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Ask Doctor Cory. Column Sep 1, 2008 720
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Ask Doctor Cory. Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 882
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Ask Doctor Cory. Mar 1, 2002 618
Ask Doctor Cory. Jan 1, 2002 629
Fitness farm frolics. Dec 1, 2001 411
Ask Doctor Cory. Sep 1, 2001 838
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Ask Doctor Cory. Column Dec 1, 2000 656
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Ask Doctor Cory. Mar 1, 1999 653
How do you get head lice and how do you get rid of them? Why do they itch and why do they have to live on your body? Oct 1, 1998 250
Does burping mean you eat too much? Is this a problem? Oct 1, 1998 171
I get shocked a lot. I heard from a friend the reason is because I shuffle my feet too much and cause static electricity. Why do I get shocked? Oct 1, 1998 100
A few weeks ago I got a Hepatitis B shot at school with an air gun. It didn't hurt, but five minutes later I got dizzy and could barely stand up. I felt very sick to my stomach. Why did the shot make me feel sick and dizzy? Sep 1, 1998 235
Why do we have thyroids? Sep 1, 1998 333
When I eat or just after, my esophagus feels like it is backing up. It starts to burn. My mom says that I am too young for heartburn. What is this, and how can I prevent it? Jul 1, 1998 262
I have Tourette Syndrome. I don't know much about it. Is it a disability? Jul 1, 1998 331
I heard that if you pour vinegar on a jellyfish that the vinegar will kill its stinger. Is that true? Jun 1, 1998 225
Why do we have adenoids, and what do they do? I want to know because I had mine taken out last Christmas. Jun 1, 1998 191
I've read in your column that eating carrots and sweet potatoes can temporarily change your skin color to yellow or orange if you eat a lot of them. Would green vegetables make your skin green? How come everyone always says to eat green vegetables? Jun 1, 1998 309
In past issues of Children's Digest, you have talked about skin cancer. A skin therapist once came to our school and said people with dark skin don't get skin cancer. Is that true? P.S. I have dark skin. Apr 1, 1998 307
I have a skin disorder called vitiligo on my knees, my ankles, and my elbows. I am embarrassed to the point that I can't wear shorts to school because the kids make fun of me. I have tried many creams that promised to work but didn't. Can you help me? Apr 1, 1998 242
I had a ringworm infection but have gotten over it. What causes ringworm, and how do I prevent it from coming back? Mar 1, 1998 188
I think my hair is thinning. What should I do? Mar 1, 1998 218
Please explain what lactose intolerance is. How do you get it? I know I can't have a lot of dairy products or my stomach hurts. Jan 1, 1998 379
When I was in fourth grade, I was getting sick every day after lunch at school. Our school district was getting milk from a different dairy that year. I always seemed to get sick about two hours after drinking the milk, so I began eating lunch some days at home. Jan 1, 1998 463
My mom is always saying, "Quit eating carrots. How about some broccoli or lettuce?" Can you really turn orange if you eat too many carrots? Dec 1, 1997 183
Why do we have tonsils? Mine get swollen and red whenever I get sick. They really hurt and I can't breathe very well. My friend had this trouble and had her tonsils taken out. If you can have tonsils taken out, why do we have them in the first place? Dec 1, 1997 202
What is a sinus and what is a sinus infection? Dec 1, 1997 247
I have asthma, and my mom is an ex-smoker who has not had a cigarette in about nine months. Can cigarette smoke affect my asthma? Oct 1, 1997 165
Super sitter. Oct 1, 1997 215
For more than a year I've had two small lumps under my left armpit. They don't hurt, but I've read about diseases that cause lumps. Are these lumps something to worry about? Sep 1, 1997 215
What would happen if I swallowed bubble gum? Sep 1, 1997 105
We recently found that some children are using laser penlights as toys. Such penlights are used as "pointers" by adults who use displays when they speak to groups of people. Sep 1, 1997 175
I would like to know why you sometimes get carsick when riding in a car, especially when reading a book. I just have to know! Jul 1, 1997 309
My allergy bothers me when I'm outside enjoying the nice weather. I take prescription medicine, but I still usually get sick. How can I enjoy being outdoors without getting sick and my nose plugging up? Jul 1, 1997 290
Can you tell me what a heart murmur is and how it affects your health? Jul 1, 1997 162
I am eleven years old, and I would like to know if it is true that muscle weighs more than fat? Jun 1, 1997 125
Is it OK to take one chewable Tylenol tablet even if you don't have a headache? Will it make you feel better than you did before? Jun 1, 1997 346
I am very interested in the human mouth. Could you tell me how far back in the throat the tongue goes and what it is attached to? Jun 1, 1997 102
When I go outside into the heat, I get little bumps all over my back. They itch like crazy. What is this? Apr 1, 1997 205
My mom smokes too much, and I want her to quit. When I ask her to quit, she says that if you try to quit, you smoke more. What should I do? Apr 1, 1997 344
Sometimes when I stand up, I black out. The blackouts usually last for a couple of seconds. How can I prevent them? Mar 1, 1997 152
I have a bump on my forehead that I can't see, but I can feel. My parents think it is a pimple under my skin. What do you think it is? Mar 1, 1997 93
How do you breathe and keep your heart beating without thinking about it? That is so weird! Mar 1, 1997 171
My mom and dad say that coffee stunts your growth. Is that true? Dec 1, 1996 163
I'm twelve years old and a little chubby, but I'm healthy. How can I get stronger, lose weight, and stay healthy on my own. Dec 1, 1996 278
My health teacher says that whole milk is bad for you. Is that true? My mom says that it is fine if you don't eat too many other fatty things? Who is right? Dec 1, 1996 231
I would like to know what to do if you are baby-sitting and there is a fire. Oct 1, 1996 393
My older sister says that if I eat an apple seed, an apple will grow in my body. Is this true? Oct 1, 1996 192
I have pain in the side of my knee. It really hurts. Is my bone broken, or is it a sprain? Sep 1, 1996 227
When I don't wear my glasses I get a headache. And when I do wear them, I still get a headache. Why do I get headaches? Sep 1, 1996 199
What is Lyme disease? How an you prevent it, and what do you do if you get it? Jul 1, 1996 306
I want to know how people get laryngitis. A person I know has it really bad. Jul 1, 1996 147
Why do people sweat when they are hot? Jul 1, 1996 156

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