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Servicing the mast-mounted sight.

Crews, not servicing the turret on your Kiowa Warrior's mast-mounted sight (MMS) can lead to problems.

When servicing the MMS, take your readings with the MMS in the OFF position. If the coolant level indicator reads between +60[degrees]C and ambient minus 10[degrees]C, no servicing is required, like it says in Para 8-16 (9) of TM 1-1520-248-10. When adding coolant, follow the info in EM 0246, WP 2875 00.

After you've added coolant, check the sight glass again to make sure the temperature reading is normal. If the reading is between 60[degrees]C and the ambient temperature minus 10[degrees]C, no service is required. The color should be yellow or white, with white being the most common ambient temperature. The level should not be in red. Red is -120[degrees]C all the way to 0[degrees]C. That's not good. If the reading is above 60[degrees]C, you need to drain the excess coolant from the system.

Never overfill the MMS with antifreeze. Too much coolant overpressurizes the system. That can cause coolant lines to burst inside the MMS.

Over time, additives in the antifreeze can form gummy deposits and block coolant circulation, causing the turret to overheat. If that happens, it's probably time for a coolant change.

Remember, there is a 300-hour inspection requirement to drain, flush and refill the system with fresh coolant. Follow the procedures in EM 0246, WP 2878 00.

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