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Serbia's major strategic goals are to speed up the process of EU integration.

Serbia's Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said that Serbia's major strategic goals are to speed up the process of EU integration and ensure economic recovery and development. After the election of new ministers in the reshuffled Serbian government, Dacic expressed satisfaction about it receiving wide support and said that the first meeting of the new government in its new makeup is taking place on Tuesday.I am confident that this will inspirit the government to work better in the future. The main strategic goals we set for ourselves are acceleration of European integration, which is in the interest of Serbia and its citizens, and, as a prerequisite to all other objectives, stabilization of the economy, he said. He added that the government's main objective is to stop the economic downturn and ensure job creation, consolidation of public finances, and start of economic growth. That will be the criteria for the evaluation of the government's work in the future, Dacic said. He thanked the Serbian citizens for showing general support for the election of new members of the government. The majority of candidates are non-party figures, they have not been involved in politics before and I am confident that they will use all their knowledge to do everything they can and want to do to make sure the results are better than in the previous period, Dacic said. Government
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Publication:Balkan Business News
Date:Sep 4, 2013
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