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Serial Number Tracking now in OTS.

SAN DIEGO, March 28--A new version of One Touch Support (OTS) that adds Serial Number Tracking (SNT) for repairable items was released March 27. RDML Ray Berube, Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers (COMFISCS), described the accomplishment "as another step closer to our vision of delivering critical logistics information to the warfighter from a single source, saving time and eliminating steps that don't add value to the supply chain process." He added, "Gaining this degree of visibility by serial number [tracking] is a goal COMFISCS has been striving to reach."

"The majority of SNTS [Serial Number Tracking System] users already use OTS, and now they'll instantly recognize the look and feel of SNT we put in One Touch," said Michael Zabarouskas, COMFISCS OTS program manager.

"But the real benefit comes to the over 14,000 other registered OTS users. Existing OTS functions allowed them to source and locate a DLR, then order and track the requisition through receipt. Now, with new serial number information from eRMS, Web-CAV, CAV-ORM and LMDSS, they can track the carcass turn-in and if needed follow it through the repair cycle."


The Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Chief Information Officer Karen Gadbois described other advantages. "The incorporation of SNT into OTS provides two key benefits to NAVSUP," said Gadbois. "The first is an additional application behind a single sign on to ease access for our wide customer base. Second, this is yet another example of NAVSUP's continued successful rationalization of information technology applications enabling the reduction of our IT footprint without negatively impacting mission or data availability for our customers and constituent stakeholders."

Delivering these benefits presented quite a challenge. Zabarouskas summarized the effort as fraught with pitfalls, any of which could have delayed delivery.

"The real achievement was the tremendous effort, cohesion and dedication of the technical team itself," said Zabarouskas. "Lead by Eric Berry at NAVSISA [Naval Supply Information Systems Activity], this was a true government and industry partnership. By focusing on early planning, developers from NAVSISA, IBM and Oracle overcame significant technical and functional challenges and delivered, in just over two and a half months, functionality that in all rights should have taken twice as long."

By implementing SNT functions in OTS, the separate Web-based Serial Number Tracking System (SNTS) will be retired.

Four other powerful new queries that now allow supply and maintenance personnel to monitor the removal, turn-in, transit, induction, and repair of Depot Level Repairables (DLRs) through a single OTS login were released earlier.

Logisticians and maintainers who are not current OTS users can register by visiting E-mail with your questions or comment.
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Publication:Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
Date:May 1, 2008
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