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Serving shelves for corners.

Serving shelves for corners

In dining rooms, corners are often lost or wasted spaces, with little in the way of functional furniture that can fit them. But here you see two dining room corners where wall-hung serving surfaces work hard without taking up much room.

In both cases, fir 2-by-4s form supporting frames. These are secured to wall studs with lag screws.

The 18-inch-wide L-shaped counter in the top photograph measures 45 inches along one wall, 48 along the other. The triangular counter measures 30 inches along the wall sides and 43 inches on the hypotenuse. Its two outer corners have been cut off, and a decorative cast-iron leg stands under the front lip.

Each top was cut from a single piece of 3/4-inch plywood, which was screwed and glued to the 2-by-4 frames. In the L-shaped counter, all exposed surfaces are covered with walnut veneer. In the triangular counter, the front edge is capped with a strip of molding. Both are finished with several coats of clear polyurethane to resist stains.

Photo: L-shaped shelf of 2-by-4s and 3/4-inch plywood anchored to studs appears to float above the floor

Photo: Triangular counter is also attached to studs, not to decorative iron leg. Molding trims lightly stained plywood top
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Date:Oct 1, 1987
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