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Servoy Continues Leading SaaS Tool-Market with New 3.1 Release and SOX Compliance on Its Developer Level.

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Servoy announced today the Server 3.1 release of its flagship product with enhanced Software as a Service (SaaS) features, adding a MultiDeveloper feature, tracking systems and Sarbanes Oxley compliancy to its Developer product. Servoy already offered SOX compliancy on the deployment level but now also introduces it to the developer level, making it seamless for CIO's and CTO's to comply to Sarbanes Oxley on the software change tracking level.

Jan Aleman, CEO of Servoy, said: "What's different about Servoy is that we make it very easy for ISV's to expand their existing business model into SaaS while maintaining compatibility with existing installs. There is no other vendor on the market that enables SaaS in such an easy and reliable way while making possible classic Client/Server deployment from the same codebase. Servoy 3.1 increases this advantage even more by adding more group development capabilities and Sarbanes Oxley compliance on the developer level."

Servoy 3.1 adds MultiDeveloper capability, enabling more than one developer to work on the same solution at the same time. Servoy 3.1 automatically locks objects and broadcast updates, while maintaining a complete change record of all additions, deletions and edits for all developers across a Servoy solution. Servoy Developer now includes similar MultiDeveloper functionality to what is currently available in Servoy Client and Servoy Server.

By indicating which developer made what changes when and linking to existing Issue/Bug tracking systems, CTO's and CIOs can authorize specific changes to those systems, By tracking the smallest details, Servoy 3.1 fully complies with Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) on the development and change level of Servoy solutions, including a multidevelopment audit trail.

With its new timestamp capability, Servoy 3.1 computes how much time is spent developing certain changes or parts of Servoy applications, with the audit trail including timestamps with every change. This enables consulting companies to provide their end customers with a detailed picture of how application development time is used, including precisely how much time is spent for each change. It also enables in-house Servoy developers and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to accurately and exactly calculate the actual cost of development components and modification.

The three major benefits of Servoy 3.1 include: automatic creation of a web application, less maintenance of that application and increased security. Other key new features in Servoy 3.1 are an error handler object that now allows centralized processing of internal, JavaScript and backend database exceptions; the ability to store find requests; an enhanced debugging environment; PDF enhancements and much more. Over 100 features and functions have been added or enhanced in Servoy 3.1.

Bob Cusick, Managing Director of Servoy USA, explained the benefits of 3.1: "With its new MultiDeveloper capability, multiple developers in different locations can create and maintain a rich Internet application and web interface, with a complete audit trail that includes the time spent on every change and the identify of the developer who implemented it."

Analyst Peter S. Kastner, VP & Research Director, Aberdeen Group, said: "A recent Aberdeen Group study of 100 companies shows legacy application migration costs are a median of US$250,000. For smaller companies with tight budgets, large enterprises with many applications, and ISVs with limited R&D budgets, the key to economic efficiency is migration technology efficiency. Servoy's program can help ISV's get and stay on today's technology curve without spending a fortune."

"With Servoy, we are able to deliver software as a service (SaaS) in a very seamless way. Servoy has built-in functions to support SaaS that made it very easy to build this capability into our existing product in days rather than months," said Dean Westover, President, Choices Software, Inc.

For additional information on Servoy and to read Servoy Success Stories, please visit

If you would like to speak to our CEO, beta testers or clients with early adoption rights to Servoy 3.1 - please contact Brenda Duncan at 805-624-4959 x802, via cell phone at 805-218-9790 or via email at
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Date:Jan 9, 2007
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