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Servo control sensor.

The R-Series SSI encoder position sensor is said to feature faster data processing and more accurate sensing for servo control applications in the automation industry, providing customers with a high-performance sensor in a durable industrial package, according to the company. The design is based on the company's Temposonics magnetostrictive sensing technology and provides the same absolute serial encoder interface that is widely used in computer numerically controlled (CNC) and motion controls in factory automation applications. The SSI output of the R-Series sensor product is said to be faster, with an optional data update rate of 250 [micro]-sec, synchronized with an external control clock, regardless of stroke, with as few as 16 [micro]-sec. between measurement data clock cycles. Proprietary synchronization technology is said to guarantee the most accurate position output.

MTS Systems
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Title Annotation:Instruments
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Mar 22, 2007
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