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Serving up to Murray; Also released.

Title: Virtua Tennis 2009 Platform: PS3 Price: pounds 44.99 One of the console tennis world's big hitters is back with another annual instalment of serve and volley, sticking tightly to its fast-paced, hugely successful arcade-style game engine. The addition of the Davis Cup and some marked improvements to multiplayer modes will make this a must-have game for fans of the series. With Wimbledon imminent, tennis fever will undoubtedly sweep up a new legion of fans into the Virtua Tennis vortex.

They won't be disappointed with what this serves up, including a new wave of minigames to boost your skill set, plus the opportunity to play as Britain's great hope this summer, Andy Murray. Get yourself some strawberries and cream, and enjoy! Title: Left Brain Right Brain 2 Platform: Nintendo DS Price: pounds 19.99 The only conundrum remaining in the world of DS puzzling and brain training must surely be why developers keep churning this kind of game out on the system. The desire to do something that little bit different and stand out from the crowd is a difficult one, but here Left Brain Right Brain 2 sets its point of difference by claiming to be able to help you become ambidextrous. Challenge each of your hands to succeed at a range of 20 or so wellpresented mini-games by flipping the DS, after which each is judged to see how you're progressing. Were it not for the painfully low difficulty, this would be a really good break from the puzzler norm, but unfortunately anyone seriously expecting to become ambidextrous as a result of playing this will be sadly disappointed.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 19, 2009
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