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Articles from Seventeenth-Century News (September 22, 2006)

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'Et scholae et vitae'. Deneire, Tom Book review 658
Adages III iv 1 to IV ii 100. Kallendorf, Craig Book review 774
Anthony Milton, ed. The British Delegation and the Synod of Dort (1618-1619). Wright, Jonathan Book review 970
Brent Nelson. Holy Ambition: Rhetoric, Courtship, and Devotion in the Sermons of John Donne. Todd, Richard Book review 1146
Catherine Gimelli Martin, ed. Milton and Gender. Walker, Julia M. Book review 1470
Charles M. Natoli. Fire in the Dark: Essays on Pascal's Pensees and Provinciales. Baker, Susan Read Book review 886
Charles W.A. Prior. Defining the Jacobean Church: The Politics of Religious Controversy, 1603-1625. Parry, Graham Book review 1447
Charles-Alphonse Dufresnoy. De Arte Graphica (Paris, 1668). Gallucci, John A. Book review 1100
Companion to the History of the Neo-Latin Studies in Hungary. Kallendorf, Craig Book review 1179
D.W. Hayton. Ruling Ireland, 1685-1742: Politics, Politicians and Parties. Blalock, Kay J. Book review 1148
David A. Weir. Early New England: A Covenanted Society. Lindman, Janet Moore Book review 999
Debra Meyers. Common Whores, Vertuous Women and Loveing Wives. Oberle, Martha Book review 1150
Die Meleagris des Basinio Basini. Schindler, Claudia Book review 855
Dung-Carters and Holy Avarice in Edward Taylor's "Mediation 1.46". Scheick, William J. Critical essay 1834
Ernan McMullin, ed. The Church and Galileo. Boschiero, Luciano Book review 1239
Francis J. Bremer and Lynn A. Botelho, eds. The World of John Winthrop: Essays on England and New England 1588-1649. Scheick, William J. Book review 934
Friendship and Poetry: Studies in Danish Neo-Latin Literature. Roggen, Vibeke Book review 1036
Gary Kuchar. Divine Subjection: The Rhetoric of Sacramental Devotion in Early Modern England. Narveson, Kate Book review 1280
Georges Forestier. Essai de genetique theatrale: Corneille a l'oeuvre. Lyons, John D. Book review 1121
Hero Chalmers. Royalist Women Writers 1650-1689. Clarke, Elizabeth Book review 915
Horatius Aquisgranensis: Aachen im Spiegel des neulateinischen Dichters Johann Gerhard Joseph von Asten (1765-1831). Monreal, Ruth Book review 1578
Iusti Lipsi Epistolae, Pars VIII: 1595. Verweij, Michiel Book review 1000
James D. Tracy and Marguerite Ragnow, eds. Religion and the Early Modern State: Views from China, Russia, and the West. Yermolenko, Galina I. Book review 1305
Jan P. Hogendijk and Abdelhamid I. Sabra, eds. The Enterprise of Science in Islam. New Perspectives. Hayton, Darin Book review 1088
Jason R. Rosenblatt. Renaissance England's Chief Rabbi: John Selden. Engel, William E. Book review 1126
La biblioteca del Cardinal Pietro Bembo. Kallendorf, Craig Book review 787
Latin Translation in the Renaissance: The Theory and Practice of Leonardo Bruni, Giannozzo Manetti, Erasmus. Morrish, Jennifer Book review 1649
Luduvine Goupillaud. De l'or de Virgile aux ors de Versailles: Metamorphoses de l'epopee dans la seconde moitie du XVIIe siecle en France. Conley, Tom Book review 1083
Lyn Bennett. Women Writing of Divinest Things: Rhetoric and the Poetry of Pembroke, Wroth and Lanyer. Teague, Frances Book review 909
Martin Mulsow and Jan Rohls, eds. Socinianism and Arminianism: Antitrinitarians, Calvinists and Cultural Exchange in Seventeenth-Century Europe. Hillar, Marian Book review 1798
Massimo Turatto, Stefano Benetti, Luca Zampieri, William Shea, eds. 1604-2004: Supernovae as Cosmological Lighthouses. Giostra, Alessandro Book review 1276
Matthew Reynolds. Godly Reformers and their Opponents in Early Modern England: Religion in Norwich c.1560-1643. Baker, Geoff Book review 1500
Michael Lieb. Theological Milton: Deity, Discourse, and Heresy in the Miltonic Canon. Isitt, Larry Book review 1347
Michael Losonsky. Enlightenment and Action from Descartes to Kant: Passionate Thought. McCarthy, Joseph M. Book review 994
Parrhasiana III: "Tocchi da huomini dotti"--Codici e stampati con postille di umanisti. Kallendorf, Craig Book review 641
Paul Cefalu. Moral Identity in Early Modern English Literature. Kuchar, Gary Book review 1493
Paul Crenshaw. Rembrandt's Bankruptcy: The Artist, His Patrons, and the Art Market in Seventeenth-Century Netherlands. Chapman, H. Perry Book review 1377
Phil Withington. The Politics of Commonwealth: Citizens and Freemen in Early Modern England. Kow, Simon Book review 1013
Robert Appelbaum and John Wood Sweet, eds. Envisioning an English Empire: Jamestown and the Making of the North Atlantic World. Lindman, Janet Moore Book review 1073
Silva: Estudios de humanismo y tradicion clasica. Kallendorf, Craig Book review 728
Stephen A. McKnight. The Religious Foundations of Francis Bacon's Thought. Matthews, Steven Book review 1392
Susan C. Staub. Nature's Cruel Stepdames: Murderous Women in the Street Literature of Seventeenth Century England. Scott, Sarah Book review 967
Susan J. Barnes, Nora De Poorter, Oliver Millar, Horst Vey. Van Dyck: A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings. Mulvihill, Maureen E. Book review 1109
Tous vos gens a latin: le latin, langue savante, langue mondaine (XIVe-XVIIe siecles). Kallendorf, Craig Book review 1291
Virginia Mason Vaughan. Performing Blackness on English Stages, 1500-1800. Bunker, Nancy M. Book review 1314

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