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Series Review: Alex, Inc. is comedy at its best.

Alex Schuman is a radio journalist who is looking to get more out of his job. In a fit of rage, Alex decides to quit his job and start a podcast to tell stories that he believes are important. He even goes as far as to make a similar 'I quit' speech like Jerry Maguire. But when he asks, 'Who is coming with me?' nobody does.

However, Alex manages to convince his producer Deirdre to work for him. Which proves easy because Deirdre has an unhealthy crush on Alex, even though Alex is married with two kids. Alex's wife Rooni supports his decision to start the business. Alex decides to hire his street-smart cousin, Eddie. Alex's podcast is based on his life, family and trying to start a business.

The show is an adaptation of a popular 2014 podcast called StartUp, which chronicled the life of Alex Blumberg as he tried to start a business. Unlike the real version, the genre of the show is purely comedy. And although the business version of the podcast is touched on, it's never too serious. In fact, the show is almost too good-natured to be taken seriously or be remotely comparable to real life. The show is quick-witted and fast paced; everything we need in a 20-minute comedy.

Zach Braff's goofy-loveable persona is what kept Scrubs running for nine seasons. He might just keep this show running for a while, too.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:May 12, 2018
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