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Serzh Sargsyan must stand trial before military tribunal Azerbaijani MP.


Serzh Sargsyan's resignation is logical conclusion of the policy pursued by the military junta regime, Azerbaijani MP Hikmat Babaoglu told Trend April 24.

"Sargsyan and his gang, having established a dictatorial regime, exploited all the resources of Armenia," Babaoglu said. "Thousands of protesters want Sargsyan to answer for all this."

Babaoglu added that the gangster oligarchy, together with Sargsyan, by using the corruption machine created in Armenia, got their hands on not only the budget, but also the donations of the Armenian diaspora, and is now looking for the ways to leave the country.

"But if Sargsyan's oligarchy leaves the country with the corruption capital, Armenia's very weak economy will once again be paralyzed, so the protesters will try not to allow this," the Azerbaijani MP said.

Babaoglu said that the aggressive policy of Armenia led the country to a blockade, the socio-economic situation in the country is on the brink of crisis, there is unemployment, poverty, and very serious demographic situation emerged in Armenia.

"The country remained aloof from all international and regional projects," Babaoglu said. "Thanks to Azerbaijan's flexible and effective diplomatic strategy, even traditional historical friends of Armenia turned into Azerbaijan's partners. Under such circumstances, it became impossible for Armenia with its aggressive policy to exist in the region. Therefore, Sargsyan's resignation was considered as the only option for salvation, and the Armenians had to protest."

The Azerbaijani MP added that political leaders at the new stage must take into account these factors in determining their strategy.

"As for Sargsyan's punishment for the Khojaly genocide, we can say that this criminal confessed to the committed crime before international European organizations," Babaoglu said. "They should give an objective response to Azerbaijan's demands, organize a military tribunal and punish the murderer Sargsyan just like they punished the military-political criminals who committed the genocide in the Balkans. Of course, Azerbaijan will do everything possible to make Sargsyan stand trial before the international military tribunal."

Mass rallies broke out in Yerevan and other Armenian cities on April 13 following former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan's nomination as prime minister. The opposition accused him of ineffective governance and worsening the economic situation in the country.

On April 23, Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan resigned.


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Publication:Azer News (Baku, Azerbaijan)
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Date:Apr 25, 2018
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