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Server and gateway unite two systems

Galileo International needed to fuse two separate network architectures practically overnight. As a provider of computer reservations system services to the travel industry, the Rosemont, Ill.-based company maintains one of the world's largest commercial data processing centers on an SNA-based mainframe in its development offices in Denver. But two concurrent developments were making it necessary to build a 'road' that would open Galileo's database to TCP/IP traffic.

First, one of Galileo's major users was moving into new offices with a TCP/IP network. Developers and support staff at Apollo Travel Services, the network services arm of United Airlines, needed to access Galileo's 3270-based host applications and data via TN3270 emulation over the corporate WAN, and Galileo had only two weeks to bridge the gap between the two systems.

At the same time, the rise of TCP/IP had convinced Galileo system administrators of the need to migrate the company's internal network to the new protocol while continuing to enhance, maintain, and support its SNA backbone and they needed a means of making the company's core SNA applications easily available to all users.

With IBM's Communications Server for AIX serving as an SNA gateway and IBM's SNA Client Access for AIX acting as a TN3270 server, Galileo accomplished all of its objectives at the same time. Together, the programs were used to convert all TCP/IP requests into the SNA 3270 protocol, allowing users to access and print from Galileo's 3270 host applications.

In the required two-week time frame, the company installed the software on dedicated RS/6000 servers, tested it, and gave roughly 100 users in the new Apollo Travel Services office instant access to Galileo's data.

Since then, 500 more users in locations ranging from the company's Denver data center to Hong Kong, India, Russia, Indonesia, Europe, and the United Kingdom have been brought into the fold.
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Date:Sep 1, 1998
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