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Seriously, You Have to Eat.

Seriously, You Have to Eat

Adam Mansbach, author

Owen Brozman, illustrator

Akashic Books

232 Third Street, #A115, Brooklyn, NY 11215

9781617754081 $15.95 hc/$3.99 Kindle

Seriously, You Have to Eat is the kid-friendly picturebook rendition of the more adult-oriented humor title "You Have to ****ing Eat" (9781617753787, $14.95). All four-letter curse words have been delicately edited out of Seriously, You Have to Eat, as opposed to the uncensored original. Seriously, You Have to Eat retains the chuckle-inducing sense of parental frustration in its singsong rhymes and colorful illustrations. "A lot of kids don't get asparagus, /Show a little respect for them. Eat." Will Seriously, You Have to Eat encourage children appreciate their beleaguered parents a little more, and eat their nutritious meals? Maybe not, but it's still a fun title to read aloud and share!

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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Nov 1, 2015
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