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HIGHER ED'S MOST SUCCESSFUL FAILURE: Why a proven reform to boost community college graduation rates can't get traction. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Sep 1, 2020 2581
LANE COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Reese, Susan May 1, 2020 795
FULLERTON COLLEGE. Mar 1, 2020 616
Growing the Environmental Health Science Profession: Recruit, Retain, Graduate. Hisel, Jamie D.; Pinion, Clint, Jr. Sep 1, 2019 1553
Cuomo to Propose Statewide Child Care Program at Community Colleges. Mar 21, 2019 274
Practical education. Perry, Jessica Feb 11, 2019 691
HCCC approves 15 minimum wage for nonunion employees. Hutter, David Brief article Nov 21, 2018 142
Reestablishing a community college program inside a California state prison. Thomas, Robert G.; Campos, Mary Lainey May 1, 2018 2944
Scholarships for LGBTQ Community College Students. Brief article Apr 19, 2018 110
College partners with industry to support ESL learning. Elfman, Lois Jun 15, 2017 1264
River Valley adds health care cybersecurity degree: demand for secure electronic records sparks need for certified training. Rajala, Liisa Mar 31, 2017 423
School adds to Alumni HOF. Nov 11, 2016 420
Growing pains: Nashua aviation technology program seeks bigger facility. Brief article Aug 19, 2016 318
Adjunct teaching opportunities for CPAs: a part-time path for those considering a move to academia. Hiltebeitel, Kenneth M.; Derstine, Robert P.; Fuller, Lori R. Aug 1, 2016 3457
Just checking the box: do our airmen value their CCAF degree? Newcomer, Jason M.; Glassman, Aaron M.; DaCosta-Paul, Aisha D.; Fowler, Jason A. Mar 22, 2016 6237
Four-year schools must look to community colleges. Bumphus, Aileen Mar 10, 2016 832
Matching talents to careers: From self-directed to guided pathways. Bailey, Thomas; Belfield, Clive; Jenkins, Davis; Kopko, Elizabeth Report Aug 1, 2015 11443
Walters State Community College. Brief article May 1, 2015 165
Higher education's inequality challenge. Padron, Eduardo J. Nov 6, 2014 878
Congress breaks logjam, approves job training reform. Dervarics, Charles Oct 9, 2014 763
Developing and teaching an honors calculus course in a community college. Prince, Tanvir; Flek, Ruslan Report Apr 1, 2014 2269
Public-private honors success at community colleges of Spokane. Avery, Lisa Mar 22, 2014 2015
Motlow state community college. Mar 1, 2014 387
extra. Mar 1, 2014 506
Training for advanced manufacturing jobs. Monti, Lisa Feb 7, 2014 727
Adopting and Adapting Contextualization Strategies: A Practitioner Brief. Right from the Start: An Institutional Perspective on Developmental Education Reform. Lass, Leslie; Zandt, Alyson Report Jan 1, 2014 247
Adopting and Adapting Computer-Assisted Learning Strategies: A Practitioner Brief. Right from the Start: An Institutional Perspective on Developmental Education Reform. Lass, Leslie; Parcell, Abby Report Jan 1, 2014 302
Leadership styles and moral judgment competence of community college personnel. McFadden, Cheryl; Miller, Brian; Sypawka, William; Clay, Maria; Hoover-Plonk, Shelly Statistical data Sep 22, 2013 5137
Remarks from the editor. Thomson, Alexander Editorial Sep 22, 2013 692
To cheat or not to cheat: a review with implications for practice. Hensley, Lauren Sep 22, 2013 5211
At issue: online education and the new community college student. Castillo, Marco Sep 22, 2013 4986
From Policy to Practice: Tracing the Development and Implementation of Placement and Diagnostic Assessments across States, Systems, and Community Colleges. Lessons from Florida and Virginia Community Colleges -- Phase 2 Report. Duffy, Mark; Tandberg, David A.; Harrill, Sandra; Jack, James; Park, Elizabeth; Shaw, Kathleen M. Report Aug 1, 2013 358
Role of early family configuration and hours worked on student success in two-year colleges. Boswell, Robert A.; Passmore, David L. Mar 22, 2013 3438
Making the connection: the impact of support systems on female transfer students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Jackson, Dimitra L. Mar 22, 2013 6345
Developmental education students in Texas community colleges: changes over time. Saxon, D. Patrick; Slate, John R. Mar 22, 2013 4492
The Annual Condition of Iowa's Community Colleges, 2012. Bassis, Vladimir; Burroughs, Monte; Cooley, Tom; Farver, Kent; Vybiral, Amy Jan 1, 2013 402
Chasing the dream: community colleges prepare to assist young immigrants after Obama's order. Gardezi, Aleena Essay Dec 20, 2012 1798
Contextualized College Transition Strategies for Adult Basic Skills Students: Learning from Washington State's I-BEST Program Model. Wachen, John; Jenkins, Davis; Belfield, Clive; Van Noy, Michelle Abstract Dec 1, 2012 291
Progress in the First Five Years: An Evaluation of Achieving the Dream Colleges in Washington State. Jenkins, Davis; Wachen, John; Kerrigan, Monica Reid; Mayer, Alexander K. Abstract Dec 1, 2012 344
Improving Developmental Education Assessment and Placement: Lessons from Community Colleges across the Country. CCRC Working Paper No. 51. Hodara, Michelle; Jaggars, Shanna Smith; Karp, Melinda Mechur Report Nov 1, 2012 379
2012 Critical Success Factors Report. Abstract Jul 1, 2012 390
Student success at the community college level. Husain, Silvia Patricia Rios May 10, 2012 869
Tying Funding to Community College Outcomes: Models, Tools, and Recommendations for States. Executive Summary. Altstadt, David, Ed. Report Apr 1, 2012 286
Prevention at Community Colleges. Prevention Update. Report Apr 1, 2012 290
Measuring Efficiency in the Community College Sector. CCRC Working Paper No. 43. Belfield, Clive R. Abstract Apr 1, 2012 246
Remarks from the editor. Thomson, Alexander Editorial Mar 22, 2012 1208
Building Pathways to Transfer: Community Colleges That Break the Chain of Failure for Students of Color. Gandara, Patricia; Alvarado, Elizabeth; Driscoll, Anne; Orfield, Gary Abstract Feb 1, 2012 693
On the Road to Success: How States Collaborate and Use Data to Improve Student Outcomes. A Working Paper by the Achieving the Dream Cross-State Data Work Group. Baldwin, Chris; Borcoman, Gabriela; Chappell-Long, Cheryl; Coperthwaite, Corby A.; Glenn, Darrell; H Report Feb 1, 2012 435
A Matter of Degrees: Promising Practices for Community College Student Success--A First Look. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 349
Houston Community College 2011-2012 Fact Book. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 177
Can Financial Aid Improve Student Success at Louisiana's Community Colleges? A Study of the Potential Impact of Redistributing State Gift Aid on the Success of Pell Grant Recipients. Crockett, Kevin; Heffron, Mark; Schneider, Mark Report Jan 1, 2012 361
Learning Communities for Developmental Education Students: A Synthesis of Findings from Randomized Experiments at Six Community Colleges. Weiss, Michael J.; Visher, Mary; Weissman, Evan Report Jan 1, 2012 329
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Challenges Community Colleges Face to Reach the Unemployed. Katsinas, Stephen G.; D'Amico, Mark M.; Friedel, Janice N. Abstract Dec 1, 2011 281
West hills college Coalinga. Nov 1, 2011 538
Falling through the cracks: an early warning system can help keep Black males on the community college campus. Wood, J. Luke Column Oct 13, 2011 856
From 8th grade, straight to college. Oct 1, 2011 437
Bridgemont Community and Technical College. Oct 1, 2011 506
Completion Agenda for Baby Boomers. Commentary. Fishman, Seth Abstract Oct 1, 2011 411
The Birth of a Research University: UC Merced, No Small Miracle. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.14.11. Desrochers, Lindsay Ann Abstract Oct 1, 2011 502
The breakup: University of Texas at Brownsville to part ways with Texas Southmost College, ending unusual 20-year partnership. Lum, Lydia Sep 15, 2011 1875
How the other half tests: millions of Americans are denied the chance to take college-level courses by a downscale version of the SAT. Headden, Susan Sep 1, 2011 3442
Using Community Colleges to Build a STEM-Skilled Workforce. Issue Brief. Report Jun 24, 2011 298
With Great Challenges Come Great Opportunities: Promising Practices of Texas Community Colleges. Bruce, Jennifer; Shook, Melissa; Fletcher, Carla; Smith, Donna Abstract Jun 1, 2011 243
Cultivating creativity within financial constraints: three success stories illustrate best practices of community college global education. Dean, Sherry May 12, 2011 563
Promoting Full-Time Attendance among Adults in Community College: Early Impacts from the Performance-Based Scholarship Demonstration in New York. Richburg-Hayes, Lashawn; Sommo, Colleen; Welbeck, Rashida Report May 1, 2011 407
Get with the Program: Accelerating Community College Students' Entry into and Completion of Programs of Study. CCRC Working Paper No. 32. Jenkins, Davis Report Apr 1, 2011 314
A legacy of learning. Reese, Susan Mar 1, 2011 1798
Southeast Community College. Mar 1, 2011 513
Small business entrepreneurship means big business in the new economy. Martin, James; Samels, James E. Feb 1, 2011 448
An education for all seasons of life. Reese, Susan Feb 1, 2011 2016
Serving adult and returning students: one college's experience. Kennamer, Michael A.; Campbell, J. David Feb 1, 2011 1769
Learning Communities for Students in Developmental Math: Impact Studies at Queensborough and Houston Community Colleges. Executive Summary. Weissman, Evan; Butcher, Kristin F.; Schneider, Emily; Teres, Jedediah; Collado, Herbert; Greenberg, Abstract Feb 1, 2011 387
Assessing Developmental Assessment in Community Colleges. CCRC Working Paper No. 19. Hughes, Katherine L.; Scott-Clayton, Judith Abstract Feb 1, 2011 266
The Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. Perlstein, Linda Abstract Jan 1, 2011 489
A Contextualized Intervention for Community College Developmental Reading and Writing Students. CCRC Working Paper No. 38. Perin, Dolores; Bork, Rachel Hare; Peverly, Stephen T.; Mason, Linda H.; Vaselewski, Megan Abstract Jan 1, 2011 374
Divided We Fail in LA: Improving Completion and Closing Racial Gaps in the Los Angeles Community College District. Moore, Colleen; Shulock, Nancy Report Nov 1, 2010 407
Use of Learner-Centered Strategies in the Preparation of Community and Technical College Leaders: Assessments by Participating Doctoral Students. Browne-Ferrigno, Tricia; Muth, Rodney Report Oct 1, 2010 280
Lansing Community College. Oct 1, 2010 549
Capture in the cloud. Oct 1, 2010 334
Programs for ELL: integrating immigrants into the community. McClure, Ann Oct 1, 2010 1084
An attainable dream. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 181
Evaluating Programs for Community College Students: How Do We Know What Works? A Paper Prepared for the White House Summit on Community Colleges. Brock, Thomas Abstract Oct 1, 2010 171
Training for faculty who teach online. Batts, David; Pagliari, Leslie; Mallett, William; McFadden, Cheryl Sep 22, 2010 3126
Student Progression through Developmental Sequences in Community Colleges. CCRC Brief. Number 45. Bailey, Thomas; Jeong, Dong Wook; Cho, Sung-Woo Report Sep 1, 2010 375
Shakespeare with power tools: how a humble trade school became the best community college in America. Carlyle, Erin Organization overview Sep 1, 2010 2509
Assessing Developmental Assessment in Community Colleges: A Review of the Literature. CCRC Working Paper No. 19. Hughes, Katherine L.; Scott-Clayton, Judith Author abstract Aug 1, 2010 247
Overcoming the community college parking crunch: a multipronged approach to a common issue. Jobin, Matt Jul 1, 2010 1278
In the center of it all: in an exclusive interview with Diverse, Miami Dade College President Eduardo Padron discusses community colleges' pivotal role in revitalizing the U.S. economy. Pluviose, David Interview Jun 10, 2010 1631
Qatar selects HCC to develop its first American-model Community College. Brief article May 13, 2010 136
Freshening up transfer programs: amended policies, marketing campaign swell student participation in a community college-university joint admissions program. Arguijo, Dan, Jr.; Howard, Lonnie L. May 13, 2010 850
MCC to Host Disney service program. Brief article May 1, 2010 117
Degrees of speed: millions of unemployed Americans need to upgrade their skills, fast. Community colleges aren't up to the task, but with help from Washington, they could be. Merisotis, Jamie P.; Jones, Stan May 1, 2010 2405
A new chapter for campus bookstores: rental programs and new technologies are helping to make textbooks more affordable. Goral, Tim Apr 1, 2010 1935
Remarks from the editor. Reibling, Louis A. Editorial Mar 22, 2010 606
Human Resource Development and Career and Technical Education in American Community Colleges. Zeidenberg, Matthew; Bailey, Thomas Author abstract Mar 1, 2010 324
HJR 678: Report on Teacher Shortages in the Commonwealth, with Focus on Enhancing the Transfer Pipeline from Virginia's Community Colleges. Quintana-Baker, Maricel; Johansen, Carmen Report Jan 22, 2010 370
DoDEA Seniors' Postsecondary Plans and Scholarships, 2010. Embler, Sandra Abstract Jan 1, 2010 263
Celebrating a legacy of diversity and achievement. Atwater, Kenneth Essay Dec 24, 2009 861
Education a la carte: the New Jersey virtual community college consortium. Williams, Paula A. Dec 1, 2009 3834
How Much Academic Instruction Occurs outside Research Universities in BC? Research Results. Cowin, Bob Author abstract Dec 1, 2009 306
Accelerating American achievement: Dr. Martha Kanter, U.S. Education under secretary, is driving the administration's higher education agenda and all roads go through community colleges. Dervarics, Charles Nov 26, 2009 1502
Portland Community College. Nov 1, 2009 483
Two-year colleges face student loan default challenge: rising rate causing some community colleges to opt out of student loan system. Dervarics, Charles Oct 29, 2009 888
Taking the night shift. McClure, Ann Brief article Oct 1, 2009 205
Community college service learning pedagogy. Fiume, Peter Francis Report Sep 22, 2009 6460
Assessing student learning in community college honors programs using the CCCSE course feedback form. Ross, Laura O.; Roman, Marcia A. Essay Sep 22, 2009 6135
Developmental education: an investment we cannot afford not to make. Roueche, John E.; Waiwaiole, Evelyn N. Essay Sep 17, 2009 632
United States department of education update. Linton, John Report Jun 1, 2009 1256
Tired of refund checks 'lost in the mail,' an Iowa college goes all-electronic: Des Moines Area Community College brings Higher One's OneDisburse[R] Refund Management[R] to its 27,000 students. Jun 1, 2009 544
The hybrid writing center: colonizing the regional campus. Kyle, Barbara Jun 1, 2009 3085
Community College Access and Affordability for Occupational and Nontraditional Students. Castellano, Marisa; Overman, Laura T. Report Jun 1, 2009 292
Access and Success for People of Color in Washington Community and Technical Colleges: Progress Report. Research Report Number 09-2. Report Jun 1, 2009 374
The community college transfer challenge: boosting student transfers from community colleges to four-year institutions is a matter of getting all the right policies and programs in place. Roach, Ronald May 14, 2009 1530
Faculty matters. May 1, 2009 1020
CCBC awarded $2.5 million President's community-based job training grant from the U.S. Department of Labor; Funds to support expanding and new health care curricula and resources. Brief article May 1, 2009 297
Embracing the (corporate) work force training mission. Thornton, Jerry Sue; Brattebo, Douglas M. Apr 30, 2009 791
Fairfield, Calif. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 111
Higher education. Brief article Mar 26, 2009 156
A conceptual model to explore faculty community engagement. Wade, Amy; Demb, Ada Report Mar 22, 2009 8209
Career-Focused Services for Students with Disabilities at Community Colleges. Author abstract Mar 1, 2009 387
Lessons Learned from Breaking Through. In Brief. Bragg, Debra D.; Barnett, Elisabeth Report Mar 1, 2009 268
College of the Mainland. Mar 1, 2009 457
Roxbury Community College experiencing renaissance: RCC has transformed itself from scandal-plagued to a college of choice. Forde, Dana Feb 19, 2009 791
GateWay Community College. Feb 1, 2009 419
HCC student nurses promote flu immunization. Brief article Feb 1, 2009 217
Job training issues to get greater visibility: community colleges seek funding and policy changes to job training law to better meet evolving needs of the American work force. Dervarics, Charles Jan 22, 2009 744
CCAF: education now: college degrees open doors for today's Airmen. Gonzales, Ben Jan 1, 2009 1822
Bridging the Gaps to Success: Promising Practices for Promoting Transfer among Low-Income and First-Generation Students. An In-Depth Study of Six Exemplary Community Colleges in Texas. Smith, Chandra Taylor; Miller, Abby Report Jan 1, 2009 275
Houston Community College 2008-2009 Fact Book. Abstract Jan 1, 2009 172
Beating the at-risk odds: family approach credited as key to Silas Craft Collegians Program's success. Pluviose, David Dec 11, 2008 1379
Showcasing community college programs that make a difference. Boswell, Katherine; Munn, William Dec 11, 2008 800
The real Cape Cod Community College: contrary to a previously published column, Cape Cod Community College practices its commitment to diversity. Schatzberg, Kathleen Nov 27, 2008 795
High School to Community College: New Efforts to Build Shared Expectations. Rosin, Matthew; Wilson, Kathy Report Nov 1, 2008 362
Targeting transfers: community colleges, universities, and states working together to improve the transfer process. McClure, Ann Nov 1, 2008 1114
Making a positive impact in students' lives: along with implementing deliberate retention policies, hiring the right people to encourage students to persist in college is essential. Noonan-Terry, Coral M.; Waiwaiole, Evelyn Oct 16, 2008 803
Learning while undocumented: North Carolina community college students are caught in the cross hairs of illegal immigration opponents. Pluviose, David Oct 2, 2008 2305
Experiential framework for teaching developmental mathematics. Galbraith, Michael W.; Jones, Melanie S. Report Sep 22, 2008 4542
Community Colleges:Still an Affordable Route to a Degree? Commission Report 08-14. Report Sep 1, 2008 304
The 21st Century GI Bill: What it means for California. Commission Report 08-12. Report Sep 1, 2008 290
Enrolling transfers: a matter of service: what students arriving from community colleges expect and need. Kurz, Kathy; Scannell, Jim; Veeder, Samantha Jul 1, 2008 1447
Transfer access from community colleges and the distribution of elite higher education. Dowd, Alicia C.; Cheslock, John J.; Melguizo, Tatiana Report Jul 1, 2008 13036
Future faculty at Roxbury Community College. Mulready-Shick, JoAnn May 1, 2008 310
Transition Matters: Community College to Bachelor's Degree. A Proceedings Report of the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance. Author abstract May 1, 2008 327
Greenfield Community College. May 1, 2008 649
The States and Their Community Colleges. Education Policy Brief. Shaffer, David F. Report May 1, 2008 293
A Short Guide to "Tipping Point" Analyses of Community College Student Labor Market Outcomes. CCRC Research Tools No. 3. Jenkins, Davis Author abstract Apr 1, 2008 151
Increasing class participation in social phobic students. Miranda, Michael V. Mar 22, 2008 5383
A short take on evaluation and creative writing. James, David L. Mar 22, 2008 1171
International education at American community colleges. Chen, Danxia Mar 22, 2008 3708
Technology review: evaluating peer-to-peer solutions for online courses and programs. Klinker, Eric Mar 22, 2008 2051
A Good Start: Two-Year Effects of a Freshmen Learning Community Program at Kingsborough Community College. Scrivener, Susan; Bloom, Dan; LeBlanc, Allen; Paxson, Christina; Rouse, Cecilia Elena Rouse; Sommo, Author abstract Mar 1, 2008 287
Course-Taking Patterns and Preparation for Postsecondary Education in California's Public University Systems among Minority Youth. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 035. Finkelstein, Neal D.; Fong, Anthony B. Author abstract Jan 1, 2008 325
Noncredit Enrollment in Workforce Education: State Policies and Community College Practices. Van Noy, Michelle; Jacobs, James; Korey, Suzanne; Bailey, Thomas; Hughes, Katherine L. Author abstract Jan 1, 2008 496
Profiles of U.S. Community Colleges: Asia Fair Participants, Fall 2008. Author abstract Jan 1, 2008 144
Do Support Services at Community Colleges Encourage Success or Reproduce Disadvantage? An Exploratory Study of Students in Two Community Colleges. CCRC Working Paper No. 10. Karp, Melinda Mechur; O'Gara, Lauren; Hughes, Katherine L. Report Jan 1, 2008 158
Standards of Practice for California Community College Counseling Faculty and Programs. Report Jan 1, 2008 451
From Ripples to Waves: The Rural Community College Initiative to Build New Partnerships in Support of America's Rural Communities. RRD 190. Emery, Mary Report Jan 1, 2008 261
Green Lights & Red Tape: Improving Access to Financial Aid at California's Community Colleges. Cochrane, Deborah Frankle Author abstract Dec 1, 2007 333
Adult Basic Education to Community College Transitions Symposium. Proceedings Report. Report Nov 1, 2007 546
Wyoming Community College System Spring 2007 Enrollment Report. Report Oct 1, 2007 116
Wyoming Community College System Annual Enrollment Report. Academic Year 2006-2007. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 224
Community colleges offer baby boomers an encore: The nation's 1,200 community colleges are taking notice of baby boomers. they are working to develop new programs and to strengthen existing ones in order to meet the growing needs of mid-lifers. Emeagwali, N. Susan Oct 1, 2007 1262
The importance of community colleges. Stanley, Pat Sep 22, 2007 745
ISO 9000 and creativity: potential advantages of implementing ISO in community colleges. Alkeaid, Adel Report Sep 1, 2007 4446
Education Department, Congress has sights trained on community college transfer of credit problem. Dervarics, Charles Jul 12, 2007 757
Community colleges often lead the way in diversity efforts. Bumphus, Walter G.; Roueche, John E. Jul 12, 2007 792
Establishing a real-world credential: Community College of the Air Force to award 300,000th associate degree. Pluviose, David Jun 28, 2007 1110
Do Student Success Courses Actually Help Community College Students Succeed? CCRC Brief. Number 36. Zeidenberg, Matthew; Jenkins, Davis; Calcagno, Juan Carlos Author abstract Jun 1, 2007 219
Marketing the best image of the community college writing center. Mohr, Ellen Jun 1, 2007 2839
Enhancing Student Services at Owens Community College: Early Results from the Opening Doors Demonstration in Ohio. Scrivener, Susan; Pih, Michael Author abstract Apr 1, 2007 281
Enhancing Student Services at Lorain County Community College: Early Results from the Opening Doors Demonstration in Ohio. Scrivener, Susan; Au, Jenny Author abstract Apr 1, 2007 311
Recruiting high school students into tech programs: making high school students aware of the opportunities available to them can build enrollment in community college technical programs and help meet the nation's workforce needs. Squires, Dan; Case, Pauline Apr 1, 2007 1237
Challenges and Solutions Regarding Community College Service in Rural and Remote Areas: A Progress Report. Commission Report 07-02. Report Mar 1, 2007 123
Illinois Community College Board FY 2006 Adult Education and Family Literacy Report to the Governor and General Assembly. Report Feb 26, 2007 370
Learning Mathematics with Graphing Calculator: A Study of Students' Experiences. Reznichenko, Nataliya Report Feb 15, 2007 419
Techie heaven. Stock, David Paul Brief article Feb 1, 2007 183
Assessment of Computerized Placement Test for College Mathematics at Baltimore City Community College. Mekonnen, Adugna; Reznichenko, Nataliya Report Feb 1, 2007 187
Jobs and Opportunity: The Power and Potential of Maine's Community Colleges--Report of the Governor's Community College Advisory Council. Pelletier, Helen Author abstract Jan 1, 2007 231
Bridging the Gap between Community College and University: Learning from the ENLACE Experience. Report Jan 1, 2007 196
Community Colleges Broadening Horizons through Service Learning, 2006-2009. Robinson, Gail Report Jan 1, 2007 225
Agents of Change: Examining the Role of Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Coordinators in California Community Colleges. Gilbert, Greg, Ed.; Buechner, Marybeth, Ed. Author abstract Jan 1, 2007 362
NC Community College students seek help with prison restoration project: an unknown Florida Bar member may be able to piece the history together. Brief article Oct 15, 2006 169
Mississippi graduates impact New Orleans recovery efforts. Gaillard, Ray Oct 1, 2006 759
Meridian Community College. Sep 1, 2006 535
A Whole 'Nother World: Students Navigating Community College. Gardenhire-Crooks, Alissa; Collado, Herbert; Ray, Barbara Report Jul 1, 2006 444
Sinclair Community College and the College and Career Transition Initiative. Jun 22, 2006 311
All jokes aside: in nationwide tour, Bill Cosby discusses the role community colleges can play in breaking the cycle of poverty. Pluviose, David Jun 15, 2006 623
Review of a Proposal to Convert the Needles Outreach Operation to a State-Approved Educational Center. Commission Report 06-02. Report Mar 1, 2006 269
Prospectus for Examining the Challenges Community College Districts Face in Serving Rural and Remote Communities. Commission Report 06-06. Report Mar 1, 2006 191
Back to College: Are University Graduates Returning to Community Colleges? Working Paper WP/06-01. Report Mar 1, 2006 184
What Community College Policies and Practices Are Effective in Promoting Student Success? A Study of High- and Low-Impact Institutions. Jenkins, Davis Report Mar 1, 2006 355
Competencies for Community College Leaders. Author abstract Feb 1, 2006 213
A Study of Perkins 2P1 Graduation Performance Rates at Virginia Western Community College. Archer, J. Andrew. Author abstract Feb 1, 2006 406
CNC preparation meets manufacturing opportunity: innovative programs at Cape Fear Community College are targeting CNC training to meet diverse industry needs. Cassola, Joel Feb 1, 2006 1538
Central Maine Community College. Feb 1, 2006 581
Traveling Successfully on the Community College Pathway. Johnson, Tracy, Ed. Author abstract Jan 1, 2006 422
Condition of Iowa Community Colleges, 2005. Report Jan 1, 2006 310
Science committee questions pathways to engineering education: two- and four-year colleges must work together to align curricula, committee says. Pekow, Charles Dec 29, 2005 842
Community College Working Group on Adult Education held in Washington, DC. Brief article Dec 15, 2005 259
Sinclair Community College. Nov 1, 2005 627
Illinois Community College System. Performance Report for Fiscal Year 2005. Nov 1, 2005 440
A profile of contemporary community college student involvement, technology use, and reliance on selected college life skills. Miller, Michael T.; Pope, Myron L.; Steinmann, Thomas D. Sep 1, 2005 3543
BC college child care remains open. Brief Article Apr 18, 2005 110
Building Pathways to Success for Low-Skill Adult Students: Lessons for Community College Policy and Practice from a Longitudinal Student Tracking Study. CCRC Brief Number 25. Prince, David; Jenkins, Davis Abstract Apr 1, 2005 265
Life-changing leadership. Carreon, Jesus Mar 28, 2005 1082
Kentucky tuition up--by a little. Brief Article Mar 28, 2005 189
Tours of duty: from college to Iraq and back. Manzo, Kathleen Kennedy Mar 28, 2005 852
Maryland college installs first-aid devices. Brief Article Mar 28, 2005 186
An identity crisis in continuing education. Hightower, Trenton Mar 14, 2005 1057
Black male achievement and the community college. Bush, Edward C.; Bush, Lawson Mar 14, 2005 540
Interactive software gives distance learning an edge. Advertisement Mar 14, 2005 366
Illinois Community College Board Fiscal Year 2005 Spring Opening Enrollment Report. Mar 9, 2005 395
AB1417 Performance Framework for the California Community Colleges: A Report to the Legislature, Pursuant to AB1417. Mar 1, 2005 345
Oklahoma college earns cyber-security designation. Brief Article Feb 28, 2005 210
To Ensure America's Future: Building a National Opportunity System for Adults. Strengthening Links between Adult Education and Community Colleges. Summary Report of the CAAL Project on Adult Education and Community Colleges. Report Feb 9, 2005 485
University and Community College System of Nevada Master Plan. Abstract Feb 1, 2005 308
Moving into Town--and Moving On: The Community College in the Lives of Traditional-Age Students. Adelman, Clifford Abstract Feb 1, 2005 579
Preparing qualified teachers. St. Arnauld, Cheri Jan 31, 2005 951
A whole new crew: community colleges are navigating increasingly dynamic and vital roles in educating the teachers of tomorrow. Finkel, Ed Cover Story Jan 31, 2005 4340
Study urges adult, remedial-ed. programs to join forces. Manzo, Kathleen Kennedy Jan 31, 2005 898
Ariz. colleges trying to lure foreign students. Brief Article Jan 17, 2005 282
The enemy within. Blaauw-Hara, Jami Jan 17, 2005 1104
Rising above the differences: in the past, community colleges and proprietary schools have often been at odds, whether it be about money or mission. But educators say it's time the schools give the quibbling a rest and start working together. Bagnato, Kristin Cover Story Jan 17, 2005 2537
Kentucky college helps turn town into historical attraction. Jan 17, 2005 814
California prison-education programs report success. Boulard, Garry Jan 17, 2005 1147
Class of 2003 High School Graduate SAT Takers Enrolling in Los Rios Colleges in the Summer after Their Freshmen Year. Research Brief. Beachler, Judith Abstract Jan 1, 2005 156
Four-year schools should take more cues from community colleges, some educators say. Miller, M.H. Dec 6, 2004 934
Nevada 2-yr. college popular with minorities. Dec 6, 2004 473
Localization: a career for the new millennium. Gibbs, Hope J. Nov 1, 2004 1814
Support Success. Services That May Help Low-Income Students Succeed in Community College. Opening Doors. Purnell, Rogeair; Blank, Susan Abstract Nov 1, 2004 459
An Exploratory Study for Building a Conceptual Framework of Customized Training. Lee, Jieun Report Oct 1, 2004 113
Meet the new community college student. Weber, Gretchen Aggertt Sep 22, 2004 804
Two-year schools overworked, undervalued, report says. Boulard, Garry Aug 30, 2004 945
Iowa college tuitions rise 7 percent. Aug 30, 2004 388
Lending single-parent students a helping hand. Taylor, Barbara A.; Dukes, Phyllis J. Jul 19, 2004 741
Retention, Transfer and Graduation Rates of New Full-Time Freshmen at Maryland Community Colleges: Two, Three, and Four Years after Entry. Report Jul 1, 2004 174
Ariz. college to beef up remedial education. Brief Article Jun 21, 2004 144
An innovation economy needs community colleges. Bailey, John Jun 7, 2004 1219
Illinois Community College System Selected Programs and Services for Underrepresented Groups. Focus Area: Addressing the Needs of Students with Disabilities. Author abstract Jun 1, 2004 298
N.C. colleges to play larger role in biotech job training. Yates, Eleanor Lee May 24, 2004 653
Report: N.Y. college system 'job-training powerhouse'. Bohigian, Sheri May 10, 2004 597
Kentucky. May 1, 2004 157
The new and improved Community-College Baccalaureate. Garmon, John Apr 12, 2004 867
The best of both worlds? Bachelor's-degree programs at community colleges are all about bumping up access for nontraditional students--and helping meet shortages like those in the nursing and teaching fields. But some educators worry that the programs could be the beginning of the end of two-year schools as we know them. Troumpoucis, Patricia Cover Story Apr 12, 2004 2274
Community college consortium provides students with IT skills for the workplace. DiGiorgio, Annamaria Apr 1, 2004 379
The role of community college honors programs in reducing transfer shock. Phillips, Greg Mar 22, 2004 3111
The Organizational Efficiency of Multiple Missions for Community Colleges. Bailey, Thomas R.; Morest, Vanessa Smith Report Feb 1, 2004 494
Wyoming Community Colleges: Responding to the Growing Need for Distance Education. Report Jan 1, 2004 364
Hot Programs at Community Colleges. Executive Summary. Research Brief. AACC-RB-04-1. McPhee, Sara Report Jan 1, 2004 262
Illinois Community College Board FY 2004 Adult Education and Family Literacy Report to the Governor and General Assembly. Abstract Jan 1, 2004 221
Community Colleges Broadening Horizons through Service Learning, 2003-2006. Project Brief. AACC-PB-04-2. Robinson, Gail Report Jan 1, 2004 299
Community College and One-Stop Center Collaboration: The Role of Community College Collaborative Agents. In Brief. Russman, Maxine L. Author abstract Jan 1, 2004 450
The Community College's Role in P-16 Education Reform. In Brief. Rasch, Erika Author abstract Jan 1, 2004 211
The distinctive challenges facing writing centers at public two-year colleges: will the center hold? Tinberg, Howard Jan 1, 2004 2410
Factors which motivate community college faculty to participate in distance education. Corry, Michael Jan 1, 2004 6886
All students deserve an education without borders. Balkan, Evan L. Sep 29, 2003 1178
Double duty: growing numbers of high-school students are enrolling in college--while they're still in high school. Finken, Dee Anne Sep 29, 2003 1982
ERIC's community-college clearinghouse to disappear Jan. 1. (around the nation). Manzo, Kathleen Kennedy Aug 4, 2003 702
Pa. state system tries to ease transfers with 'Academic Passport'. Jul 21, 2003 753
Mass. colleges' high-school-exit-exam classes unfilled. Jul 21, 2003 450
College teaches 71-year-old to read. (around campus). Brief Article Jul 21, 2003 250
Idaho college's training program goes the distance. (technology today). Jul 7, 2003 1106
N.J. College offers church-based classes. (around campus). Jul 7, 2003 470
House built by Neb. students sells for $90K. (around campus). Brief Article Jun 9, 2003 123
Initial Educational Goals of First-Time Full-Time Community College Freshmen and Subsequent Retention Outcomes. Denison, Brian; Secolsky, Charles Report May 1, 2003 228
Closing the degree divide. (point of view). Garmon, John Apr 14, 2003 870
We need a baccalaureate now. (point of view). McKinney, David Tarrell Apr 14, 2003 463
2+2=? The associate's degree has long been the bedrock of a community college education. But as more two-year colleges begin offering bachelor's degrees, higher-education officials are wondering: are these programs a natural part of the schools' evolution, or could they lead to the extinction of the community college as we know it? Lane, Kristina Apr 14, 2003 2197
Congress prepares for debate over training vs. work. (dateline Washington). Dervarics, Charles Mar 31, 2003 723
More, better and faster: getting students into nursing, stat. (point of view). Perez, Antonio Mar 31, 2003 1520
Tailoring technology to student needs. Mar 17, 2003 801
Middlesex Community College finds many online students in its own backyard. Loucks, Brenda Mar 17, 2003 653
Learning and teaching. Manzo, Kathleen Kennedy Cover Story Feb 3, 2003 2411
Michigan program eases transition to college. (around campus). Jan 20, 2003 458
Ohio college sets up Online Information Technology Academy. (Bits & Bytes). Brief Article Jan 20, 2003 177
N.J. college helps university master the IT universe. (Bits & Bytes). Brief Article Jan 6, 2003 157
Who supports urban American Indian students in public community colleges? Jan 1, 2003 741
Help arrives for assessment test scoring. Nov 11, 2002 539
Red Rocks Community College. Braziller, Amy; Howell, Chris Sep 22, 2002 461
The art of educating the disabled. (Point of View). Stewart, DeShaunta Brief Article Sep 2, 2002 1022
College hosts homeland security program. (Around Campus). Brief Article Sep 2, 2002 483
Calif. course offers tips for mule trainers. (Around Campus). Brief Article Sep 2, 2002 393
Don't go the distance. (Bits & Bytes). Brief Article Sep 2, 2002 294
The power of prison education. (point of view). Garmon, John Aug 5, 2002 1003
Anti-terrorism 101: from The San Diego Union-Tribune. (What Others Are Saying). Brief Article Aug 5, 2002 332
W.Va, Ky. colleges hook up online. (Bits & Bytes). Jul 8, 2002 142
Housatonic Web site gets accolades for accessibility. (Bits & Bytes). Brief Article Jul 8, 2002 197
And justice for all ... women athletes. Fisher, Marla Jo Brief Article Jun 24, 2002 435
Online and upward. (Bits & Bytes). Brief Article Jun 24, 2002 173
College eases learning to live in America. (around campus). Brief Article Jun 10, 2002 440
Wake-up call for academia in America's cities. Peirce, Neal Brief Article Jun 3, 2002 822
Speaking up reaching out: the most tenacious barriers to student accessibility are the ones that can't be seen. Taylor, Sarah Stewart Statistical Data Included Apr 29, 2002 2540
Colleges forgive and forget for better student grades. Piwowarczyk, Linda Brief Article Apr 15, 2002 498
Online and in class: parallels and prospects. Mueller, Brian Brief Article Mar 4, 2002 671
Higher education for prisoners in lower rates for taxpayers. (point of view). Garmon, John Brief Article Jan 7, 2002 858
Fla. college photography curator steps down, citing censorship. Brief Article Jan 7, 2002 173
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