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Serve your constituents.

WE keep hearing from our MPs that our democratic system is based on parliamentary democracy and that parliamentary democracy is paramount.

However parliamentary democracy is based on constituency democracy - the wishes of MP's constituency voters, and if MPs ignore their constituency voters then all we have got is a parliamentary dictatorship.

It is easier for MPs to argue the case for parliamentary democracy under normal circumstances - i.e. after general elections - since this can be a "grey area" and party manifestos generally cover a wide range of topics and, as they say, "all things to all men".

However, when it comes to referendums then this is not a "grey area" and MPs cannot use the privilege of parliamentary democracy as an excuse to implement their own beliefs/ opinions. They should be legally obliged to abide by the referendum result of their constituents and should not be allowed to impose their own beliefs/opinion using the privilege of parliamentary democracy, otherwise parliament then becomes a parliamentary dictatorship. Richard Finch, Yarm How many needed for commentary? WITH great admiration I recently watched the Women's Word Cup in France, but I can't help but be a bit puzzled as to why it takes two commentators. FOUR - yes four - "experts" for every match. That's six wages.

We, the licence payer, are paying for this, yet the BBC cannot give free TV to our pensioners who are lonely and vulnerable, and see this as their only link to the outside world.

While some of the blame lies at the door of the BBC, I and a lot of others blame the Government who reneged on their promise in their manifesto.

Mick Applegarth, Eston Happy to hear of school's success WELL done to all those in North Ormesby Primary School. As a result of all their hard work, they were given an outstanding report recently from Ofsted.

"High staff morale, high expectations of all pupils, children's rapid progress in early years," were just some of the comments made about the school.

The head, Mr Craig Nicholson, must be very proud of his staff and pupils and, of course parents, who often play a big part in the success of a school.

I am sure this is a "shot in the arm" for North Ormesby residents, many of whom are working so hard to improve the image of the area.

Cllr Joan McTigue, Beechwood, Longlands Saltersgill, Grove Hill, Sutton & Holmwood Prisons should be 'so horrendous' IN his letter (The Gazette 01.07.19) Mr S Dixon states let's not forget its not all that cushy to be locked up in your cell and be monitored 24/7. In my opinion there are no prisons in the UK but government-run hotels. Then the state wonders why criminality is out of control, rapists loose and commit the same offence, old age pensioners beaten up and raped, serial offenders are constantly let loose to start all over again. Prison should be like abroad - 23-hour lockdown, no television, no visits, so horrendous that you never want to even think of going back again.


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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jul 10, 2019
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