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Services, Child Support Call Center.

Tenders are invited for Services, Child Support Call Center

The Bid Event ID / RFP number, indicated in the header of this page, as well as on the first page of this proposal, has been assigned to this RFP and MUST be shown on all correspondence or other documents associated with this RFP and MUST be referred to in all verbal communications. All inquiries, written or verbal, shall be directed only to the procurement officer reflected on Page 1 of this proposal. There shall be no communication with any other State employee regarding this RFP except with designated state participants in attendance ONLY DURING Negotiations Contract Signing as otherwise specified in this RFP. Violations of this provision by bidder or state agency personnel may result in the rejection of the proposal.The State of Kansas is issuing this Request for Proposal to obtain competitive responses from bidders to provide Call Center Services, per the attached specifications, for the Department for Children and Families, Child Support Services. 4.4 In 1975, Congress amended Title IV-D of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. Sections 651 et seq.) to require that each state establish a Child Support Services program. Child Support Services was originally designed to establish and enforce child support orders for families that were on welfare in order to recover public aid paid to those families. The Child Support Services was later expanded to provide services to non-aided families.

In the State of Kansas, the Department for Children and Families is the single State agency which, through its division of Child Support Services, has been designated to administrate the State s IV-D program since its inception in 1975.

Every day the Kansas Child Support Services serves children on more than 140,155 child support cases to provide the financial and emotional support to the children. Child Support Services provides assistance to families to improve the well-being of children, reduce reliance on public assistance, encourage family self-sufficiency and save taxpayer money.

The Kansas Child Support Services currently provides Child Support Call Center Services under contract with a private contractor and is seeking to continue Child Support Call Center Services under this proposal. The purpose of the Center is to alleviate staff from being inundated with, and having to respond immediately to, customer inquiries, so that staff time can be devoted to casework, and to ensure that customer inquiries are responded to in a timely and efficient manner. The Center receives inquiries in many different forms, including via telephone, facsimile, and email. The services to be provided include, but are not limited to, data entry of information in case action logs in the Child Support Services system applications, Fax Verification of information requested by customers, and mailing of applications for services and informational literature approved by Child Support Services.4.5 A tracking

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 12, 2015
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