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Servomex oxygen analyzer and explosimeter replacement.

The Servomex oxygen analyzer NSN 9B 6630-01-101-3079 and both of the explosimeters model 3 NSN 9B 6665-01-446-5625, and model 5 NSN 3B 6665-01-029-9375 are no longer supported by their vendors. The Biosystems PHD6 NSN 9B 6665-01-572-9079 (AEL number 2870003103) is ready for issue. This unit comes equipped with oxygen and lower explosive limit (LEL) sensors. All 688, 774, and Seawolf class submarines are allotted three PHD6 gas detectors. SSBN & SSGN 726 class submarines are allotted four PHD6 gas detectors.

Recommended actions: First time orders should include APL 46A090006, the PHD6 analyzer part number 54-53-A00008000ND, the calibration kit part number 54-05-K0502 (kit includes calibration gas) and zero air part number 54-9039 (NSN 6830-01-572-9086). Additional calibration gas can be ordered using part number 54-9044E (NSN 6830-01-444-8326. When received, submit a 4790/CK to update your coordinated shipboard allowance list (COSAL).

Supporting documentation: An operator's manual is provided with the unit, it is also available online at http:doubleslash The Navy tech manual identification number (TMIN) is S6330-AE-MMC-010; under development as of June 15, 2010. MIP 6641/007 S-2, inventory, inspect, and calibrate gas detector, is available for submarines only.

The compressed gas cylinder associated with the central atmosphere monitoring system (CAMS) should not be used to accomplish the maintenance requirement. APLS: 842000727; T464020003, and 464020042 are superseded.

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Date:Apr 1, 2010
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