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Sergeant Kenneth Adams and Officers Jeffrey Christian.

In the early morning hours, Sergeant Kenneth Adams and Officers Jeffrey Christian, Forest Delong, and James Stephens of the Ashland, Kentucky, Police Department responded to a structure fire and found a 4-year-old girl leaning out of a second-story window. The room and the hallway behind the child were fully engulfed in fire, blocking rescue efforts. Officer Delong assisted Sergeant Adams in scaling the side of an adjoining building. Sergeant Adams crossed the roof and leaned out over the side of the building near the trapped child, where he encouraged the child to leap successfully into his outreached arms. Officers Christian, Delong, and Stephens entered the burning building to search for other trapped victims. Officer Stephens removed the child's grandfather twice from the burning structure, and entered a third time on an unfounded report that a police officer was down inside the building. Officers Christian and Delong searched the building until forced out by heat and smoke. The child received second- an d third-degree burns on her back and legs and has undergone several surgeries. By placing their own lives in danger, Sergeant Adams and Officers Christian, Delong, and Stephens saved the lives of several individuals.
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Title Annotation:save four-year-old from fire
Publication:The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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