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Service Foundation officer and NSO William E. Leach, Jr., dies.

William E. Leach, Jr., 79, who served 47 years as a National Service Officer (NSO), died Aug. 3 at his residence in Wildwood, Mo. Leach had retired from the St. Louis, Mo., National Service Office in August 200 1.

In addition to his remarkable record of service as an NSO. Leach served for 23 years as a member of the DAV National Service Foundation Board. with nearly 20 years as the Foundation's Secretary-Treasurer.

"We are all indebted to Bill's insight and the fiscal knowledge that proved invaluable to the National Service Foundation," said National Adjutant Arthur H. Wilson. "I le has become pan of the great legacy of the DAV and one of the outstanding men who worked diligently for our organization."

"Bill its not only a great personal friend and valued colleague: he embodied the spirit of our great organization," said Wilson. "His life of service to disabled veterans is a great treasure."

Leach was born in St. Louis and served in the Army Air Corps in the Pacific during World War II. After his military service in 1946, he entered the Educational Program for National Service Officers at the American University. He completed his rehabilitation in August 1948 and was assigned to (min under the supervision of his NSO father in the St. Lotus National Service Office. He also was active with DAV Chapter I in St. Louis and served as the Chapter Adjutant until 1993.

Leach was elected to the National Service Foundation Board in August 1978 and was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Foundation in 1983.

"Bill's devoted support to the National Service Foundation made it one of the great trusts to serve disabled veterans," Wilson said. "The National Service Foundation achieved great milestones under his service, which will benefit disabled veterans far into the future."

"When the history of the National Service Foundation is written, Bill Leach will be noted with honor, because he was one of the forefathers of this great Foundation," said National Service Foundation President Gary P. Bums.

"Bill made tremendous contributions to our nation's veterans and their families," said Wilson. "Truly, his service to our nation's disabled veterans was his highest calling."

Among the survivors are his wire, Mary Della Leach; four sons; four daughters; a brother; and two sisters.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Disabled American Veterans.
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