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Service to the Fleet since 1919.

Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Norfolk, Va., was first commissioned in 1919 as a Naval Supply Station, established to answer the need for a centrally located supply point on the East Coast.

The facilities consisted of two permanent buildings, five temporary warehouses, and one wooden merchandise pier.

From these humble beginnings has grown the organization that is, today, the Navy's oldest and largest Fleet Logistics Center.

With a physical presence in 13 states, including the District of Columbia, and employees who report to work at 37 different Navy installations in four Navy regions, NAVSUP FLC Norfolk performs myriad logistics support that touches all three of NAVSUP's business lines ... Weapon Systems Support; Global Logistics Support; and Sailor and Family Support.

The command provides products and services such as regional transportation management, postal, integrated logistics support, hazardous material management, contracting, warehousing, and other services to Navy, Marine Corps, Joint, and Allied Forces; delivering combat capability through logistics.


One shining example of this support to the warfighter is the Integrated Logistical Support (ILS) NAVSUP FLC Norfolk's Industrial Support Department provides to Navy surface ships, submarines and their associated weapons systems. This cradle-to-grave support is provided during all life cycle phases. NAVSUP FLC Norfolk personnel are involved with a ship from before the keel is laid to the day the ship is decommissioned.

"The work we do here is tedious and very labor intensive, but is such a critical element to the ships and their crews," explained Kelley Stephenson, a logistics management specialist and repair parts team lead at NAVSUP FLC Norfolk's ILS facility at Saint Juliens Creek Annex in Portsmouth, Va. "If a ship or submarine gets underway missing one critical part or manual, the warfighter and the mission could suffer." NAVSUP FLC Norfolk typically services more than 60 availabilities every year.

At Supervisor of Shipbuilding and Conversion (SUPSHIP) locations in Newport News, Va., Groton, Conn., and Bath, Maine, NAVSUP FLC Norfolk employees ensure all logistics products related to the outfitting and fitting-out of new aircraft carriers, new Virginia and Seawolf Class Submarines, and aircraft carriers undergoing Refueling Complex Overhauls (RCOH), reflect the correct ship's configuration for allowance material, technical documentation, and life cycle support. They also ensure shipbuilder compliance for all ILS contract deliverables.

Support to every submarine and surface combatant in the 12 commercial and government shipyards under the ILS oversight of NAVSUP FLC Norfolk is also a key responsibility for these logistics experts. Through strategic alignments with NAVSEA partners, NAVSUP FLC Norfolk also provides DDG and FFG planning yard support for the entire Naval Force, regardless of geographical area or yard.

When ships enter into an Integrated Logistics Overhaul (ILO) or Phased Maintenance Review (PMR), parts, manuals and other logistics elements are off-loaded, warehoused, inventoried, catalogued, and verified. Appropriate additions or subtractions are made, depending on configuration changes made to the ship during the availability, and then all items are loaded back aboard the ship. This intricate process is worked by a joint team of NAVSUP FLC Norfolk personnel and Sailors from the supported ships and submarines.


A day in the life of NAVSUP FLC Norfolk is not all about repair parts and material, though. The 13 distinct products and services offered to customers also provide critical logistics support that has nothing to do with warehouses or supplies.

Take the Postal Services, for example. NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Regional Navy Mail Centers (RNMC) at Naval Station Norfolk, Va., Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C., Naval Support Activity Millington, Tenn., and Naval Station Newport, R.I. play a critical role in processing official mail for the Navy, other military services, and other departments of the U.S. government. These highly-specialized postal processing centers provide consolidation and the sorting that garner significant postage savings. The RNMCs, combined with smaller NAVSUP FLC Norfolk postal operations at other installations throughout the Area of Responsibility (AOR), provide non-production official mail services throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West, and Naval District Washington Regions. NAVSUP FLC Norfolk also administers the Postal Finance Program for all ships based in the Norfolk, Va. and Mayport, Fla. areas.

NAVSUP FLC Norfolk instructors teach classes in the administration of shipboard postal programs, and are a valuable lifeline for shipboard personnel performing postal functions. This service has become especially valuable since the combining of Storekeeper and Postal Clerk ratings to form the Logistics Specialist rating. Through NAVSUP FLC Norfolk training, Sailors with minimal postal experience are well on their way to becoming postal subject matter experts before setting to sea to perform these duties.

NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Sailors and civilians are committed to making sure nothing stands in the way of delivering mail. "Despite improvements in technology over the years, there are still places that technology can't reach," said LS1 Michael Hendricks, RNMC Norfolk Leading Petty Officer. Emails, faxes, and Naval Messages have not yet replaced the need for official correspondence. "There is no place that we can't go," LS1 Hendricks added. "We will get [the mail] there as quickly as possible, using the most cost-efficient method possible."

NAVSUP FLC Norfolk has recently partnered with AbilityOne through National Industries for the Blind contracts to employ people in many postal facilities who have physical challenges.

Like the other Fleet Logistics Centers around the world, the NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Contracting Department is responsible for the acquisition of supplies and commercial services to support Navy customers worldwide. The contracting department awards and manages contract actions valued at more than $6 billion, with annual obligations of $2.1 billion. The NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Contracting Department is comprised of acquisition professionals located in Philadelphia, Groton Conn., Kittery, Maine, Great Lakes Ill., Charleston S.C., Portsmouth Va., and Norfolk, Va. NAVSUP FLC Norfolk also provides contracting support to Norfolk Naval Shipyard and Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. They award nearly 18,000 contracts annually.


The support provided by NAVSUP FLC Norfolk also extends to functions that have a direct impact on the quality of life of Sailors and their families. NAVSUP FLC Norfolk household goods offices, for example, assist thousands of Navy families each year during their permanent change of station moves. The household goods call center and entitlement line, staffed with personnel from NAVSUP FLCs Norfolk and San Diego, assist many more in understanding their entitlements and navigating the Defense Personal Property System to execute their moves.

NAVSUP FLC Norfolk support teams such as the Navy Food Management Team and Fleet Assist Team to help improve quality of life aboard ships by improving operations in the ships' galleys, mess decks, ship's stores, barber shops, and laundry operations.

"After my first year in command, I'm still awed at the contributions the NAVSUP FLC Norfolk team makes to Fleet readiness, Sailor support, and the Regions' and Navy mission," emphasized NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Commanding Officer, Capt. Michelle Skubic. "But more importantly, I'm so proud of the spirit of support all our teammates have toward one another, across our many sites and departments."

"Cohesion and teamwork propel this diverse and magnificent group to excel through surges in work, transitions in processes, and all challenges presented," she added. "I'm excited to see what the year ahead has in store for us, and feel honored to share and humbled to lead during this moment in our command's history."

Today, as the Navy changes to meet operational challenges and fiscal realignment, NAVSUP FLC Norfolk, and the entire NAVSUP Global Logistics Support team, continues to provide the best logistics services to Navy customers and partners around the globe.

The 93 years since a small Supply Station was established near the tidewaters of the Chesapeake Bay have seen many changes for the U.S. Navy, and its logistics support needs. NAVSUP FLC Norfolk has adapted to those changes, and will continue to evolve and improve in the coming years to provide innovative, relevant, and timely logistics solutions.

As with all of their coworkers throughout the NAVSUP Enterprise, they stand true to the NAVSUP motto ...

"Ready. Resourceful. Responsive!"


NAVSUP FLC Norfolk provides daily support to 85 homeported ships at three different bases within our area of responsibility. What we have, and what do accomplish, is ...

* More than 41,000 hours of workload transferred ashore, representing work performed by NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Logistics Support Center, Subsistence Prime Vendor, and Support Team personnel.

* More than 34,000 phone calls answered by NAVSUP FLC Norfolk's Global Distance Support Center (GDSC) representatives in the past 12 months.

* More than 25.5 million pieces of official mail are handled annually through our postal facilities.

* At the time this article was written, FLC Norfolk is currently providing direct ILS support to 11 ships/submarines under construction, 14 units in repair/modernization availabilities, and 13 units in Integrated Logistics Overhaul/Planned Maintenance Requirement.

* NAVSUP FLC Norfolk provides annual support to more than 34,000 military families performing household goods moves through their Personal Property Offices.

By David Cass

NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Products and Services Division
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