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Seurat Increases Managed Analytics Capabilities for Seurat Suite(TM); Outsourcing Clients to Benefit From Scientific Measurement and Analytics Methodology, Guaranteeing Top and Bottom Line Increases Through More Precise Customer Marketing.

BOULDER, Colo. -- Privately-held Seurat Company, the leader in Marketing Resource Management, today announced more information about its scientific approach to precision marketing through additions to its Managed Analytics service. Managed Analytics is part of Seurat Suite(TM), a comprehensive set of services offered on an outsourced basis, which enables firms to target and serve customers far more precisely for increased customer acquisition, wallet share, and retention. Seurat's Managed Analytics service helps companies generate significant, measurable, economic value through improved marketing processes by applying scientific and mathematical techniques, such as fractional factorial experiments. Managed Analytics ensures that Seurat Suite clients provide customers with tested offers that are precisely targeted, priced, and timed for the best possible response. Unlike the guesswork in most of today's marketing programs, these techniques anticipate customer behavior based on statistical models and hard data. Through Seurat's outsourcing model, Seurat Suite provides all of the technologies, processes, ready-made infrastructure, and teams of experts a company needs to execute fact-based marketing programs in a highly efficient, measurable manner without upfront capital investments. Uniquely, Seurat ties service fees to measurable improvements in client revenues and profits.

"Business is shifting from mass marketing towards precision marketing, which is highly dependent on predictive analytics," said John Oltman, CEO of Seurat. "But many companies make the mistake of thinking software alone can do the job. What it really takes is highly specialized experts, complex research methods, technology, and integrated processes that let you leverage insights efficiently across multiple channels. Our Managed Analytics service is a critical part of Seurat Suite, because it helps businesses develop, test, and execute precise programs. By marrying the science and art of marketing and providing our services through a process outsourcing model, we can guarantee the results."

"Until recently, marketing analytics have been primitive and mostly after-the-fact," said Dr. William Kahn, senior vice president of Seurat's Managed Analytics Business Unit. "The power of today's Internet-based technologies, the proliferation of customer data, and our innovative science lies in the predictive and testing capability. By capturing, modeling, and analyzing factual data, we generate insights that lead to measurable increases in customer acquisition, lifetime value, and retention. Technology makes all of this incredibly cost efficient, but the real magic is the combination of techniques, processes and human minds that leverage the technology."

True managed analytics track customer awareness, attitudes and behaviors, as well as marketing effectiveness, providing a critical feedback loop that can affect everything from accounting budgets to long-term corporate strategies and, most importantly, future customer behavior. Large organizations often have the most to gain from managed analytics because of their huge customer bases. According to Kahn, this puts Seurat in a position to pioneer best practices and establish long-term market leadership for managed analytics products and services.

Scientifically Driven Marketing That Optimizes Customer Profitability

Kahn and his team have a strong track record in driving business results through managed analytics. In one instance, Kahn helped a major credit card company increase annual profits by $50 million through improved credit collections and customer retention. Based on statistical data and analyses, Kahn developed a set of specialized call scripts for contact center representatives. By dynamically serving the appropriate script for the appropriate customer based on real-time data analyses, Kahn's service increased customer payment rates by 13 percent.

Kahn believes that scientific analysis can improve all marketing processes, increasing marketing effectiveness in real-time while decreasing the amount of money it costs to attract and retain customers. As one of its many benefits, Seurat's approach to analytics usually pays off immediately by reducing unnecessary testing and poorly targeted execution activity, such as generic mailings or inappropriate pricing.

"According to the Direct Marketing Association, over $117 billion is spent annually on direct marketing, and this does not even include the massive investments in customer relationship management (CRM) software, contact center operation, and other customer marketing activity," said Kahn. "With this much investment at stake, there is no excuse for not reducing one's risk through analytics. Marketing departments need to apply what manufacturing and supply chain learned long ago -- there is much to be gained by combining science and art."

One simple example of how Seurat is changing the analytics field is the efficiencies it brings to direct marketing campaign testing. Marketers commonly use a trial-and-error approach by identifying and then testing every possible combination of characteristics of an offer -- from product to positioning to price. They then execute broad-based campaigns for the offers that tested well. In situations involving hundreds of products, pricing variables and market segments, this testing approach is inefficient and expensive. In contrast, Seurat's Managed Analytics approach increases efficiency by using a formal mathematical procedure called fractionation. Fractionation uses formulas and models to select the subset of combinations that, once tested, will represent results as though all possible combinations had been tested. This reduced testing saves significant time and money while delivering more accurate results.

Outsourcing Model Enables Sophistication Without the Risk

The underlying science of managed analytics is extremely specialized and complex, which means that the skills, processes, and technologies are rare, difficult to manage, and expensive to continuously update. This is why many companies will be best served through an outsourcing model that gives them access to state-of-the-art without financial risk.

Seurat's Managed Analytics is fully integrated with other Seurat Suite services to ensure effective marketing execution and measurement. Through Seurat Suite, one company saw its online visitor-to-customer conversion rate increase by 44% and more than doubled both customer acquisition and revenue. Other clients have benefited from Seurat Suite to improve multi-channel integration for increases in cross-sell/up-sell or retention. The Managed Analytics service within Seurat Suite gives clients access to advanced customer data management and analytic tools, experts, and techniques without having to build an extensive infrastructure and internal staff of their own. These activities range from data warehousing and data mining to price elasticity models, rules engines, predictive models, and behavioral analyses. A sophisticated team of experts includes economists, statisticians, behavioral scientists, and market researchers who use a unique eight-step methodology and Seurat's eVista(TM) technology platform to generate insights. Seurat manages as much or as little customer data as clients want and provides other marketing execution and measurement services based on the client's needs.

About Seurat Company

Seurat Company specializes in Marketing Resource Management, which addresses a common, critical challenge facing many enterprises: How to quickly and effectively establish automated, integrated marketing and customer service capabilities that will maximize the lifetime value of new and existing customers. Through a unique, Internet-based business transformation outsourcing (BTO) model, Seurat offers benefits-based pricing tied directly to clients' top and bottom line business results. Its flagship service offering called Seurat Suite(TM) guarantees business results in the form of margin improvements, increased customer wallet share and yield, market penetration and cost management. Seurat currently serves more than 200 companies operating around the world, including Procter & Gamble, Avis, Bank One, Home Shopping Network, RE/MAX International, ConAgra Foods, Black & Decker, and CITGO.

Seurat Suite services include Managed Analytics, Customer Profile Management, Campaign Testing and Management, eChannel Management, Dialogue Management, Dynamic Content Management, Contact Center Optimization, Creative Asset Management, and Marketing Measurement. Services may be purchased individually, in combination, or on a BTO basis. Seurat provides all of the technology, best practices, experts and infrastructure needed to conduct sophisticated and measurable marketing programs and customer interactions with reduced risk and limited fixed investments.

Seurat Suite and eVista are trademarks of Seurat Company. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective holders.


Contact: Theresa Lina, Chief Marketing Officer of Seurat Company, +1-720-406-4199,; or Tim Beyers, +1-720-981-8818,, for Seurat Company

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