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Septic-friendly tissue.

Potlatch Consumer Products is introducing SepticSure, a toilet tissue designed for the one American household in four that uses a septic tank, as well as for recreational vehicles and marine use.


According to Bruce Woodlief, the Lewiston, Idaho-based company's director of marketing, the fast-dissolving tissue provides the two-ply softness found in national brand quality products. "The leading national brands are made of paper that does not break down quickly," he says. "Septic systems need tissue paper that breaks down quickly so that it does not contribute to clogging up the septic line. This product is not only quick-dissolving but also provides the benefits of thickness and softness of two-ply tissue so it is soft and comfortable to use."

SepticSure is available in a four-roll pack with a suggested retail price range of $2.59 to $2.99. Woodlief says Potlatch is supporting the introduction with a Web site that helps consumers learn more about the proper maintenance of their septic systems and provides links to other similar sites. "This is a great opportunity for retailers to diversify their bathroom tissue sales," he says. "It meets an unmet demand for many consumers."
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Title Annotation:center store news
Author:Palazzo, Suzanne Vita
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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