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Sewing room wedged under the eave.

Slide open a screen in Pat Wong's second-story den and you'll find her sewing room, a 65-square-foot space tucked under the house eave. The ceiling slopes from 6-1/2 feet at the entry to 3-1/2 feet at the rear.

At the low end of the room, Mrs. Wong stacks boxes of patterns, notions, and uncut fabrics. A 2-1/2- by 6-foot sewing table stretches across one wall. At midpoint under the slope, she has just enough headroom to work comfortably at the sewing machine. Leaving the 5- by 6-foot shoji screen open keeps her from feeling hemmed in.

For the custom-made screen, which slides on metal tracks into a wall pocket, a single panel of textured fiberglass was fitted into a fir frame. A grid of fir strips over the panel was toenailed to the frame with finishing nails. With two spotlights on and shoji closed, the corner of the den glows softly.

Design: Seattle architect Charles Kato.
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Date:May 1, 1985
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