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"MY LIGHTBULB MOMENT": Surrey teacher, Joe Pepper, on receiving gene therapy for a rare inherited sight condition. Pepper, Joe Interview Nov 1, 2018 631
Teaching our teachers: the Justice Teaching Institute. Pitts, Annette Boyd May 1, 2016 724
Chinese varsity to provide trainers to impart tech edu. Brief article Mar 27, 2016 130
U.S. Science teachers disregard unproven global-warming theory. Mar 7, 2016 319
Working in groups online: suggested tips for success. Milman, Natalie B. Column Dec 1, 2015 1294
The flipped classroom strategy: what is it and how can it best be used? Milman, Natalie B. Dec 1, 2015 911
Crafting the "right" online discussion questions using the revised bloom's taxonomy as a framework. Milman, Natalie B. Dec 1, 2015 1151
Differentiating instruction in online environments. Milman, Natalie B. Column Dec 1, 2015 1221
Scaffolding student facilitation of online discussions. Milman, Natalie B. Column Dec 1, 2015 1226
Defining success. Watkins, Ryan Column Dec 1, 2015 1208
Mind over matter: an Arizona educator uses SUCCESS for teens to coach her students toward big wins. Greenwood, Chelsea Sep 1, 2015 460
"A compass": SUCCESS for Teens points students toward a better future. Greenwood, Chelsea Interview May 1, 2015 483
A Review of the Literature on Rural and Remote Pre-Service Teacher Preparation with a Focus on Blended and E-Learning Models. Eaton, Sarah Elaine; Dressler, Roswita; Gereluk, Dianne Report Feb 1, 2015 263
Teacher as skeuomorph. Teacher as what? Simonson, Michael Column Jan 1, 2015 425
Rules of thumb, or DeRots. Simonson, Michael Jan 1, 2015 548
Don't tell them: the top 10 tips for student success in online courses. Simonson, Michael Column Jan 1, 2015 594
Perceptions of Middle School Teachers about an Anti-Bullying Program. Lester, Robin; Maldonado, Nancy Author abstract Nov 7, 2014 426
Teachers' Education and Experiences Relative to Promoting Successful Questioning and Discussion Techniques. Robitaille, Yvette Powell; Maldonado, Nancy Report Nov 5, 2014 390
Exploring the effective teachers characteristics and their relationship with academic achievement from students' perspective. Nezhad, Asmar Hosein; Nezhad, Akbar Soleiman Oct 1, 2014 3612
A miniguide to the use of audio files in the distance learning class. Sull, Errol Craig; Cavanaugh, Andy Column Aug 1, 2014 2284
Effects of mathematics integration in a teaching methods course on mathematics ability of preservice agricultural education teachers. Stripling, Christopher T.; Roberts, T. Grady Report Jul 1, 2014 6953
Integrating e-learning to improve learning outcomes: a proven way for teachers to engage students and improve learning outcomes is through the appropriate use of e-learning and Web 2.0 tools in teaching. Davies, Anne Report Jul 1, 2014 3433
The Perceptions of Primary School Teachers and Teacher Candidates towards the Use of Mass Media in Teaching Turkish Language. Karadag, Ruhan Report Jul 1, 2014 318
Teachers input in policy making. Apr 6, 2014 923
Amen to that. Todd, Mary Column Mar 22, 2014 727
Mathematical strengths and weaknesses of preservice agricultural education teachers. Stripling, Christopher T.; Roberts, T. Grady; Stephens, Carrie A. Report Jan 1, 2014 6300
Developing attitudinal metrics for induction-year agricultural education teachers. Rayfield, John; McKim, Billy R.; Lawrence, Shannon; Stair, Kristin Report Jan 1, 2014 5161
Preparing agricultural educators for the world: describing global competency in agricultural teacher candidates. Foster, Daniel D.; Rice, Laura L. Sankey; Foster, Melanie J.; Barrick, R. Kirby Report Jan 1, 2014 5402
The evaluation of multicultural teaching concerns among pre-service teachers in the south. Vincent, Stacy K.; Kirby, Andrea T.; Deeds, Jacque P.; Faulkner, Paula E. Report Jan 1, 2014 7127
Core Leadership: Teacher Leaders and Common Core Implementation in Tennessee. Report Jan 1, 2014 549
Leading from the Front of the Classroom: A Roadmap to Teacher Leadership That Works. Report Jan 1, 2014 425
Sharing the Load Denver Public Schools' Differentiated Roles Pilot. Report Jan 1, 2014 575
A Culture of High Expectations: Teacher Leadership at Pritzker College Prep. Report Jan 1, 2014 432
Exploring Impact of Teacher's Feedback on Learner's Learning Behavior at University Level. Nadeem, Muhammad Asif; Nadeem, Tahir Report Dec 31, 2013 3085
"Parenting" in the classroom: university students' evaluations of hypothetical instructors as a function of teaching styles and parenting styles. Bassett, Jonathan F.; Snyder, Timothy L. Report Dec 1, 2013 6099
Teacher Effectiveness: An Update on Pennsylvania's Teacher Evaluation System. Issue Brief. Report Dec 1, 2013 401
An urgent need to increase teacher effectiveness in India. Sindhi, Swaleha; Shah, Adfer Rashid Report Sep 22, 2013 1882
Education Funding. A Brief to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. Report Sep 1, 2013 300
Teachers' perceptions of teaching mathematics at the senior secondary level in Fiji. Dayal, Hem Chand Report Jul 1, 2013 4699
The effects of an interdependent group oriented contingency and performance feedback on the praise statements of pre-service teachers during a summer day-camp for children with disabilities. Smith, Clinton; Bicard, David F.; Casey, Laura B.; Bicard, Sara C. Report Jun 22, 2013 3995
Student Teaching Abroad: An Experience for 21st Century Teachers. Landerholm, Elizabeth; Chacko, Jacob B. Abstract Mar 15, 2013 278
A Picturesque View of Dispositions, Autonomy, and Efficacy during the Educational Preparation of Early Childhood Educators. Parrott, Martha Y.; Da Ros-Voseles, Denise A.; Eaton, Patty Abstract Mar 10, 2013 288
Teacher Expectations and Students from Low Socioeconomic Background: A Perspective from Costa Rica. Regalla, Michele Report Mar 6, 2013 273
Teaching to the Core: Integrating Implementation of Common Core and Teacher Effectiveness Policies. Wiener, Ross Abstract Mar 1, 2013 444
Trainers in Continuing VET: Emerging Competence Profile. Jemeljanova, Irina Abstract Jan 1, 2013 431
Group 6: Shared Special Subject Teachers. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Abstract Jan 1, 2013 375
Group 1: General Education Teachers with Individual Value-Added Student Achievement Data. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Abstract Jan 1, 2013 378
Group 7: Visiting Instruction Service (VIS) Teachers. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Abstract Jan 1, 2013 372
The Importance of Positive Self-Concept for Islamic Education Teachers as a Role Model. Muhamad, Nurul Asiah Fasehah; Hamzah, Mohd Isa; Tamuri, Ab. Halim; Ja'afar, Noornajihan; Ghazali, No Report Jan 1, 2013 320
Pre-Service Teachers' Issues in the Relationship with Cooperating Teachers and Their Resolutions. Lu, Hsiu-Lien Report Jan 1, 2013 253
Discerning Beginning Teachers' Conceptions of Competence through a Phenomenographic Investigation. Goh, Pauline Swee Choo; Wong, Kung Teck; Osman, Rosma; Lin, Chia Yin Abstract Dec 2, 2012 298
Locating My Teaching of Gender in Early Childhood Education Teacher Education within the Wider Discourse of Feminist Pedagogy and Poststructuralist Theory. Hogan, Vivienne Abstract Dec 2, 2012 218
SUCCESS for teens earns an "A": a Georgia teacher weaves the SUCCESS Foundation program into his business and computer classes. Simnacher, Betsy Nov 1, 2012 549
Medical educational: the development of intellect. Report Oct 31, 2012 1483
Does raising the school leaving age reduce teacher effort? Evidence from a policy experiment. Green, Colin; Paniagua, Maria Navarro Author abstract Oct 1, 2012 6732
Learners on the Move: Responsive Teachers Fill in the Gap for Highly Mobile Students. Costley, Kevin C. Abstract Jul 12, 2012 330
Relationships among Preservice Primary Mathematics Teachers' Gender, Academic Success and Spatial Ability. Turgut, Melih; Yilmaz, Suha Abstract Jul 1, 2012 282
Evaluation of Language and Literature Skills of Secondary School Students in Turkey According to International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Criteria. Cetin, Ayse Yucel; Demiral, Hilmi Abstract Jul 1, 2012 349
Investigating the Levels of Strain, from the Point of Various Variables, at Their Efforts of Obtain Information of Preservice Teachers' of Secondary Education. Adiguzel, Abdullah Abstract Jul 1, 2012 367
Conceptions of Teaching Held by the Instructors in English Language Teaching Departments. Canbay, Orkun; Beceren, Sedat Abstract Jul 1, 2012 231
Experiences of Pre-Service Teachers in Case Based Discussion Groups in Blended Learning Environment. Kalelioglu, Filiz; Akbaba Altun, Sadegul Abstract Jul 1, 2012 284
Hispanic-Serving Institutions in the U.S. Mainland and Puerto Rico: Organizational Characteristics, Institutional Financial Context, and Graduation Outcomes. A White Paper for HACU. Nunez, Anne-Marie; Elizondo, Diane Abstract Jul 1, 2012 498
From charity to solidarity. Fry, Sara May 1, 2012 1377
Evaluation of medical teachers by students should be initiated which will help improve standard of teaching and training. Apr 15, 2012 1282
Cultures matter: an alternative model of teaching evaluations. Chang, Changfu; Zhang, Mei; Chen, Zhuojun Joyce Apr 1, 2012 5702
Personalized education and student motives for communicating with instructors: an examination of Chinese and American classrooms. Goodboy, Alan K.; Myers, Scott A.; Bolkan, San Apr 1, 2012 4711
Teacher burnout and turnover intention in a Chinese sample: the mediating role of teacher satisfaction. Jibiao, Zhang; Qin, Zhang Apr 1, 2012 3757
Collaborative learning as a pedagogical tool to develop intercultural competence in a multicultural class. Zhang, Hongling Apr 1, 2012 3579
Changes in Student Populations and Teacher Workforce in Low-Performing Chicago Schools Targeted for Reform. Issues & Answers. REL 2012-No. 123. de la Torre, Marisa; Allensworth, Elaine; Jagesic, Sanja; Sebastian, James; Salmonowicz, Michael; Me Abstract Apr 1, 2012 666
Changes in Student Populations and Teacher Workforce in Low-Performing Chicago Schools Targeted for Reform. Summary. Issues & Answers. REL 2012-No. 123. de la Torre, Marisa; Allensworth, Elaine; Jagesic, Sanja; Sebastian, James; Salmonowicz, Michael; Me Abstract Apr 1, 2012 637
A Discourse of "Performativities" and "Fabrications" in Performance Management for Teachers: An Australian Perspective. Naidu, Sham Abstract Mar 6, 2012 139
Teacher Experience: What Does the Research Say? Abstract Mar 1, 2012 316
Learning from Charter School Management Organizations: Strategies for Student Behavior and Teacher Coaching. Lake, Robin; Bowen, Melissa; Demeritt, Allison; McCullough, Moira; Haimson, Joshua; Gill, Brian Abstract Mar 1, 2012 609
Review of "The Long-Term Impacts of Teachers". Ballou, Dale Abstract Feb 1, 2012 243
An Examination of Performance-Based Teacher Evaluation Systems in Five States. Summary. Issues & Answers. REL 2012-No. 129. Shakman, Karen; Riordan, Julie; Sanchez, Maria Teresa; Cook, Kyle DeMeo; Fournier, Richard; Brett, J Abstract Feb 1, 2012 463
What Works Clearinghouse Quick Review of the Report "An Interaction-Based Approach to Enhancing Secondary School Instruction and Student Achievement". Abstract Feb 1, 2012 299
Teaching English Language Learner Students: Professional Standards in Elementary Education in Central Region States. Issues & Answers. REL 2012-No. 122. Apthorp, Helen; Wang, Xin; Ryan, Susan; Cicchinelli, Louis F. Abstract Feb 1, 2012 375
Teaching English Language Learner Students: Professional Standards in Elementary Education in Central Region States. Summary. Issues & Answers. REL 2012-No. 122. Apthorp, Helen; Wang, Xin; Ryan, Susan; Cicchinelli, Louis F. Abstract Feb 1, 2012 348
Probability & Statistics: Modular Learning Exercises. Teacher Edition. Report Jan 1, 2012 264
Seizing Opportunity at the Top: Reaching Every Student with Excellent Teachers--Policymakers' Checklist. Report Jan 1, 2012 468
Redesigning Schools to Reach Every Student with Excellent Teachers: Using Teacher Data to Attract, Reward, & Retain Top Teachers. Report Jan 1, 2012 246
Transitioning to Year-Round Education: Satisfaction and Factors of Choice. Ramos, Barbara K. Report Jan 1, 2012 470
Failure Is Not an Option: How Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents from Ohio's High-Achieving, High-Poverty Schools Explain Their Success. Hagelskamp, Carolin; DiStasi, Christopher Report Jan 1, 2012 263
Use of Peer Tutoring, Cooperative Learning, and Collaborative Learning: Implications for Reducing Anti-Social Behavior of Schooling Adolescents. Eskay, M.; Onu, V. C.; Obiyo, N.; Obidoa, M. Report Jan 1, 2012 228
Raising the Bar: Aligning and Elevating Teacher Preparation and the Teaching Profession. A Report of the American Federation of Teachers Teacher Preparation Task Force. Report Jan 1, 2012 335
2011 Canadian Teacher Salary Rankings: Provinces and Territories. BCTF Research Report. Section I. 2012-TS-01. White, Margaret Report Jan 1, 2012 145
Starting from Scratch: Teacher to Researcher and Back Again. Conference Paper. Clayton, Berwyn Abstract Jan 1, 2012 334
For Every Child, Multiple Measures: What Parents and Educators Want from K-12 Assessments. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 238
Different Skills: Identifying Differentially Effective Teachers of English Language Learners. Working Paper 68. Master, Ben; Loeb, Susanna; Whitney, Camille; Wyckoff, James Abstract Jan 1, 2012 173
The Aftermath of Accelerating Algebra: Evidence from a District Policy Initiative. Working Paper 69. Clotfelter, Charles T.; Ladd, Helen F.; Vigdor, Jacob L. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 225
Where You Come from or Where You Go? Distinguishing between School Quality and the Effectiveness of Teacher Preparation Program Graduates. Working Paper 63. Mihaly, Kata; McCaffery, Daniel; Sass, Tim R.; Lockwood, J. R. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 340
Pre-Service Teachers' Beliefs about Teaching English to Primary School Children. Shinde, Mahesh B.; Karekatti, Tripti K. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 331
Fast Track Teacher Education: A Review of the Research Literature on "Teach For All" Schemes. McConney, Andrew; Price, Anne; Woods-McConney, Amanda Abstract Jan 1, 2012 598
Teacher Quality Roadmap: Improving Policies and Practices in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 605
Means to an End: A Guide to Developing Teacher Evaluation Systems That Support Growth and Development. Templates and Worksheets. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 169
Means to an End: A Guide to Developing Teacher Evaluation Systems That Support Growth and Development. Curtis, Rachel; Wiener, Ross Abstract Jan 1, 2012 242
Creating Teacher Incentives for School Excellence and Equity. Berry, Barnett; Eckert, Jon Abstract Jan 1, 2012 370
Science Education and Teachers' Training: Research in Partnership. Pilo, Miranda; Gavio, Brigitte; Grosso, Daniele; Mantero, Alfonso Abstract Jan 1, 2012 276
Development and Validation of E-Portfolios: The UAE Pre-Service Teachers' Experiences. Forawi, Sufian A.; Almekhlafi, Abdurrahman G.; Al-Mekhlafy, Mohamed H. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 242
Teaching Word Stress to Turkish EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Learners through Internet-Based Video Lessons. Hismanoglu, Murat Abstract Jan 1, 2012 182
A Study of the Effectiveness of the Contextual Lab Activity in the Teaching and Learning Statistics at the UTHM (Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia). Kamaruddin, Nafisah Kamariah Md; Jaafar, Norzilaila bt; Amin, Zulkarnain Md Abstract Jan 1, 2012 358
The Other Side of Teaching Assessment. Zapalska, Alina M.; Brozik, Dallas Abstract Jan 1, 2012 141
Setting up and Running a School Library. Information Collection and Exchange Publication No. ED204. Baird, Nicola Report Jan 1, 2012 232
State of the States 2012: Teacher Effectiveness Policies. NCTQ "State Teacher Policy Yearbook" Brief Area 3: Identifying Effective Teachers. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 228
Assessment of medical students by OSPE method in pathology. Munjal, Kavita; Bandi, Prasana K.; Varma, Amit; Nandedkar, Shirish Report Jan 1, 2012 2416
"I Love to Teach but No Thank You!" Factors Responsible for the Demise of Teaching as a Profession: An Australian Perspective. Naidu, Sham Abstract Nov 23, 2011 202
The "Bastardisation" of Teachers' Work. Naidu, Sham Abstract Nov 22, 2011 145
Increasing Teacher Diversity: Strategies to Improve the Teacher Workforce. Bireda, Saba; Chait, Robin Abstract Nov 1, 2011 362
Teaching Rational Number Addition Using Video Games: The Effects of Instructional Variation. CRESST Report 808. Vendlinski, Terry P.; Chung, Greg K. W. K.; Binning, Kevin R.; Buschang, Rebecca E. Abstract Nov 1, 2011 309
Preparing and Credentialing the Nation's Teachers: The Secretary's Eighth Report on Teacher Quality Based on Data Provided for 2008, 2009 and 2010. Abstract Nov 1, 2011 546
Teachers' Voices/Stories: Dilemmas in Representing the Research Data. Naidu, Sham Report Oct 27, 2011 257
Teacher Efficacy of High School Mathematics Co-Teachers. Rimpola, Raquel C. Report Oct 21, 2011 201
Radical versus Social Constructivism: Dilemma, Dialogue, and Defense. Belbase, Shashidhar Report Oct 19, 2011 199
Performance Management as a Means of Teacher Evaluation: A South Australian Perspective. Naidu, Sham Abstract Oct 1, 2011 144
Review of "Do High Flyers Maintain Their Altitude?". Lee, Jaekyung Report Oct 1, 2011 283
Power to the people: from primary school teacher to renewable-energy revolutionary, Ursula Sladek took the power out of the hands of the energy giants and gave it to the people of Schonau in the Black Forest. Olivia Edward tells her remarkable story. Edward, Olivia Oct 1, 2011 1804
Influence of Head Teachers' General and Instructional Supervisory Practices on Teachers' Work Performance in Secondary Schools in Entebbe Municipality, Wakiso District, Uganda. Jared, Nzabonimpa Buregeya Abstract Oct 1, 2011 469
Turnover among High School Physics Teachers. Focus On. White, Susan; Tesfaye, Casey Langer Abstract Oct 1, 2011 170
Analyzing the Cost-Effectiveness of Instruction Expenditures towards High School Completion among Oahu's Public School Districts. Ng, Larson S. W. M. Abstract Oct 1, 2011 211
School Improvement Model to Foster Student Learning. Rulloda, Rudolfo Barcena Abstract Sep 4, 2011 148
Goal: A Grading System That Demands Excellence on the Playing Field. Cady, Jennifer R. Abstract Sep 1, 2011 166
Our Future, Our Teachers: The Obama Administration's Plan for Teacher Education Reform and Improvement. Report Sep 1, 2011 222
Teaching about 9/11 in 2011: What Our Children Need to Know. Alexander, Lamar; Damon, William; Ellington, Lucien; Galston, William; Hanson, Victor Davis; Kennedy Abstract Sep 1, 2011 477
Teaching Vocabulary to ESL Students. McBain, Robert Abstract Sep 1, 2011 219
Public education: a state of emergency. Graves, Earl G., Sr. Sep 1, 2011 651
Changing Teachers' Attitudes Towards ICT-Based Language Learning Tasks: The ETALAGE Comenius Project (the Portuguese Case). Lopes, Antonio Abstract Aug 3, 2011 249
A Weblog as a Tool for Reflection for English Language Learners. Hajizadeh, Reza Abstract Aug 1, 2011 217
Content-Area Teachers Seeking ELL Preparation: What Motivates Them? Ardasheva, Yuliya; Brown, Sherri Abstract Jul 30, 2011 205
Speaking in the Classroom. McBain, Robert Abstract Jul 1, 2011 219
How to Awaken an Appreciation for the Value of Practicing Learning Skills in an Environment of Poverty, Theft, Destruction and Violent Behavior. Fish, James C. Abstract Jul 1, 2011 298
Understanding Factors That Influence Academic Performance in Tenth Grade Students. Smith, Denise Abstract Jul 1, 2011 320
Language Learning Strategy Use: A Study of Pre-Service Teachers in Malaysia. Wong, Mary Siew-Lian Abstract Jul 1, 2011 227
Developing a Model of Effective English Teaching for Pre-Service Teacher Education. Kim, Youb Abstract Jun 13, 2011 209
Using Key Conceptual Ideas to Improve Teacher Use of Formative Assessment Data. CRESST Report 794. Vendlinski, Terry P.; Phelan, Julia Abstract May 1, 2011 215
Becoming commuters: teaching students traveling to work using public transportation. Feinberg, Jake Column May 1, 2011 1919
St. Francis drum group sustained through student dedication. Pogorzelski, Roy May 1, 2011 455
Teachers and APPLE program benefit students. Miller, Heather Andrews May 1, 2011 465
Let the recession be their teacher. Sommese, Donald E. Apr 8, 2011 696
Utilising the hand model to promote a culturally safe environment for international nursing students. Mackay, Bev; Harding, Thomas; Jurlina, Lou; Scobie, Norma; Khan, Ruelle Report Apr 1, 2011 6406
InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards: A Resource for State Dialogue. Abstract Apr 1, 2011 314
Contagious Tolerance: Creating Safe Schools for Our Students. Jones, Joseph R. Abstract Mar 31, 2011 145
What Does Washington State Get for Its Investment in Bonuses for Board Certified Teachers? Schools in Crisis: Making Ends Meet. Rapid Response. Simpkins, Jim Abstract Mar 22, 2011 432
School teacher perceptions of barriers that limit the participation of African American males in public school gifted programs. Hargrove, Brenda H.; Seay, Sandra E. Report Mar 22, 2011 10513
The International Scientific Colloquium MATHEMATICS AND CHILDREN (The Math Teacher) = Treci medunarodni znanstveni skup MATEMATIKA I DIJETE (Ucitelj matematike) (3rd, Osijek, Croatia, March 18, 2011). Pavlekovic, Margita, Ed. Abstract Mar 18, 2011 780
Measuring Teacher Effectiveness: An Overview of State Policies and Practices Related to Pre-K-12 Teacher Effectiveness or Teacher Evaluation. AACC Report. Gallagher, Carole; Rabinowitz, Stanley; Yeagley, Pamela Abstract Mar 8, 2011 153
Exploratory Study of the HOPE Foundation[C] Courageous Leadership Academy: Summary of Findings. Brown, Seth; Choi, KC; Herman, Becki Abstract Mar 1, 2011 333
Pre-Service Teachers' Impact on Student Learning: Three-Year Study of the Impact on Student Learning Project. Meister, Denise G. Abstract Feb 15, 2011 228
What Makes the UAE a Knowledge Society? Assaf, Mohammad Ahmad Abstract Feb 2, 2011 178
A Small-Scale Study of Primary School English Language Teachers' Classroom Activities and Problems. Arikan, Arda Abstract Jan 1, 2011 272
"WordSift": Supporting Instruction and Learning through Technology in San Francisco. The Senior Urban Education Research Fellowship Series. Volume IV. Hakuta, Kenji Abstract Jan 1, 2011 547
Collaboration between General Education Teachers and Related Service Providers. Blask, Fallon Abstract Jan 1, 2011 214
Teacher Voices: Immigration, Language and Culture. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 254
Building the Capacity of Writing Project Site Leadership. Robbins, Sarah, Ed. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 308
Year 3 ASK/FOSS Efficacy Study. CRESST Report 782. Osmundson, Ellen; Dai, Yunyun; Herman, Joan Abstract Jan 1, 2011 285
Evaluation of Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading: Effective Tools for Developing Literacy through Science in the Early Grades-Light Energy Unit. CRESST Report 781. Goldschmidt, Pete; Jung, Hyekyung Abstract Jan 1, 2011 257
Economics in History: What Every High School Student and Teacher Needs to Know. Footnotes. Volume 15, Number 8. Ellington, Lucien Abstract Jan 1, 2011 220
Eight Elements of High School Improvement: A Mapping Framework. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 227
Student Teaching in the United States. Executive Summary. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 327
History Teaching in Kenyan Secondary School, for Peace, Reconciliation and National Integration. Chang'ach, John Koskey Abstract Jan 1, 2011 317
Student Teachers' Engagement with Re-Contextualized Materials: A Case of Numerical Approximation. Brijlall, Deonarain; Bansilal, Sarah Abstract Jan 1, 2011 264
An Insider Perspective on Implementing the Harvard Case Study Method in Business Teaching. Rebeiz, Karim S. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 242
State Teacher Policy Yearbook, 2011. National Summary. Report Jan 1, 2011 671
Cooperative Learning for Fostering Knowledge Construction in Japanese High School. Mizuno, Masao Abstract Jan 1, 2011 205
Differentiation and Explicit Teaching: Integration of Students with Learning Difficulties. Dube, France; Bessette, Lyne; Dorval, Catherine Abstract Jan 1, 2011 219
Water as Focus of Problem-Based Learning: An Integrated Curricular Program for Environmental Education in Secondary School. Gutierrez-Perez, Jose; Pirrami, Franco Abstract Jan 1, 2011 217
Teaching Speech Communication in a Black College: Does Technology Make a Difference? Nwadike, Fellina O.; Ekeanyanwu, Nnamdi T. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 261
The Status of the Teaching Profession 2011. Summary Report. Plattner, Andy Abstract Jan 1, 2011 265
Teaching and Learning in Kindergarten. Lepicnik Vodopivec, Jurka Abstract Dec 1, 2010 225
Teacher Reflection in Indonesia: Lessons Learnt from a Lesson Study Program. Suratno, Tatang; Iskandar, Sofyan Abstract Dec 1, 2010 272
Instructional Leadership: A Pathway to Teacher Collaboration and Student Achievement. Miller, Robert J.; Goddard, Yvonne L.; Goddard, Roger; Larsen, Ross; Jacob, Robin Abstract Oct 1, 2010 234
Analysis of Seattle's New Teacher Contract. Abstract Oct 1, 2010 250
Sexuality Education: Analysis of Moroccan Teachers' and Future Teachers' Conceptions. Sabah, Selmaoui; Boujemaa, Agorram; Salah-Eddine, Khzami; Taoufik, EL Abboudi; Dominique, Berger Abstract Aug 1, 2010 222
Perceptions of school readiness in one Queensland primary school. Noel, Andrea M. Jun 1, 2010 5978
A Summary of Models and Standards-Based Applications for Grade-to-Grade Growth on Statewide Assessments and Implications for Students with Disabilities. Research Report. ETS RR-10-14. Buzick, Heather M.; Laitusis, Cara Cahalan Abstract Jun 1, 2010 247
Assessment 101: Assessment Made Easy for First-Year Teachers. Bailey, Jennifer; Little, Chelsea; Rigney, Rex; Thaler, Anna; Weiderman, Ken; Yorkovich, Ben Abstract May 10, 2010 182
Redefining the Role of the Greek Cypriot Professional Teacher in an Era of Educational Transformative Reform in Cyprus. Dieronitou, Irene Abstract May 1, 2010 212
Updated Multistate Review of Professional Teaching Standards. REL Technical Brief. REL 2010-No. 014. White, Melissa Eiler; Makkonen, Reino; Stewart, Kari Becker Abstract Apr 1, 2010 265
Ed School Essentials: Evaluating the Fundamentals of Teacher Training Programs in Texas. Full Report. Greenberg, Julie; Walsh, Kate Abstract Jan 1, 2010 340
Ed School Essentials: A Review of Illinois Teacher Preparation. Executive Summary. Abstract Jan 1, 2010 439
The All-Purpose Science Teacher: An Analysis of Loopholes in State Requirements for High School Science Teachers. Abstract Jan 1, 2010 442
Human Capital in Boston Public Schools: Rethinking How to Attract, Develop and Retain Effective Teachers. Abstract Jan 1, 2010 258
Ed School Essentials: A Review of Illinois Teacher Preparation. Greenberg, Julie; Walsh, Kate Abstract Jan 1, 2010 475
Building Teacher Quality in Baltimore City Public Schools. Abstract Jan 1, 2010 275
Can Teachers Be Evaluated by Their Students' Test Scores? Should They Be? The Use of Value-Added Measures of Teacher Effectiveness in Policy and Practice. Education Policy for Action Series. Corcoran, Sean P. Author abstract Jan 1, 2010 411
The Contours of Inclusion: Inclusive Arts Teaching and Learning. Glass, Don; Henderson, Bill; Barnum, Leah; Kronenberg, Deborah; Blair, Kati; Jenkins, Richard; Hurel Abstract Jan 1, 2010 327
Learning about Teaching: Initial Findings from the Measures of Effective Teaching Project. Research Paper. MET Project. Abstract Jan 1, 2010 513
TPACK for Pre-Service Science and Mathematics Teachers. Kafyulilo, Ayoub C. Abstract Jan 1, 2010 382
English for Academic Purposes Activity in Language Education. Zascerinska, Jelena Abstract Dec 10, 2009 271
E-Collaboration Technologies in Teaching/Learning Activity. Zascerinska, Jelena; Ahrens, Andreas Abstract Dec 1, 2009 215
A Race to the Top Scorecard: How the "Great Teachers and Leaders" Assurance Area Can Help States Maximize Their Odds of Winning a "Race to the Top" Grant. Abstract Dec 1, 2009 380
Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers: Are Colorado's Education School Graduates Ready to Teach Reading and Mathematics in Elementary Classrooms? Greenberg, Julie; Jacobs, Sandi Abstract Dec 1, 2009 375
The Cross-Thematic Approach and its Implications for Secondary Education with Particular Reference to Greece and Cyprus. Dieronitou, Irene Abstract Oct 1, 2009 225
Teaching Prelinguistic Communication. Practice Perspectives--Highlighting Information on Deaf-Blindness. Number 5. Malloy, Peggy Abstract Sep 1, 2009 164
Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers: Are New Mexico's Education School Graduates Ready to Teach Reading and Mathematics in Elementary Classrooms? Greenberg, Julie; Jacobs, Sandi Abstract Sep 1, 2009 398
Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers: Are Utah's Education School Graduates Ready to Teach Reading and Mathematics in Elementary Classrooms? Greenberg, Julie; Jacobs, Sandi Abstract Sep 1, 2009 391
Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers: Are Wyoming's Education School Graduates Ready to Teach Reading and Mathematics in Elementary Classrooms? Greenberg, Julie; Jacobs, Sandi Abstract Sep 1, 2009 368
Learning experience: Catholic schools are filling in the teacher gap with new grads looking for a challenge. Parrott, Jeff Sep 1, 2009 2601
Human Capital in Seattle Public Schools: Rethinking How to Attract, Develop and Retain Effective Teachers. Abstract Aug 16, 2009 214
Race to the Top: Colorado May be Used to High Altitudes but Can it Compete in Race to the Top? Walsh, Kate; Jacobs, Sandi Abstract Aug 1, 2009 396
Fostering Teacher Learning: Reflections on Leadership Roles. Power, Alayne; Boutilier, Amy Abstract Jun 24, 2009 221
"Asia Literacy" through Research-Oriented School-Engaged Teacher Education: From Volunteer Mandarin Teaching-Assistants to Volunteer Teacher-Researchers. Singh, Michael; Zhao, Da Cheng Abstract Jun 1, 2009 257
Developing Reflective Thinking: Encouraging Pre-Service Teachers to Be Responsible for Their Own Learning. Rinchen, Sonam Abstract Jun 1, 2009 559
English as the Needs of Students of a Public University in Timor Leste. Patricio, Sancho Da Costa Author abstract Jun 1, 2009 338
"Interact with Puberty": Engaging Middle Schooling Students through Blended Learning. Knipe, Sally; Edwards, Miriam Abstract Jun 1, 2009 199
Supporting Beginning Rural Teachers: Lessons from Successful Schools. White, Simone; Lock, Graeme; Hastings, Wendy; Reid, Jo-Anne; Green, Bill; Cooper, Maxine Abstract Jun 1, 2009 286
Developing Teacher Subject Knowledge through Historical and Philosophical Perspectives. Oversby, John Abstract Jun 1, 2009 143
Taking the "Tyranny" Out of Distance (Enhancing Professional Experience for Distance Education Students). Masters, Yvonne Abstract Jun 1, 2009 408
Developing Intercultural Teachers: The Mumbai Global Experience Project. Johnson, Richard Abstract Jun 1, 2009 223
Work to School: Teachers from Industry. Green, Annette Abstract Jun 1, 2009 385
The Bridge from Teacher Preparation to Beginning Teacher: Helping NESB Beginning Teachers Enter a Community of Teaching Practice. McCluskey, Kerryn Abstract Jun 1, 2009 616
Teacher Education: Crossing the Cultural Borders of Australia and Asia. Salter, Peta Abstract Jun 1, 2009 565
Challenges Facing Chinese PE Curriculum Reform--Teachers' Talk. Jin, Aijing Abstract Jun 1, 2009 249
Reading Squadron: Crossing Borders in Literacy Experiences for Preservice Teachers. Hudson, Suzanne; Dossel, Kylie; Hudson, Peter Abstract Jun 1, 2009 519
Crossing Boundaries: Challenges of Academics Working in Professional Experiences. Le Cornu, Rosie Abstract Jun 1, 2009 443
"Over the Hill" Is Not so Far Away: Crossing Teaching Contexts to Create Benefits for All through Rural Teaching Experiences. Hudson, Suzanne; Millwater, Jan Abstract Jun 1, 2009 340
Comparative Education, Border Pedagogy, and Teacher Education in an Age of Internationalisation. Parkes, Robert J.; Griffiths, Tom G. Abstract Jun 1, 2009 195
"He Talks to You, Not at You": Attending to Learners' Perspectives to Enhance Understanding of Accomplished Teaching. Kriewaldt, Jeana Abstract Jun 1, 2009 254
Crossing Boundaries: Developing Effective Interprofessional Relationships between Teachers and Paediatricians. Goepel, Jannie Abstract Jun 1, 2009 372
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