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Service Verify Helps you Manage High Value Ethernet Services.

Rsk five different people what Ethernet service management means and you will likely get five different answers. In fact, you might even get a debate on what defines a high value Ethernet service. Any Ethernet service that includes a Service Level Agreement (SLR), service availability requirement, QoS metrics or financial considerations for failing to meet any of these attributes can be considered a high value service. EHamples include mobile backhaul, metro Ethernet and high bandwidth TLS circuits that provide mission critical services to mobile carriers, enterprises, government entities and community institutions.

Most service providers would agree that network management and service management are two inherently different things. Service providers generally have established tools that configure and manage the network elements that deliver Ethernet services. However, the ability to define, establish and manage contractual service commitments has been somewhat challenging.

Fortunately, CaliH has introduced a new software application that brings more clarity on what Ethernet service management means while giving communications service providers the confidence to showcase the quality and availability of their access network.

This is the motivation behind Service Verify, the latest addition to the Compass suite of software applications. Bifurcating network management from service management assures providers can establish Ethernet services that traverse equipment from multiple suppliers while maintaining confidence in their ability to meet contractual commitments.

Service Verify is a comprehensive software tool that gives providers the confidence to offer differentiated Ethernet services with the contractual commitments they need to stand out in the highly competitive Carrier Ethernet market. This new application enables service providers to do the following:

* Define key performance indicators (KP1s) and performance thresholds that serve as the foundation for business Ethernet and mobile backhaul service contracts.

* Ethernet Service Availability Testing (SRT) reporting and repository.

* Predictive SLR compliance analysis using real-time and historical data.

* Display the performance of the network to end-users through a subscriber portal.

* Generate ad-hoc or scheduled reports based on KPIs for internal or end-user needs.

Relying on industry standards such as ITU Y.1731 performance monitoring, ITU Y.1564 and RFC 2544 Ethernet service activation tests, Service Verify is compatible with a variety of Ethernet access devices including those from CaliH. This means it can be used in eHisting networks enabling providers to grow revenue streams without additional capital investments.

Service Verify adds to the growing suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that enable service providers to manage the broadband service lifecycle. Collectively, Compass applications provide a level of visibility and control to various service provider business functions that include customer service, network operations and marketing.

Learn more about Service Verify in the CaliH EHPO Booth #301.


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Publication:Rural Telecommunications
Date:Jan 1, 2014
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