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Serologicals' Chemicon International Division Announces Licensing Agreement with Molecular Probes, Inc.

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Serologicals Corporation (Nasdaq: SERO) today announced that Serologicals' research division, Chemicon International, Inc., has entered into a licensing agreement with Molecular Probes, Inc., a subsidiary of Invitrogen Corporation, that grants Chemicon access to a new generation of fluorophores for labeling biologically active molecules. The newly licensed Alexa Fluor(R) and tandem conjugate technologies will significantly extend Chemicon's selection of life science products involved in fluorescent detection of protein targets. This agreement reflects Serologicals' continued strategy to position itself as a leading provider of high value research products and technologies to global functional genomics, infectious disease diagnostics, and proteomics markets.

As a part of a package deal, Chemicon has acquired non-exclusive worldwide rights to distributing immunological reagents labeled with Molecular Probes' Alexa Fluor(R) dyes. Fluorescent conjugates prepared using these dyes are highly accurate and sensitive reagents for detecting biomolecules in the whole range of absorption/emission spectra offered by modern fluorescent microscopy, flow cytometry, and other spectroscopy instrumentation. These bright, soluble and highly photostable fluorophores are suitable for immunostaining of living cells and fixed tissues, as well as for multi-color flow cytometric applications.

Another key provision of the agreement grants Chemicon access to Molecular Probes' tandem bioconjugate technology. These conjugates are hybrid molecules that consist of fluorescent phycobiliproteins chemically linked to Alexa Fluor(R) dyes that serve as acceptors or donors in the energy transfer cascade. A single laser can be used to excite resulting tandem labels to enable simultaneous detection of various target molecules in a wide spectral range. Chemicon's Alexa Fluor(R) tandem conjugates will provide a simple, cost- and time-efficient solution for laboratories equipped with fluorescence instrumentation with only one source of excitation (such as 488 nm argon-ion or 633 nm He-Ne lasers).

"The new Molecular Probes license represents our commitment to introducing cutting-edge reagents and assays that have a high value per product," stated Jeffrey D. Linton, President of Chemicon International, a division of Serologicals Corporation. "We will continue to leverage Chemicon's core competencies, through an emphasis on licensing and in-house development channels, in the traditional areas of the company's strength, such as imaging of biologically active biomolecules and high throughput proteomics testing. Alexa Fluor(R) and tandem conjugate technologies will propel Chemicon in that direction by providing a new generation of improved fluorescence products to the research community."

About Serologicals

Serologicals Corporation, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a global provider of biological products and enabling technologies, which are essential for the research, development and manufacturing of biologically based life science products. Customers include many of the leading research institutions and life science companies throughout the world. The Company's products and technologies are used in a wide variety of innovative applications within the areas of neurobiology, cell signaling, cancer, angiogenesis, apoptosis, developmental biology, cellular physiology, oncology, hematology, immunology, cardiology, infectious diseases, and molecular biology. Through its Chemicon Division, the Company also manufactures diagnostic products at its cGMP, ISO, and TGA approved facilities. Chemicon International, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Serologicals Corporation, is headquartered in Temecula, California. Serologicals has more than 800 employees worldwide, and its shares are traded on the NASDAQ national stock market under the symbol SERO.

Serologicals is a registered trademark of Serologicals Royalty Company.

For more information on Serologicals Corporation, visit the company's web site at
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Date:Oct 29, 2003
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