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Seurat Company Announces Launch of Offshore Operations; Precision Marketing Outsourcing Leader to Deliver Benefits of Quality, Enhanced Efficiency, Increased Value to Clients With Scaleable Offshore Capability; First Offshore Agreement Provides Cost-Effective, India-Based Analytics Experts.

BOULDER, Colo. -- Privately-held Seurat Company, the leader in Precision Marketing Outsourcing, today announced that it has launched an offshore services unit, which significantly enhances its ability to provide cost-effective, scaleable business process outsourcing services to Fortune 500 clients. By tapping into top-quality, cost-effective offshore resources through third parties, Seurat will be able to increase the speed at which it can deliver its services, while passing on the realized savings to customers. Seurat today revealed its first foray into realizing those efficiencies with the choice of Symphony Services as an offshore provider of directed portions of the Managed Analytics service of Seurat Suite(TM).

Managed Analytics is a key part of Seurat Suite, a portfolio of precision marketing outsourcing services that provide infrastructure, processes, experts, technology and management tools that reduce clients' risks by allowing them to quickly benefit from advanced precision marketing techniques, without the onus or expense of developing and maintaining an in-house capability. The first company in the market to focus on classic business process outsourcing services for customer-facing activities, Seurat provides clients with a complete business transformation platform for conducting effective marketing programs and customer interactions, which enables them to target and serve customers far more precisely for increased customer acquisition, wallet share, and retention.

Offshore Agreements Provide Scale and Cost Efficiencies

The process focus and outsourcing services model of Seurat Suite enables clients to measurably improve the effectiveness of customer marketing activities without incurring the risks and capital costs of a do-it-yourself approach. Seurat's launch of an offshore capability further solidifies the value it can deliver for clients while passing along cost savings. Through offshore alliances, partnerships and third-party provider agreements, Seurat Company can quickly and cost-effectively scale its operation to meet client needs.

Under the agreement with Symphony Services, Seurat will leverage the strength of its Managed Analytics team of senior statisticians and analysts with 24 x 7 access to Symphony's business analytics and SAS specialists for top quality data cleansing, recoding, and tabulation and modeling. Working with Symphony, Seurat expects to double the speed with which it is able to quickly and effectively turn real-time customer data into strategic insights, which will accelerate its ability to adjust a customer's marketing campaigns for increased effectiveness.

"Both Seurat and Symphony understand that the application and interpretation of sophisticated analytics requires the involvement of true professionals; good science still demands the human element with the highest levels of skills," said Vivek Chopra, Managing Director, Symphony Services. "Because our business analytics specialists have long admired both the sophistication of the Seurat approach and the world-class reputation of its precision marketing experts, we are proud to be associated with them. Together, we make an unbeatable team, working around the clock, to deliver results that drive revenues and increase margins for Seurat's clients."

"With Symphony Services, we are increasing our bench strength with the addition of world-class data analysts, who will execute the analyses our analytics experts devise and oversee," said Dr. William Kahn, Executive Vice President, Managed Analytics, Seurat Company. "As we continue to invest in the infrastructures, processes, and best-of-breed relationships that guarantee our clients get optimum returns on every marketing dollar they spend, we also eliminate the burdens they would face in trying to develop, manage, and maintain in-house the advanced precision marketing services that we have pioneered."

Seurat Suite Managed Analytics

Seurat's Managed Analytics service helps companies generate significant, measurable, economic value through improved marketing processes by applying scientific and mathematical techniques, such as fractional factorial experiments. Managed Analytics ensures that Seurat Suite clients provide customers with tested offers that are precisely targeted, priced, and timed for the best possible response. Unlike the guesswork in most of today's marketing programs, these techniques anticipate customer behavior based on statistical models and hard data. Through Seurat's outsourcing model, Seurat Suite provides all of the technologies, processes, ready-made infrastructure, and teams of experts a company needs to execute fact-based marketing programs in a highly efficient, measurable manner without upfront capital investments. Uniquely, Seurat ties service fees to measurable improvements in client revenues and profits.

24 x 7 Statistical Analyses

Using the example of a study aimed at understanding past, current, and prospective customer segments, Dr. Kahn provided a representative scenario to illustrate how the Seurat Managed Analytics service provides value to clients. He described the example of a typical company, with numerous databases containing thousands of lines of information about different customers and business practices. The Seurat Managed Analytics service turns that data into insights for precision marketing campaigns in a tightly organized process within about one month. More importantly, as campaigns are executed, results are fed back into the analytics process in real-time and used to adjust the campaign for improved effectiveness. This means that a single campaign can be continuously improved for enhanced results by applying fact-based lessons learned as the campaign is being executed.

Under the agreement announced today, Seurat, while maintaining all customer confidentiality, will transfer the historical data to Symphony teams in India, for the validation, cleaning, and tabulation of the information. Seurat professionals study the information, devise the statistical valuation models and direct the Symphony teams in performing the elementary and advanced statistical modeling tasks, including linear modeling, logistics regression, and survival analyses. With each team working full-time during their respective business days, within a month, intellectual content is turned from data to strategic insights about the highest value customers and Best Business Practices to drive the marketing and customer relationships that have a direct impact on profits.

About Symphony Services

Symphony Services is the premier innovator and provider of high-value BPO (business process outsourcing) services that leverage intellectual capital around the globe to fundamentally improve the financial results of its clients. Based in Palo Alto, CA, and Bangalore, India, Symphony provides high-value BPO services in four areas: advanced analytics capabilities including business intelligence, data warehousing, data mining and statistical analysis; full-lifecycle software product development and implementation; telecom cost management; and finance & accounting services. For more information, contact Amanda Hendrickson in Palo Alto, CA (

About Seurat Company

Seurat Company specializes in Precision Marketing Outsourcing, which addresses a common, critical challenge facing many enterprises: How to quickly and effectively establish automated, integrated marketing and customer service capabilities that will maximize the lifetime value of new and existing customers. Through a unique, Internet-based business transformation outsourcing (BTO) model, Seurat offers benefits-based pricing tied directly to clients' top and bottom line business results. Its flagship service offering called Seurat Suite(TM) guarantees business results in the form of margin improvements, increased customer wallet share and yield, market penetration and cost management. Seurat currently serves more than 200 companies operating around the world, including Procter & Gamble, Avis, Bank One, Home Shopping Network, RE/MAX International, ConAgra Foods, Black & Decker, and CITGO.

Seurat Suite services include Managed Analytics, Customer Profile Management, Campaign Testing and Management, eChannel Management, Dialogue Management, Dynamic Content Management, Contact Center Optimization, Creative Asset Management, and Marketing Measurement. Services may be purchased individually, in combination, or on a BTO basis. Seurat provides all of the technology, best practices, experts and infrastructure needed to conduct sophisticated and measurable marketing programs and customer interactions with reduced risk and limited fixed investments. .

Seurat Suite and eVista are trademarks of Seurat Company. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective holders.

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