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Seth Kahan's Getting Innovation Right Sparks New Initiatives Across Business Sectors.

Bethesda, MD, March 19, 2014 --( “Innovation is the successful introduction of a market offering that profits everybody involved,” wrote Seth Kahan in Getting Innovation Right, published by Jossey Bass in March 2013. In the year since its publication Kahan's advice in Getting Innovation Right has generated results in sectors including government, associations and private industry.

The government sector was the first to profit from "Getting Innovation Right." The book hit sales channels just as the sequester mandated by the American Taxpayer Relief Act became law. Government budget constraints demanded rapid innovation. “I was engaged to consult on innovation with high-ranking officials in Treasury, Homeland Security, IRS, Office of Personnel Management, Department of Interior and many others. Their first question was, 'Can the sequester be an opportunity?'” said Kahan, “My answer was yes.”

Kahan's "Getting Innovation Right" describes seven activities to mitigate the impact of negative inflection points such as the 2013 sequester, and to take advantage of positive inflection points.

The association sector has profited from Kahan's expertise in innovation through his launch in Fall 2013 of Association Transformation, a think tank designed to support the needs of association leaders who embrace innovation, proactive leadership and new methodologies. “Since publication of 'Getting Innovation Right' I am now offering structured innovation to my clients. The Association Transformation initiative is an example of that, applied to an entire sector,” said Kahan.

The private sector continues to profit from the principles Kahan describes in "Getting Innovation Right." The accelerating pace of change means that what brought success in the past cannot be counted on to assure success tomorrow. “Whether an inflection point is driven by introduction of new technologies, or a change in the regulatory environment, or simply a change in what customers value, the survival of companies and even whole industries hinges on their ability to innovate successfully," Kahan said.

Kahan spoke on innovation more than 25 times in 2013 to groups in transportation, government, technology, associations, manufacturing, security and anti-terrorism, emergency management, intelligence, publishing and social media.

About Seth Kahan

Seth Kahan has worked with CEOs and top-level executives in companies that include World Bank, Peace Corps, Royal Dutch Shell as well as over 60 associations and public sector agencies. Kahan's first book, Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out, is a business bestseller. He writes online for Fast Company ( His latest book, Getting Innovation Right: How Leaders Leverage Inflection Points to Drive Success, was published in 2013.

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Date:Mar 19, 2014
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