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Setting the scene.

By LIZ LUNDIIt's Friday and I am in an exceptionally good mood today. It's 2pm now, and I still feel as much energy as I did when I strutted into the office at 8am.

Chris followed a few minutes later totally by coincidence because we had not been together earlier, and gave me a conspiratorial smile as he walked past my office towards his.I smiled back, and in the short microseconds that our eyes connected, I felt a lifetime of information and shared secrets pass between us.

But then he walked into the office and shut the door behind him, and I have been typing away at my computer and having phone meetings all day so I have not had Chris on my mind at all until now, when I look at the time on my computer and notice that it is 2pm. Oh no! I have to leave now if I am going to have dinner ready in time for 8pm.

I hurriedly shut everything down and decide, rather than send an email to Ciku telling her that I am leaving early, I should pop by Chris' office and let him know I am leaving seeing as he is still my boss, after all and use the opportunity to confirm that we are still on for dinner.And so, without giving it a second thought, I quickly make my way past Ciku's desk towards Chris' office and reach for the doorknob without thinking twice about it.

"Hey!" Ciku shouts, startling me in my tracks and causing me to pause mid-motion. "Where are you going?!" she snaps.

"I just want to tell him I'm leaving, I'll only be five seconds," I say, my hands making motions for each word I speak."But you can't just walk in!" She gets up from behind her desk and edges around it towards me.

I am scared enough that I turn the knob and hurriedly duck into Chris' office and then slam the door shut behind me.Chris looks up at me from his computer, startled.

And then we both jump when the door swings wide open and a furious Louise stomps in. "I told you! Now see, he's busy.

"I turn towards her and straighten my back, trying to muster as much boss-babe authority as I can. "Listen, don't forget that you're my PA too," I snap.

Ciku narrows her eyes at me and looks towards Chris, who gently waves her concerns away."Thank you for all the good work you do for me, Ciru," he says, "but I'll handle this from here.

And don't worry, I'll let Liz know she can't just walk in whenever she feels like it. This is not a supermarket.

I understand that." He stands up and buttons his jacket as he walks around his table towards me.

Meanwhile Ciku gives me one more nasty look then walks out, shutting the door behind her."Sorry about that," Chris says, walking towards me.

He stops eventually, so close to me that it our feet almost touch. I can smell his clean cologne and feel his breath on my face, and, as if hypnotised, I start to lean in.

and then I remember where we are and pull back quickly, shaking my head to sober myself from the intoxication of his closeness. "What can I do for you today?" he smiles.

"I'm leaving now, to, um get everything ready. Are you still coming over?""8pm, you said?" I nod.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," he confirms. I smile and study his face a little longer the dark angles of his cheekbones, the way his full lips curl up just so in the corner, making him look permanently amused.

"Liz if you keep looking at me like that I am afraid I may not be able to help myself," he says thickly. I clear my throat and step back hurriedly.

"Of course," I say. "I'll see you later.

" And then I let myself out of his office, feeling an unusual heat in my face. As I walk past Ciku's desk she gives me one more nasty look.

"I'm sorry," I mouth as I walk past her, but then I forget about her as soon as she is out of my sight I have things to do, such as a trip to the nearest mall to fetch everything I need to make my evening a success. And a success it will be.

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Date:Jan 19, 2018
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