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Setting new terms for bylaw amendments.

Nearly a decade ago, work began on examining the WILPF US bylaws and reconciling conflicts. Now, WILPF US members will be able to vote for amendments and changes to the WILPF US Bylaws as we did in 2012 and will likely do annually hereafter. A backlog of called-for changes has accumulated and several of these will be voted on this year. Two have particular effects for the general WILPF US membership and are especially designed to address inconsistencies between the current Bylaws and Pennsylvania state statutes.

Pennsylvania law specifies that only members of our organization can make certain kinds of changes or amendments to our Bylaws. Yet, the Bylaws we have been operating under state that only the board of directors can amend the Bylaws. On the Bylaws Amendment ballot that will be sent to you along with the Board candidate elections ballot, there will be a new Bylaw amendment: the Amendment on Amendments.

This new approach requires members to vote on all Bylaw changes. Additionally, the amendment provides three ways that members, the board, and the Bylaws Committee can present amendment proposals to be voted on annually.

WILPF members will want to read details about this amendment and the others on the ballot. The Bylaws Clean-up proposal consists of small corrections and clarifications of wording and formatting throughout the entire Bylaws.

If accepted by members, adoption of this new document will not only make interpretations clearer, it will also address the legal requirement of member approval for the Bylaws document under which WILPF US functions.

All of this is contingent on the Bylaws Clean-up amendment passing. Contact me by phone or email: 916-7390860 or Also, carefully read the materials on these two and all other proposed Bylaw changes and amendments.

Darien De Lu is acting chair of the WILPF US ad hoc Bylaws Committee and a Nominating Committee member. In addition to long-time branch work, she served in 1998 as Western Region President and a national board member, and as national Co-President through 2007. She rejoined the WILPF US board as Nominating Committee Chair from 2011 to 2013.

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Author:De Lu, Darien
Publication:Peace and Freedom
Date:Sep 22, 2014
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