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Sew beautiful lace applique medallions.

This article from Sew Beautiful Fall '89 details how to create lace medallions or appliques that perfectly coordinate with the lace trims on the rest of your project. Use lace edging of any width to create different size medallions.


Supplies listed are enough to create a 3"-square medallion.

* 4" to 6" square of water-soluble stabilizer

* 16" length of 1 1/2"-wide lace edging

* Lightweight all-purpose thread (color to match lace)

* Water-soluble fabric marker

* Glass head pins

* Spray starch


If using wider lace to create a larger medallion, additional yardage is required.

If using narrower lace to create a smaller medallion, less yardage is required.

Using a straight edge ruler and water-soluble marker, mark the stabilizer diagonal centerlines from corner to corner.

Place the stabilizer on a lace shaping board or ironing board. Place the lace edging over the stabilizer.

Fold a miter in the lace edging, leaving at least a 2" tail one side of the miter and the rest of the lace on the other. Fold the miter toward one side, aligning the miter fold with the lace edge.

Align the miter center with one square centerline (A). Pin the miter through the stabilizer and board, and then press.

Repeat to create miters along the two adjacent traced lines.

For the final corner, fold back the 2" beginning tail. Fold the lace end away from the medallion so that the final fold lies directly against the stabilizer traced line and both lace tails point in the same direction. Press, and then pin in place. Place the beginning tail over the final fold; pin (B).

Carefully remove the pins from the ironing board and pin through just the lace and stabilizer.

Set the machine to a 2mm-long, 1,5mm-wide zigzag stitch. Zigzag stitch along each traced line through the mitered lace and stabilizer.

Remove the medallion from the machine. Carefully trim the mitered lace and tails next to the zigzag stitching (C).

Dissolve the stabilizer following the manufacturer's instructions. Allow the lace to dry.

Spray the lace medallion with starch and pin to the project in the desired position. Select a 2mm-long, 1 mm-wide zigzag stitch on the machine. Stitch just inside the lace scalloped edge (D).

If desired, trim the project fabric from behind the medallion a scant 1/8" inside the zigzag stitching. Press the project fabric away from the lace, and then zigzag stitch again, creating a lace window (E). Or stitch a pretty bullion rosebud to the medallion (F).

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Date:Apr 1, 2015
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