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FIGHTING FRAUD IN THE WORKPLACE: Management accountants can help their company face the rising tide of occupational fraud. Butcher, Daniel Jul 1, 2020 1045
More Coronavirus Relief Resources. Anders, Susan B. Jun 1, 2020 1340
Defining the New Normal for CPAs. Barry, Joanne S. Column Apr 1, 2020 878
Helping Nonprofit Entities Achieve Sustainabity through Improved Financial Health. Rottkamp, David M. Apr 1, 2020 1931
2020 tax filing season preview: CPA tax practitioners build on their knowledge of the TCJA's changes. Bonner, Paul Cover story Jan 1, 2020 2741
How to guard client finances against dementia: CPAs' advice and diligence can help clients and their families avoid costly mistakes. Ovaska, Sarah Jan 1, 2020 1888
Developing your own specialized niche practice: Focusing on one type of client can help CPA firms develop unique expertise that distinguishes them from their competition. Murphy, Maria L. Apr 1, 2019 2563
The Way We Were. Love, Vincent J. Feb 1, 2019 1531
U.S. v. Marc Berger: A Cautionary Tale for Return Preparers. McCarthy, Sharon L. Feb 1, 2019 1448
Now Is the Time to Change Pricing and Processes. Ackerman, Jason L. Feb 1, 2019 718
Considering consulting? Ask these questions first: Don't leap into consulting without doing your homework. Berk, Beth A.; Wotapka, Dawn Jan 1, 2019 2790
Compilation and Review Preparation Is a Dying Business for CPAs. Ackerman, Jason L. Column Jan 1, 2019 620
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Tools. Anders, Susan B. Column Jan 1, 2019 1389
Requesting Full MyFTB Online Account Access Gets Easier. Brief article Dec 1, 2018 124
Serving the Public as a CPA: It's More Than Just Numbers. Snyder, Rick Dec 1, 2018 702
The Wrong Way to Do the Right Thing: How to Prudently Deal with Employee Disability. Domino, Nicholas A. Dec 1, 2018 1237
New Opportunities Can Create New Revenue Streams. Kess, Sidney Column Dec 1, 2018 2342
ACCOUNTANT. Reese, Susan Nov 1, 2018 940
Selling and (Perhaps) Buying a Home under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Kess, Sidney; Revels, James A.J.; Grimaldi, James R.; Lauletta, Thomas K. Column Oct 1, 2018 3701
A step-by-step plan: A 3-year pilot program developed by the AICPA Women's Initiatives Executive Committee highlights successful firm strategies for empowering women. Ramly, Yasmine El-; Dennis, Anita Sep 1, 2018 3066
The CPA's role in forming benefit corporations: These increasingly common enterprises aim to create value for all stakeholders in socially and environmentally conscious ways. Benson, Sandra S.; Thomas, Paula B.; Burton, E. James Jul 1, 2018 3465
Changing Times and Challenges to the CPA Profession. Love, Vincent J. Jul 1, 2018 1912
ADAPTING FOR THE NOT-FOR-PROFIT AUDIT: What do management accountants need to know when they make a transition to the audit committee for a not-for-profit entity? McAllister, Brian; Sawani, Assma M.; Zahller, And Kimberly A. Jun 1, 2018 3239
The Resilient Management Accountant. Eng, Alex C. Mar 1, 2018 466
Giving Away Your Services for Free. Ackerman, Jason L. Mar 1, 2018 643
Tomorrow's Management Accountants. Eng, Alex C. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2018 491
The CPA's role in advising clients about the value of life insurance assets. Sarenski, Theodore J.; Barrett, Tracy; Dallas, John Dec 1, 2017 2119
Cybersecurity: A new engagement opportunity: An AICPA framework enables CPAs with cybersecurity expertise to perform new services for clients. Banham, Russ Oct 1, 2017 2083
DIVERSITY ADVOCATES IN THE PROFESSION: IMA and NABA continue to make inroads supporting diversification in both accounting career choices and individuals within the profession. Prather-Kinsey, Jenice Oct 1, 2017 993
Retiring? Stay involved with the profession as an executive-in-residence: seasoned executive experts can give back to the profession by serving as a resource for students and faculty on college campuses. Maginnis, Jerry; Weidman, Stephanie M. Sep 1, 2017 1167
Inspiring the next generation: how CPAs can contribute on campus; by volunteering or working at a college or university, you can help steer students to rewarding careers in accounting. Hinson, Yvonne Sep 1, 2017 1204
One way CPAs give back: the career fair skills workshop at North Carolina A&T; CPAs help students build the skills they need to land their first accounting jobs. James, Kevin L.; Owens-Jackson, Lisa Sep 1, 2017 669
Alex C. Eng: thinking big: the 2017-2018 IMA Chair brings together a passion for corporate governance and an international background for his bold vision. Parks, Lori Colaccio Aug 1, 2017 3397
Opportunity dressed in overhauls. Stroh, Patrick J. Apr 1, 2017 511
Building on compliance: the evolution of tax services. Fohn, Dick Mar 1, 2017 2345
An entrepreneur's positioning system: accountants can function like an organization's GPS, serving the small business as an entrepreneur's positioning system. Lane, James A. Oct 1, 2016 1180
Post-public accounting careers: how retiring CPAs can become college instructors. Gabbin, Alexander L.; Browning, Espey T. Aug 1, 2016 1723
Blazing with experience. Interview Jun 1, 2016 872
Twenty questions on the sharing economy and mobile accounting apps. Tribunella, Thomas; Tribunella, Heidi May 1, 2016 3375
Personal disaster recovery plans: helping individuals when tragedy occurs. Brown, Kevin F.; Easterday, Kathryn E. May 1, 2016 2063
Stand out from the crowd. Faulisi, Benedetto Column Jan 1, 2016 524
Guiding clients through the Medicare Part B enrollment minefield: CPAs' timely advice can help seniors avoid expensive penalties and coverage gaps. Sullivan, James Dec 1, 2015 2536
Businesses and tax ID theft: business, as well as individual, clients may need CPAs' help in protecting against and remedying tax-related identity theft. Primrose, Jennifer; Ward, Amanda Dec 1, 2015 783
Go for the gold! There are many ways that young professionals can make a difference in the workplace and create a positive image. Smith, Sean Stein Oct 1, 2015 1115
Alvin R. Jennings: managing partner, policy-maker, and institute president. Persson, Martin E.; Radcliffe, Vaughan S.; Stein, Mitchell Jun 1, 2015 7599
Volunteering at low income taxpayer clinics can provide CPAs valuable experience. Hunt, Marshall Apr 1, 2015 757
What is the accountancy profession for? A call for self-reflection and collaboration. Bromell, Tony; Martinoff, Martin Feb 1, 2015 922
CPAs' evolving role as estate planners. Shenkman, Martin M. Dec 1, 2014 2163
The best bets in tax software: 2014 Annual Survey of New York State Practitioners. Anders, Susan B.; Fischer, Carol M. Statistical data Nov 1, 2014 6827
Efficiency driver: David Allen FCMA, CGMA, deputy director of government finance at HM Treasury. Oct 1, 2014 1780
Leading practices in integrated reporting: management accountants will guide their companies on the journey to value creation. Busco, Cristiano; Frigo, Mark L.; Quattrone, Paolo; Riccaboni, Angelo Sep 1, 2014 4961
IMA has much to offer. Pedersen, Ann Column Jul 1, 2014 474
Risky business of serving the rich and famous. Waldron, Amy Jul 1, 2014 1270
Choosing competency over compliance. Barry, Joanne S. Column Jun 1, 2014 771
The expanding role of CPAs in a changing business environment. Smith, Sean Stein Jun 1, 2014 1358
Tip of the month: documenting important information. Brief article May 1, 2014 179
The study of non-familiarity of Iranian Association of Certified public Accountants with IT in auditing (computer auditing). Zolh, Ali Molaiy El; Golmakani, Roohalla Apr 15, 2014 3406
Protecting client confidentiality when responding to a suspected illegal act. Eickemeyer, John H.; Love, Vincent J. Apr 1, 2014 3142
All the write moves. Interview Mar 1, 2014 940
Why write, why publish: A plea to accounting professionals. Love, Vincent J. Jan 1, 2014 1580
The power of a professional advocate. Bony, Joanne S. Editorial Dec 1, 2013 857
2013: the year in review. Murphy, Maria L. Editorial Dec 1, 2013 736
Connections. Mishler, Christopher Column Dec 1, 2013 559
Helping small and midsized businesses succeed in a technology-driven world: four essential it risks and recommendations. Lanz, Joel Nov 1, 2013 2382
Are you the future of the NYSSCPA? Barry, Joanne S. Nov 1, 2013 701
How many accounting frameworks are enough: a critical look at standards for private companies. Mastracchio, Nicholas J., Jr.; Lively, Heather M. Aug 1, 2013 2410
Management accounting is important: we may not realize it sometimes, but our role as management accountants is critical to a business running efficiently, effectively, and profitably. Knese, William F. Jul 1, 2013 634
Make the price right: look at your costs and what competitors charge. Johnson, Tory Jul 1, 2013 537
Use newsletters to build a client base. Omar, Salim Feb 1, 2011 565
Tax considerations of closely held corporation equity-based compensation. Reilly, Robert F. Jan 1, 2011 3524
Understanding the 'flash crash': a perspective for CPAs advising investors. Betancourt, Luis; VanDenburgh, William M.; Harmelink, Philip J. Jan 1, 2011 3448
Frederic Bastiat as an accountant. McGee, Robert W. Dec 22, 2010 6715
Accusation posting: to post or not to post is the debate. Allen, Bruce C.; Tindel, Jeannie Nov 1, 2010 765
Due diligence: CPAs take note: IRS is increasing expectations. Dellinger, Kip Oct 1, 2010 1647
Seize your CMA. Temko, Peter Jul 1, 2010 517
Double duty: calculating numbers and your reputation. Doll, Lynne; Fils, Elliott Mar 1, 2010 1166
Community service in down economic times: good corporate citizenship builds priceless goodwill. Jan 1, 2010 2445
Enhancing your member experience is a top priority: One of IMA's main goals is to serve you, our members, to the best of our ability and to offer you outstanding products and services that will be valuable to you throughout your careers. Thomson, Jeffrey C. Jan 1, 2010 689
Business tools: the next quantum leap. Baker, William M.; Roberts, F. Douglas Cover story Jan 1, 2010 3436
Is outsourced data secure? Desai, Renu; McGee, Robert W. Jan 1, 2010 2982
Tax Boot Camp. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 141
Members in the news. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 212
Entity elections: new guidance extends relief for late elections. Josephs, Stuart R. Oct 1, 2009 1393
Staying active. Oct 1, 2009 790
Industry CPAs fully join the profession. Grumet, Louis Column Aug 1, 2009 586
CalCPA XBRL resources. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 108
Pump it up: strengthening your business in a weak economy. Macaluso, Paul Jul 1, 2009 1669
Time is king: cash shortage a sign of some deeper problems. Fowler, Mark H. Jun 1, 2009 1669
SB 691 marches on: 150-hour legislation moves through the process. Allen, Bruce C.; Tindel, Jeannie Jun 1, 2009 857
Mentoring the next generation. Scarpati, Stephen Jun 1, 2009 893
Publisher's response. May 1, 2009 1630
California regulates exchange intermediaries. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 119
The taxpayer advocacy panel: an opportunity to collaborate with the IRS: here's another way CPAs can serve the taxpaying public at the grass-roots level. Shoemaker, Paul Sep 1, 2008 2026
Client-centered professional financial planning: overcoming challenges and creating opportunities for the profession. Primoff, Walter M.; Gray, Robert L.; Tucciarone, Joseph W. Sep 1, 2007 4134
Website statistics: vital feedback for CPA firms. Stangeland, Kristi Aug 1, 2007 944
How a CPA should work with vendors: a vendor's perspective. Basso, Robert Jul 1, 2007 1303
Valuable volunteers. Sorensen, Susan M.; Kyle, Donald L. Feb 1, 2007 2892
The National Society of Accountants ... committed to your success. Samek, Wanda Dec 1, 2006 629
IMA's strategy with professional advocacy. Devonish-Mills, Linda Aug 1, 2006 1234
Money laundering and the CPA: fighting apathy and nonchalance. Grumet, Louis Column Aug 1, 2006 540
Advising nonprofit organizations: the CPA's role in governance, accountability, and transparency. Kelley, Claudia L.; Anderson, Susan Aug 1, 2006 3241
Improving the health care pulse: Angela Downey, CMA, FCMA, works to improve Canada's health care culture while encouraging students to understand the value they can offer as accountants. Colman, Robert Aug 1, 2006 1344
In the Zone: Enterprise Zone credits offer businesses tax breaks that make a difference. Christian, Blake Jul 1, 2006 787
Catch a webcast: CPE direct to your desktop. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 100
Regulating the accounting profession: what distinguishes a CPA from an accountant? Kranacher, Mary-Jo Editorial Apr 1, 2006 778
Working couples: small firm solutions: six husband-and-wife partners share their secrets of success. Millner, Lyn Dec 1, 2005 2815
SoHo issues for small firm CPAs: big company techniques for handling small company growing pains. Panel Discussion Dec 1, 2005 3277
Pro-bono tax assistance - CPAs wanted all year long. Mantegani, Barbara J. Dec 1, 2005 1466
Bridging academia and application: Glenn Feltham, CMA, FCMA, believes the accounting profession and accounting education have never been in better shape, but the way forward requires still more collaboration. Colman, Robert Cover story Dec 1, 2005 2592
The evolving landscape of professional accounting: changes in business service demands and a climate of increased accountability are creating new opportunities for CMAs in the fields of public accounting and value-added assurance services. Dec 1, 2005 730
AICPA agenda: helping in time of need. Melancon, Barry C. Nov 1, 2005 710
Prop tax assessments: plus: practice privilege, Nevada LLCs and more. Williams, Leonard W. Nov 1, 2005 799
The future of the profession: Hassan Yazdifar explains the findings of his research into the changing roles of management accountants in both independent companies and subsidiary firms. Yazdifar, Hassan Survey Nov 1, 2005 1108
IMA moves to become more international. Smith, Carl Oct 1, 2005 482
Recent controversies in accounting for operating leases and leasehold improvements. Branson, Bruce; Pagach, Don Oct 1, 2005 1015
Practice privilege: out-of-state CPAs must register with CBA as of Jan. 1, 2006. Allen, Bruce C. Oct 1, 2005 811
The National Society of Accountants ... Committed to Your Success. Samek, Wanda Oct 1, 2005 917
Finding a business appraiser. Schwartz, Richard L. Sep 19, 2005 662
The payroll payoff position your firm as an all-service provider. Hayes, Michael Sep 1, 2005 1239
Financial literacy: CPAs can make a difference. Anders, Susan B.; Crawford, Timothy M. Sep 1, 2005 1927
Management control systems in a global economy. Lere, John C.; Portz, Kris Sep 1, 2005 2169
Are client retirement plans on track. Bernstein, Phyllis Aug 1, 2005 659
Clarifying ethics rules for OCBOA reports. McEachern, Steve M. Aug 1, 2005 639
Passionate about divorce: more and more practitioners are choosing to specialize in divorce. Rose, T. Allen Cover Story Aug 1, 2005 1722
Role of the litigation consultant in post-closing purchase price adjustments. Neier, Dennis S. Aug 1, 2005 1644
Pension attention: increased regulatory oversight increases pension plan Consulting opportunities for CPAs. Ascierto, Jerry Jul 1, 2005 2507
Fixing the income tax: transparency and simplicity. Grumet, Louis Column Jun 1, 2005 572
CPAs' perceptions of the impact of SAS 99. Marczewski, Donald C.; Akers, Michael D. Jun 1, 2005 1913
Offshore outsourcing of tax-return preparation: promising business opportunities and professional standards. Robertson, Jesse; Stone, Dan; Niederwanger, Liza; Grocki, Matthew; Martin, Erica; Smith, Ed Jun 1, 2005 1965
CPAs: an untapped resource for real estate investments. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 101
Marketing value: a well-rounded marketing plan can showcase your Type-2 services. Frederiksen, Chris Jun 1, 2005 760
Responses due June 30 for online poll on electronic CPA Letter. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 111
CPAs go slow in adoption of ElderCare/PrimePlus practices. Pryor, Charlotte; Sanders, John May 1, 2005 1902
CPAs confident about their careers: they're in demand and despite the hours, pay and satisfaction for most are higher than ever. Berkowitz, Hank May 1, 2005 1366
Indiana CPA Society: engaging the state's accountants for 90 years. Beck, Bill May 1, 2005 1250
Tech's top 10: security, document management hot issues for 2005. Kepczyk, Roman H. May 1, 2005 1107
True stories: tax season tales from the TaxTalk listserve. Williams, Leonard W. May 1, 2005 886
How the AICPA helps members serve small business; the Institute's vice-president for small firm interests speaks to the profession. Metzler, James C. Mar 1, 2005 2026
Fighting back: CPAs on the lookout for Elder Abuse. Hill, Vanessa J. Mar 1, 2005 1376
The new measure: the new 2005 peer review requirements are here. McCrone, Linda Mar 1, 2005 1271
Buyers and sellers: tax strategies for buying and selling businesses. Briskin, Robert Mar 1, 2005 1845
Trusty trustees: what every trustee should know about California law. Rogers, John T., Jr. Mar 1, 2005 1895
Choosing an accountant: tips to find the right firm for your business. McKimmie, Kathy Mar 1, 2005 1317
In support of CPA financial planners: the AICPA applauds CPAs' professional and volunteer efforts in their communities. Melancon, Barry C. Feb 1, 2005 1579
Selling to audit committees: to develop opportunities CPAs need to find out exactly what services a committee needs. Crosley, Gale Feb 1, 2005 2591
New approaches to fraud deterrence. Wells, Joseph T. Feb 1, 2005 2352
AICPA updates Social Security study to assist policymakers considering reforms. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 95
Online resource launched in personal financial planning. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 171
CPA's role in reforming the tax code and Social Security. Grumet, Louis Editorial Feb 1, 2005 533
CPAs and the changing valuation field. Saroney, Edward F., III Feb 1, 2005 874
Institute supports CPA financial literacy volunteers. Tie, Robert Dec 1, 2004 678
Website of the month: Anders, Susan B. Dec 1, 2004 642
How to request copyright permission from AICPA. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 91
Chair's corner. Bunting, Robert L. Nov 1, 2004 668
Called to serve: accountants in public office offer experience and financial acumen. Widmer, Lori D. Cover Story Nov 1, 2004 2713
Met's fraud unit seeks volunteers: the force wants unpaid help from financial managers. Berens, Camilla Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 303
US firms rope CIMA professionals into SOX audits. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 251
Are you at full throttle? Barrett, Richard Oct 1, 2004 937
Comprehensive wealth planning comes of age. Walters, Edmond Sep 1, 2004 329
Using contextual reporting in tracking financial planning goals. Sanders, Jay G. Sep 1, 2004 813
Minimizing risk exposures in a trusteeship. Klein, Ron Sep 1, 2004 2746
Choosing to participate in the political process. Grumet, Louis Aug 1, 2004 500
Escheat: financial statement considerations. Testa, Anthony J., Jr. Aug 1, 2004 918
Using technology alliances to broaden a client base. Ciarciello, Steve Jul 1, 2004 411
Draft excluders: when management accountants get closely involved in the process of designing new products and services, the results tend to be highly beneficial. But this message doesn't seem to have got through to many designers. Povl Larsen and Alan Lewis describe their CIMA-backed study of the two disciplines' differing views of the role of financial management in design. Larsen, Povl; Lewis, Alan Jun 1, 2004 1290
Knowledge is power. Eisenberg, Michael M. Jun 1, 2004 674
AICPA leaders, Head of GAO call on CPAs to help address financial literacy needs of America. Jun 1, 2004 536
Independence standards--putting it all together. Korn, Arthur May 1, 2004 1393
The first call: CPAs must plug into IT issues to become the clients' go-to resource. Cooper, Scott May 1, 2004 1158
Section 404 opens a door: the requirement to evaluate a company's internal controls has created a service niche. Duffy, Maureen Nevin May 1, 2004 3876
The move to wealth management: it should come as little surprise by now that tremendous opportunities exist for. Prince, Russ Alan May 1, 2004 442
Creating a wealth management team. Berkowitz, Hank May 1, 2004 639
AICPA to confer public service awards to individual and to firm. Brief Article May 1, 2004 203
CPAs: more than just tax advice. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 88
Help clients create a positive cash flow. Mar 1, 2004 609
Benefits and opportunities in mediation and arbitration. Newhall, Christine L. Mar 1, 2004 1263
Accountants as sources of business advice for small firms. Gooderham, Paul N.; Tobiassen, Anita; Doving Erik; Nordhaug, Odd Feb 1, 2004 7183
Website of the month: Tax Talk Today. Anders, Susan B. Feb 1, 2004 608
Make money with basic accounting software: clients who need help with entry-level programs represent a healthy market for CPA services. Telberg, Rick Jan 1, 2004 2652
AICPA submits recommendations to PCAOB on confirmation process. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 149
AICPA launches Member Retirement Trust. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 226
CalCPA's HR Committee wants you. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 130
Want free CPE? Just ask. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 143
Empowering Californians: financial literacy initiative tackles Californians' urge to spend. Rosso, Clar Cover Story Jan 1, 2004 1935
Jump-starting financial literacy: CPAs can add the spark. Breitbard, Stanley H. Dec 1, 2003 3337
Resources offer CPAs road map to eldercare solutions. Eisenberg, Irving M. Dec 1, 2003 657
Help clients keep 401(k) plans up to date. Nov 1, 2003 544
The value of membership: CalCPA member services & benefits. Nov 1, 2003 1426
Send us your e-mail address: receive "AICPA News Update," live link for CPA Letter. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 85
On the CPA's role in guarding clients' investments. Harmelink, Philip J.; VanDenburgh, William M. Nov 1, 2003 2627
Starting over: CPAs can use well-honed skills to help divorcing individuals begin a new chapter on sound financial terms. Burrage, Thomas F. Oct 1, 2003 3910
Activities in your area--information now online. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 147
Comprehensive financial advice from a team of trusted professionals. McCarty, Chris Sep 1, 2003 861
Gatekeepers and transition. Colson, Robert H. Editorial Sep 1, 2003 838
Ask a CPA seeks participants. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 84
Audit Committee Matching System plan unveiled. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 126
There's value in membership. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 200
Online tracking gets more complete, adds chapter CPE. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 161
Technology Committee site overflows with resources. (CalCPA Online WebFocus). Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 91
Web focus. (CalCPA Online). Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 85
FreeprivacyToolsonline. (AICPA: Privacy Resource Center). Brief Article May 1, 2003 207
Get the fox out of the hen house: CPAs have the right skills to perform IT risk assessments for clients. (2003 Technology & Business Resource Guide: Risk Assessment). Russell, Larry May 1, 2003 737
Finding your niche: how five firms found their specialization. Ericson, Nathan May 1, 2003 1110
AICPA Volunteers staff USA Today tax hotline and tax chats. Brief Article May 1, 2003 139
Professional trends in accounting for 2003. (Today's Accounting Manager). Messmer, Max Feb 1, 2003 1009
Sec regs could limit tax services to audit clients. (News & Trends). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 229
Fraud resource center launched, free corporate governance training program available. (news update). Jan 1, 2003 480
Online resource developed on "privacy." Jan 1, 2003 165
Seven professional associations jointly issue antifraud programs and controls for management. Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 190
On the same page. (Business Management). Fowler, Mark H. Dec 1, 2002 1486
Retirement planning conference: new developments. (CPE Opportunities). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 111
A-counting on profitability: accountants are putting their fiscal experience to good use. (Investment Clubhouse). Scott Matthew S. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 682
Wrong answer: mandatory E-file voted down. (Legislative Update). Ueltzen, Michael Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 166
Are you chasing the right solution? (Financial Services). Bernstein, Phyllis Jun 1, 2002 1128
Beall will diversify after tax season. Wood, Jeffrey Mar 25, 2002 1978
IRS, AICPA urge practitioners to file tax returns electronically. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 164
Trust needs finance mentors. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 161
Practices make perfect. Prickett, Ruth Oct 1, 2001 1029
Starting an investment advisory practice. Aug 1, 2001 462
An expert witness can make or break a case. Vallario, Cynthia Waller Aug 1, 2001 3366
SERVICE QUALITY. Wakefield, Robin L. Aug 1, 2001 1794
OCC Seeks Accounting Professionals for Fellowship Program. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 90
Accountants in Russia gain international skills. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 274
A nice niche - if you minimize liability risk. Anderson, Sherry Feb 1, 2001 3384
Amortization of Organization Expenses Misconceptions and Common Errors. Edmunds, Wayne L. Feb 1, 2001 2545
The Changing Organizational Structure And Individual Responsibilities Of Managerial Accountants: A Case Study [*]. Davis, Stan; Albright, Tom Dec 22, 2000 8625
The Accountant's Role in Helping Management Better Control Environmental Remediation Liabilities. Reinstein, Alan; Bayou, Mohamed E. Dec 1, 2000 3202
View to a killing. Chilvers, Terry Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 825
How XBRL Will Change Your Practice. Cohen, Eric E.; Hannon, Neal Nov 1, 2000 2590
Voice Recognition Software. Waldrup, Bobby E.; Michelman, Jeffrey; Person, Maxine L. Nov 1, 2000 2361
CPAs add HR to the mix. Brotherton, Phaedra Oct 1, 2000 3669
SMEs. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 89
Millennium Series. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 163
Supply chain management NEW ROLE FOR FINANCE PROFESSIONALS. CLOUD, RANDALL J. Aug 1, 2000 1480
ACCOUNTING ANSWERS. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 178
Code of Ethics. Brief Article May 1, 2000 829
Direct Marketing, Database Marketing and Relationship Marketing for the Accounting Practitioner. Giladi, Kreindy; Friedman, Hershey H. May 1, 2000 1913
CARE AND FEEDING OF THE EXPERT CPA:. Smilowicz, Henry Mar 1, 2000 2256
Accountants and Financial Planning: Structuring for Success. Manisero, Thomas R.; Knopf, Fred N. Feb 1, 2000 3316
Opportunity knocks: CPA ElderCare Services. Sammon, Ann Elizabeth Dec 1, 1999 4106
Is your Practice Riding the Wave or Sinking In the Sand? Williams, John R. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 300
Will My Client Benefit from WebTrust? Woodlock, Peter Dec 1, 1999 1391
Giving back: pro bono accounting services. Ketchand, Alice A. Directory Nov 1, 1999 1789
ERNST & YOUNG TO OFFER TAX ADVICE ONLINE. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 216
Counting More, Counting Less: Transformations in the Management Accounting Profession. Russell, Keith A.; Siegel, Gary H.; Kulesza, C.S. Sep 1, 1999 2505
The profession's new voice at the DOL. Jun 1, 1999 453
Helping clients grow old gracefully. Yardley, James A. Apr 1, 1999 4221
Key account management. Maister, David H. Mar 1, 1999 2234
The CPA as investment adviser. Reeves, James F. Sep 1, 1998 4432
Helping your client understand a power of attorney. Moore, Mary Virginia; Wootton, Charles W. Sep 1, 1998 4339
Are accountants practicing law? Baker, Jack; Hanson, Randall; Smith, James Sep 1, 1998 2044
The breadth of environmental issues. Hethcox, Kathleen Blackburn; Riley, Richard A.; Williams, Jan R. Jul 1, 1998 2104
College financial aid. Straus, Alan J. Jun 1, 1998 1854
Practice opportunities in Chapter 11. Baldiga, Nancy R. May 1, 1998 2926
Is a consultant the answer for your troubled client? Norelli, Ronald A. Jan 1, 1998 1561
Managing client assets. Bernstein, Phyllis J. Jan 1, 1998 5139
Surviving explosive growth. Malburg, Chris Dec 1, 1997 3246
Eight reasons clients give for not wanting to engage in estate planning (and counterarguments CPAs can offer). Slott, Edward A. Dec 1, 1997 568
Adding value. Dennis, Anita Nov 1, 1997 1580
Risk management and high-net-worth clients. Dodsworth, John A. Cover Story Sep 1, 1997 3467
To market, to market we go. Pallais, Don M. Sep 1, 1997 2998
Positioning your public accounting firm for success. Kreuze, Jerry G.; Newell, Gale E. Sep 1, 1997 3484
Thirteen steps to obtaining client referrals. Crawford, William Aug 1, 1997 2097
Build on your firm's strengths. Pallais, Don M. Aug 1, 1997 3724
First alternative dispute resolution superconference. Zimmerman, Philip Jul 1, 1997 1159
Are you ready for new assurance services? Pallais, Don M. Jun 1, 1997 3024
The CPA as family adviser. Fleming, Peter D. May 1, 1997 5188
Bill Gates' win-win scenario for CPAs. Koreto, Richard J. May 1, 1997 1647
Managing wealth. Dennis, Anita May 1, 1997 1654
Proposed attestation standard on MD&A. Brief Article Apr 1, 1997 364
Investing in Social Security: new opportunities for CPAs. Mar 1, 1997 508
Choosing the right tax professional. Hemans, Donna Nov 1, 1996 1045
Mutual funds: guiding your clients through the many hazards of loaded options. Michelson, Stuart E.; Wootton, Charles W. Cover Story Nov 1, 1996 2553
Management or mismanagement? Fleming, Peter D. Oct 1, 1996 3419
Assurance services: where we are; where we're going. Pallais, Don Sep 1, 1996 1253
Skills used in litigation services. Sanders, Arthur Sep 1, 1996 1727
Expanding your practice. Williams, John R. Sep 1, 1996 795
The maze through elder care planning and a checklist to guide you. Sorkin, Mitchell Aug 1, 1996 1089
Identifying new service opportunities. Pallais, Don M. Jul 1, 1996 397
The CPA-financial planner: some insights. Chesser, Delton L.; Moore, Carlos W. Apr 1, 1996 1936
M & A for smaller companies. Korabik, Ronald M. Nov 1, 1995 2483
CPAs as financial planners. Ghee, William K. Oct 1, 1995 1606
Positioning the audit function for growth. Pallais, Don M. Jul 1, 1995 1072
A CPA's guide to money manager evaluation. Steiger, Heidi S. Jun 1, 1995 1945
What do small businesses need from CPAs? May 1, 1995 638
Getting your clients the financing they need. Grusd, Neville May 1, 1995 2324
Valuing the health-care practice. Massad, Mark I. Apr 1, 1995 2021
Accountants seen as information sources by small businesses. Jan 1, 1995 415
Caveat appraiser: computer software is great for running the numbers, but a business appraiser's own judgment is crucial to a successful effort. Zipp, Alan Dec 1, 1994 2103
The world of mutual funds: informed CPAs can help clients make better investment decisions. Rojas, Stephen J. Nov 1, 1994 3238
Ways to add value for clients. Gifford, Arthur H., Jr. Oct 1, 1994 1419
Specializing in personal financial planning. Craig, James L., Jr. Panel Discussion Sep 1, 1994 5044
Compilations, reviews and audits: the skills required relative to public confidence. Bailey, Larry P.; Pendergast, Marilyn A. Jul 1, 1994 4734
Proposed statement on responsibilities in personal financial planning practice. Cunningham, Maryanne; Sarenski, Theodore J. Jun 1, 1994 1547
Accountable business planning. Mayer, Kathy Jun 1, 1994 1157
Review of partnership agreements and tax returns. Mildner, Mark E.; Wolitzer, Philip Dec 1, 1993 1515
The great flood of 1993: CPAs to the rescue. Miller, Stephen H. Sep 1, 1993 620
Evaluating pension benefits in divorce. Pope, Ralph A. Aug 1, 1993 2221

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