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Several hundred thousand yen withdrawn in phishing scam.

TOKYO, Nov. 3 Kyodo

Investigators said Friday of about 600,000 yen illegally transferred from the online accounts of customers at Mizuho Bank in a phishing scam, several hundred thousand yen was withdrawn.

Police and bank officials have confirmed similar illegal online money transfers from the accounts of customers at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Co. and Rakuten Bank as well, but it is the first time that the withdrawal of the transferred money came to light.

On Monday, money was transferred from two Mizuho Bank accounts opened by customers in Tokyo to different bank accounts and the withdrawal of the several hundred thousand yen was confirmed by Friday.

The Mizuho customers had followed instructions on what is suspected to have been a fake Web page that asked for the customer's password and personal identification code.

Police on Friday arrested a 53-year-old man in central Japan's Aichi Prefecture who opened a bank account to which money was transferred illegally from the account of a Sumitomo Mitsui online banking customer in a phishing scam.

As the man told the police he passed control of his bank account to a Chinese acquaintance, police are investigating that Chinese individual, who is believed to have already left Japan, for suspected involvement in the fraud.

Around 2 million yen was moved to the man's account from the account of a man in western Japan's Kansai region, when the latter individual accessed the Sumitomo Mitsui Internet banking site on Monday, according to police.

Money was transferred to three separate bank accounts apparently under the name of the Chinese, the investigators said.
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Publication:Japan Weekly Monitor
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Date:Nov 5, 2012
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