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Several really useful products. (Country conversation & feedback).

COUNTRYSIDE: I have been a subscriber since way back when. Enjoy each issue anew, although I miss Jd.

Here are three products that actually do what they say, that I wanted to pass on to readers. I came upon each of them either by accident or in one case, as a gift.

Laundry product: "Our laundry detergent." This product seems to eat the dirt and stains off the cloth. It is a does-all product in that no other additives are needed. It is biodegradable, phosphate free, septic system safe, and activates in cold water. I have been using it for several years now and am just now half done with the second gallon. I have naturally soft water and only need to use about two tablespoons per load.

To remove stains I just put the stained clothing in a bucket with water and a spritz of "Our" and let soak until I wash. It seems expensive until you discover how little you use and how well it works. More information can be obtained at 1-800-747-3345.

Odor eliminator: "Atmosklear Odor Eliminator." This product removes odors permanently but has no odor of its own. I have not tried it for skunk odor, but it should remove skunk smells. Here's my experience. I have a mini dachsund that was attacked by pit bulls when he was a pup and is incontinent as a result. I wanted him to be a house dog and really tried. You gotta know it was awful. On top of it all, he had diarrhea. He sprayed the floor and walls of this house until it reeked. I found this product in a publication called Farm Show ( It seems to remove all odors, and works on everything I tried.

For animal urine in the carpet, you spray on a small amount, brush it in slightly, and blot out the remainder. Sometimes it takes several applications. You can add it to your bad smelling wash (like the doxie's blanket). It is biodegradale and non-toxic; an excellent product. You can find it at or 1-800-977-4145.

Arthritis pain relief formula: "Penetran Plus." There are a million of these products on the market but this stuff really works. It is a topical non prescription product and easy to use. You wipe on a bit of the cream, let it sit a minute and then rub it in, like BenGay. It has a pleasant odor and does not create heat or other objectionable feelings. You apply it twice a day to the affected area. My cousin and now I swear by this product. She has back problems so bad she received epidural pain injections. Her husband also has bad arthritic pains. My back has been bad for 30 years or so and when I put this stuff on the pain goes away. I love it. You can get it or information about it at 1-800-282-5511 or

I hope these products help some else as much as they have helped me. --Carl Eash, Paso Robles, CA
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Author:Eash, Carl
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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