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Several top bureaucrats jump ship amid government profiling.

ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A number of top-level bureaucrats have resigned or requested to leave their posts shortly after the new government came to office at the beginning of the month, signaling that ongoing profiling and a government witch hunt may have started to take their toll on the bureaucracy.

Public Order and Security Undersecretary (KDGM) Ulvi Saran announced via Twitter on Saturday that he had submitted his resignation, while ybrahim E[currency]ahin, general manager of the state-run Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), has also stated that he will leave his post.

"E[currency]ahin went on leave on Thursday. He took his belongings from his office as he left," the HE-rriyet daily's web portal said on Monday.

According to the report, E[currency]ahin has been offered a governor's post by the new government, and he may be appointed as governor of Samsun when the next reassignments of governors are made.

E[currency]ahin has previously served as a district governor, head of the Postal and Telecommunications General Directorate and undersecretary of the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

According to the HE-rriyet report, the first signal that E[currency]ahin would be removed came about six months ago, when the card granting him access to the Office of the Prime Ministry was cancelled. The daily also maintained that former Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an, who is now president, would not see E[currency]ahin when he requested an appointment.

TRT Deputy General Managers E[currency]enol GE[micro]ka and ybrahim Eren or TRT Managing Editor Nusihi GE-ngE[micro]r may replace E[currency]ahin as head of the TRT, the report stated.

The KDGM, which had previously been subordinated to the Prime Ministry, was subordinated to the Ministry of Interior at the beginning of the month after Ahmet Davutoy-lu began to form the new government.

The Taraf daily claimed on Monday that the KDGM's Saran had submitted his resignation as he did not want to work under Interior Minister Efkan Ala. However, it is also claimed that Ala did not want to work with Saran as head of the KDGM.

Saran wrote in a Twitter message: "I have submitted a request to resign from the post of undersecretary for public order and security. During my term, we have had a heavy schedule, working on the settlement process and democratization with our colleagues at the KDGM. The KDGM will also continue within the Ministry of Interior with its task of coordination and strategy [building] in the areas of the settlement process and democratization."

In early 2012, the previous Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government launched a settlement process to resolve the country's decades-old terrorism problem and Kurdish issue through dialogue with the jailed leader of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Saran became KDGM undersecretary on Aug. 2, 2012, following Muammer GE-ler -- who later resigned from the Cabinet due to allegations that his son had been involved in corruption, which emerged during investigations that became public in December of 2013 -- and former ambassador Murat Euzcelik, who left the public sector and has since become critical of the government.

In the past week, Ankara Governor Alaaddin YE-ksel applied for retirement, while Denizli Governor AbdE-lkadir Demir has asked to be posted to a bureaucratic position in the capital.

Media reports claim that the government has drawn up an executive order to reassign nearly 15 governors posted elsewhere to the capital, which is usually an idle post for governors. The two governors' decisions were made after they discovered that their names were among those to be removed. The governors apparently applied for retirement or asked to be posted to the capital to save their reputations.

Interior Minister Ala is said to have earlier demanded a detailed report about governors, deputy governors and district governors from the National Intelligence Organization (MyT) and the Intelligence Department of the National Police Department. Undesirable bureaucrats were identified on the basis of these reports, after which the unwanted deputy governors and district governors were removed. Subsequently, a government decree for governors has reportedly been prepared.

Independent deputy ydris Bal stated on Monday that the Interior Ministry and governors have been involved in the illegal profiling of bureaucrats. "These profiling activities have been going on at full speed in the hands of the Interior Ministry and governors," he told reporters in Parliament.

Ankara Governor YE-ksel was appointed to his post on May 27, 2010. YE-ksel, who would have to retire due to his age in about six months in any case, did not give any reasons for requesting retirement but simply thanked the people of Ankara. He has worked as a bureaucrat for 42 years.

Denizli Governor Demir refrained from explaining why he asked to be appointed to a position in Ankara and asked the press not to look for the motive behind his decision. Some civil society representatives in Denizli have declared their disappointment at Demir's departure, as he was generally perceived to be a fair governor. Denizli Chamber of Commerce President Necdet Euzer said the people of Denizli will never forget him, while Denizli Chamber of Industry President ME-jdat Kececi said the decision was a big loss for the province, describing him as an ideal governor.

AK Party Denizli deputy Bilal Ucar said he was shocked by Demir's decision.

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Publication:Cihan News Agency (CNA)
Date:Sep 15, 2014
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