath denies sexually assaulting one of his patients. Jun 16, 2017 115
Man admits Boxing Day sex assaults; three women attacked in shocking morning attacks in quiet suburb. Jun 13, 2017 283
Ex-coach in court over sex attack allegations. Jun 10, 2017 293
Sex predators; DISGRACED COUPLE PREYED ON YOUNG BOYS IN WOODS Ex-BBC radio stars jailed for five years for teen assaults Judge: Young victims were all damaged by the experience. Jun 10, 2017 659
Sex predators; Ex-BBC radio stars jailed 5 years for assaults on boys; Judge: Ordeal damaging for victims as young as 11. Jun 10, 2017 732
Man locked up for sex attacks. Jun 9, 2017 571
News Conference Regarding Delta Airlines Sex Assault Lawsuit Filed By Goodman Acker P.C. Tuesday June 13th At 11:00am. Jun 9, 2017 322
Paedophiles and rapists apply for taxi driver licences. Jun 8, 2017 347
This man pushed girl to the floor before she fled in terror; POLICE ISSUE E-FIT APPEAL TO TRACE PREDATOR WHO TRIED TO SEXUALLY ASSAULT A 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL IN NEWSOME. Jun 7, 2017 250
Cosby attorneys attack sex assault accuser's credibility. Jun 7, 2017 426
Ex-Radio WM star 'victim of poisonous and untrue claims' former presenter charged with sex offences against under-age boys. Jun 6, 2017 405
Cosby jury warned not to confuse him with his family man TV role; Star accused of drugging and sexually assaulting women. Jun 6, 2017 434
Radio star accused of child sex offences posed nearly naked for charity calendar. Jun 2, 2017 564
Harris walks free from court; BRITAIN TODAY. May 31, 2017 115
South Africa : Multi-Party Womens Caucus Concerned about Law Reform Commission Report on Adult Prostitution. May 31, 2017 493
King charged with 18 teen sex attacks. May 26, 2017 125
Man charged with historical sex offences. May 26, 2017 140
DJ King charged with 18 sex attacks on teen boys. May 26, 2017 172
Ex-nursery worker gets 16 years for teen abuse; SEX OFFENCES AGAINST 18 BOYS. May 24, 2017 368
Man is victim in lonely lane sex assault; police believe he may have been offered a lift outside pub. May 20, 2017 397
Ex-NUFC youth coach charged with sex offences. May 20, 2017 288
Ex-coach is charged; ORMOND WILL FACE 29 COUNTS OF SEX OFFENCES. May 20, 2017 261
Police face legal action over 'list of sex offenders' DOCUMENT ENDED UP BEING POSTED THROUGH MAN'S DOOR. May 19, 2017 438
Rolf Harris free from jail today... to face indecent assault trial. May 19, 2017 491
Man admits sex attack on girl, 15; NEWS WIRE. May 18, 2017 205
Radio presenters on trial for alleged sex offences. May 17, 2017 375
Police appeal for info as woman flees sex attack. May 15, 2017 261
Scout leader jailed after sex offences. May 15, 2017 469
Man cries in court as he admits sex offences. May 12, 2017 191
Perv used phone to film abuse; Tot clung on to doll as creep assaulted her in flat. May 11, 2017 312
Australia : Magistrate Appointed As County Court Judge. May 10, 2017 332
Australia : Community Safety The Priority In Bail System Overhaul. May 9, 2017 643
I turned to Jehovah's Witnesses when dad abused me. But then a church elder just molested; MUM OF FOUR TELLS HER HARROWING STORY TO ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO COME FORWARD; Survivor on terror of sex attacks when she was just 11. May 7, 2017 1662
Lollipop man charged with abduction & sex attack on girl pupil,6; Man, 32, in court over sex attack on schoolgirl. May 5, 2017 185
The newest net threat. Greenberg, Pam May 1, 2017 519
An administrative right to be free from sexual violence? Title IX enforcement in historical and institutional perspective. Tani, Karen M. May 1, 2017 27575
Woman's dog saves her from sex attack ordeal. Apr 29, 2017 190
Priest jailed for sexual offences. Apr 29, 2017 522
Don't suffer in silence, urge police as prolific sex offender is captured fled to northern ireland. Apr 28, 2017 377
Leading heart surgeon guilty of indecent assaults. Apr 28, 2017 130
Editor 'didn't read article' which identified sex victim. Apr 22, 2017 713
MONSTROUS; Serial rapist's brave victim speaks out to secure predator's conviction after 8-year reign of terror. Apr 22, 2017 469
MINECAFT MONSTERS; SUNDAY PEOPLE investigation reveals number of paedos using online game and others like it to groom kids has quadrupled; EXCLUSIVE. Apr 16, 2017 1619
Man sexually assaults special needs girl in UAE. Apr 15, 2017 276
Sex criminal told he faces second long prison term. Apr 13, 2017 399
In pursuit of justice: lawmakers are working with sexual assault survivors to fix a criminal justice system they say is broken. Williams, Rich Apr 1, 2017 2019
"Rape-adjacent": imagining legal responses to nonconsensual condom removal. Brodsky, Alexandra Mar 22, 2017 12794
Title IX's reproductive remedies. Cocuzza, Francesca Mar 22, 2017 19060
Prosecuting gender-based persecution: the Islamic State at the ICC. Chertoff, Emily Feb 1, 2017 31659
Canada and United States: campus sexual assault law & policy comparative analysis. Lopes-Baker, Aliza; McDonald, Mathew; Schissler, Jessica; Pirone, Victor Jan 1, 2017 4587
Teacher jailed for child sex attacks planning to appeal. Nov 24, 2016 406
Driver jailed for sex attack. Nov 24, 2016 118
I was abused in care home when I was aged eight; HORRIFYING MORE CHILD SEX ALLEGATIONS Brave X Factor star Rebecca's shocing TV revelations. Nov 24, 2016 321
I was abused in care home when I was aged eight; HORRIFYING MORE CHILD SEX ALLEGATIONS Brave X Factor star Rebecca's shock TV revelations. Nov 24, 2016 321
who was a child at the she showed in coming the court describing the rest of your Man jailed for sex offences in the 70s after brave victim came forward. Nov 23, 2016 387
Officer accused of sex assault on police colleague. Nov 22, 2016 442
Police officer sexually assaulted colleague, court told. Nov 22, 2016 426
Former teacher gets 18 months for sex offences. Nov 21, 2016 350
Man groped three nurses after being admitted to city hospital; drunk then attacked female detective as he was led from the cells. Nov 18, 2016 483
Teacher jailed for sex attacks set to appeal; PERVERT ASSAULTED INFANT SCHOOL PUPILS OVER 3 DECADES. Nov 18, 2016 397
Sex attack trial delay. Nov 16, 2016 116
Assembly worker in sex attack arrest; ALLEGED ASSAULT AHEAD OF CHARITY RUGBY MATCH. Nov 16, 2016 319
Sex offender jailed for 20 months after order breach. Nov 14, 2016 376
Osteopath arrested in sex assault probe; MAN SUSPENDED AMID CLAIMS. Nov 12, 2016 521
Bus stop witness appeal. Nov 10, 2016 195
LOCKED UP; An armed robber who got the wrong address, the farmer jailed 40 years after a sex attack on a teenage girl and a burglar who was caught when he fell asleep in a hammock in his victim's garden were among those sent to prison in Wales over the past month. Here are the stories of the criminals jailed in October. Nov 6, 2016 816
VICTIMS LET DOWN BY A 'CULT OF SILENCE' Decades of investigations thwarted to cover up horrors of the abuse. Nov 5, 2016 1412
Sex attack iman jailed for 11 years in absence. Nov 5, 2016 399
Pervert cop jailed for 22 YEARS for decades of child abuse; SICK PAEDOPHILE ABUSED POSITION AS POLICEMAN AND SCOUT LEADER. Nov 5, 2016 547
Sex attack socialite avoids jail. Nov 4, 2016 103
Teenager in bonfire sex attack claim. Nov 3, 2016 103
Rugby duo deny sex offences; UK BULLETINS. Nov 2, 2016 115
Current approaches to the management of adult survivors of sexual offences. Tiemensma, M. Nov 1, 2016 2857
Make Your Story a Gift. Colburn, Nadia Nov 1, 2016 2370
Sex attack beast hunt; Woman assaulted as she lay in bed. Nov 1, 2016 273
Sex offender teacher is spared jail; NEWS WIRE. Oct 29, 2016 234
Region is no longer sex offence capital. Oct 28, 2016 320
Soldier used phone to film 'degrading' sex attack. Oct 26, 2016 194
Pardon for historic gay sex offences. Oct 26, 2016 137
Soldier found guilty of 'degrading' sex attack; victim in 999 call following violence and abuse. Oct 26, 2016 427
Sex attack hell of pair in bogus taxi. Oct 25, 2016 157
Man 'broke in to carry out sex offence'. Oct 24, 2016 118
Rise in reports of historic sex offences since Savile. Oct 23, 2016 182
Posthumous pardons for gay men convicted of abolished sex offences. Oct 20, 2016 340
Brave victim faces 'monster' in court. Oct 20, 2016 314
Girl sexually assaulted at Metro station; in brief. Oct 20, 2016 111
Former doctor jailed for sex attack on patient; VICTIM CAME FORWARD AFTER 'FLASHING' INCIDENT. Oct 19, 2016 594
Doctor found guilty of sex attack on patient. Oct 18, 2016 332
Taxi driver who sexually assaulted passenger walks free from court. Oct 15, 2016 253
Libyan cadets' sex attack victims compensated. Oct 15, 2016 389
Tears of relief as three are cleared of sex assaults. Oct 14, 2016 453
Sex accused a good man, ex-offender tells court. Oct 14, 2016 338
Syrian trio cleared of sex assault; TEARS OF RELIEF AS JURY FINDS PALS NOT GUILTY. Oct 14, 2016 471
Emirati charged with sexually assaulting woman in Sharjah. Oct 13, 2016 313
Shop owner loses licence over child sex allegations. Oct 13, 2016 424
Care worker accused of sex offences. Oct 12, 2016 126
Ex-doctor in new sex assault claim; MEDIC ALREADY CONVICTED OF SEVEN CHARGES. Oct 11, 2016 402
Killer given 7 more years for sex attack. Oct 10, 2016 144
Accused of two sex attacks; MAN, 28, DENIES ASSAULTS. Oct 6, 2016 323
Images land man in court; POLICE were monitoring pc use. Oct 5, 2016 305
Hoodie clue in kilt sex attack hunt. Oct 5, 2016 134
Park attack accused in 'sexual position'. Oct 4, 2016 324
worker who faced sex attack claims was still employed by nhs when he killed. Oct 2, 2016 917
Foot-fetish gym coach jailed over catalogue of child abuse. Oct 1, 2016 793
Indecent attack in toilet at restaurant; Offender in court for sex assault only days before. Oct 1, 2016 338
Jury told of city park sex attack claims by girls. Oct 1, 2016 548
Sexually assaulted men take more risks. Wahowiak, Lindsey Oct 1, 2016 171
Killer faced sex attack claims but CPS didn't prosecute. Sep 29, 2016 364
Killer faced sex attack claims but CPS didn't prosecute. Sep 29, 2016 387
Accused of sex assault on schoolgirl; TRIO DENY CITY PARK ATTACK. Sep 29, 2016 499
United Kingdom : Recorded crime at a 42 year low. Sep 28, 2016 721
United Kingdom : Recorded Crime in Scotland 2015-16. Sep 28, 2016 299
Accused police chief 'visited paedophile ring house'. Sep 27, 2016 471
Call to make sex offences Bill a priority. Sep 27, 2016 104
Ex-soldier jailed over sex attack. Sep 26, 2016 389
Politician arrested for sexually assaulting little girl. Sep 26, 2016 302
90% harassment cases indecent assault in Dubai. Sep 24, 2016 271
United States : DHS, Slovak Republic Enhance Joint Efforts to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation. Sep 24, 2016 409
Shock leap in children arrested for sex offences. Sep 23, 2016 263
Defendant 'mugged in the dock', claims his barrister. Sep 21, 2016 458
Ex-teacher at top school charged with sex offences. Sep 21, 2016 374
Crime rates in student areas revealed; Huddersfield ranked midway for Yorkshire universities. Sep 19, 2016 549
Title IX under fire: due process lawsuit. Soave, Robby Brief article Sep 17, 2016 270
Cops attend 450 cases of violence at schools. Sep 16, 2016 301
I've never been violent to a woman SAYS 45-YR-OLD ACCUSED OF SEX ATTACKS AND ASSAULT. Sep 15, 2016 275
Footy match puts sex pest in jail; NEWS WIRE. Sep 13, 2016 154
Man 'sexually assaulted woman after punching her in face'. Sep 13, 2016 298
Man locked up after 29 years of child abuse. Sep 13, 2016 316
PAEDO ROLF'S FREEDOM BID; Fresh evidence 'to clear him of sex attacks'; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 11, 2016 378
PAEDO ROLF'S FREEDOM BID; Fresh evidence 'to clear him of sex attacks'. Sep 11, 2016 380
HE MADE ME PERFORM A SEX ACT ...I WAS SO VULNERABLE, I FELT DIRTY; Hairdresser alleges sordid run-in with Midland police officer who committed sex attacks on other women. Sep 11, 2016 846
Police attend 592 'violence' calls to schools; force reveals shocking five-year figures of crime-related incidents. Sep 10, 2016 377
Pensioner breached order with more child sex photos. Sep 10, 2016 464
Twin has to fly home from rig after killer reveals his sex offender past in court. Sep 9, 2016 406
'Vulnerable' girl sent explicit images of herself to two men; PAIR ARE JAILED AFTER ADMITTING SEX OFFENCES. Sep 8, 2016 380
South Africa : Public Protector Thuli Madonsela calls for disaggregated data to help fight child abuse. Sep 7, 2016 680

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