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Lasting tribute of Rama to Labella: Completion of 21 gun salute projects before June 30. May 12, 2022 620
Renal Doppler Ultrasound in the Evaluation of Renal Function in Patients with Sepsis. Yu, Aili; Zhao, Qiuhong; Qu, Yimeng; Liu, Guohua Apr 26, 2022 4520
Association of Septic Shock with Mortality in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients in Wuhan, China. Chen, Shaoqiu; Gao, Zitong; Hu, Ling; Zuo, Yi; Fu, Yuanyuan; Wei, Meilin; Zitello, Emory Apr 23, 2022 5777
RANKL Impairs the TLR4 Pathway by Increasing TRAF6 and RANK Interaction in Macrophages. Mota, Ryerson Fonseca; Cavalcanti de Araújo, Paulo Henrique; Cezine, Maria Eduarda Ramos; Matsuo, Fl Report Apr 12, 2022 8974
Profile, presentation and outcomes of prosthetic valve endocarditis in a South African tertiary hospital: Insights from the Groote Schuur Hospital Infective Endocarditis Registry. Mkoko, P.; Cupido, B.J.; Hitzeroth, J.; Chin, A.; Ntsekhe, M. Report Apr 1, 2022 4960
Effects of PARP Inhibitor 3-Aminobenzamide on Impaired Mesenteric Blood Flow and Organ Injury in CLP-Induced Septic Shock Model. Ertac-Serdar, Selda; Atilla, Pergin; Iskit, Alper B. Apr 1, 2022 6604
The Glycocalyx Shedding Influences Hemodynamic and Metabolic Response to Fluid Load in Septic Shock. Ilyina, Yana; Fot, Eugenia; Kuzkov, Vsevolod; Kirov, Mikhail Report Apr 1, 2022 4886
The danger of Sepsis: family almost loses son after thinking sepsis was a cold; 'Once parents are told this is Sepsis, all you can do is hope and pray'. By, Jaimie Kay & Rachel Hains Mar 22, 2022 1323
The danger of Sepsis: family almost loses son after thinking sepsis was a cold; 'Once parents are told this is Sepsis, all you can do is hope and pray'. By, Jaimie Kay & Rachel Hains Mar 22, 2022 1323
The danger of Sepsis: family almost loses son after thinking sepsis was a cold; 'Once parents are told this is Sepsis, all you can do is hope and pray'. By, Jaimie Kay & Rachel Hains Mar 22, 2022 1323
Active COVID-19 cases in Olongapo down to 7. Mar 8, 2022 206
Alleged flogging: 19-month Delta child died of septic shock, autopsy reveals. Mar 2, 2022 312
School flogging: 19-month Delta child died of septic shock, autopsy reveals. Mar 1, 2022 280
Evaluation of Non-intensive Care Unit-Acquired Sepsis and Septic Shock Patients in Intensive Care Unit Outcomes. Sipahioglu, Hilal; Onuk, Sevda; Dirik, Hasan; Bulut, Kadir; Sungur, Murat; Gundogan, Kursat Report Mar 1, 2022 4908
Streptococcal Pharyngitis and Rheumatic Fever. Sujhithra, A.; Jayanthi, S.; Chokkalingam, M.; Vijay, D. Danis; vidhya, R.; Rajaratnam, Sanjay Andre Mar 1, 2022 4289
Fatal septic shock caused by Capnocytophaga canimorsus diagnosed by 16S rRNA gene sequencing. Bergon, Ludovic; Foissac, Maud; Riviere, Brigitte; Steinbach, Marie Isabelle; Catala, Bob; Khatibi, Clinical report Mar 1, 2022 2290
Rapid diagnostics are the critical link to improving sepsis care and addressing AMR. Famoroti, Temitayo; Alkurdi, Muhsen; Ahuja, Aparna Mar 1, 2022 1662
Family tells of grandma's hell after she fell ill abroad; thousands borrowed to get her home. IAN JOHNSON @TeessideLive Feb 25, 2022 470
Nana tells of Spanish 'holiday from hell' -ending with her in a coma and family facing £28k bill; Jennifer Wardle's family have now revealed how they managed to fly her back, after initially facing a £28,000 bill. By, Ian Johnson Feb 24, 2022 486
Noninvasix granted Breakthrough Device Designation for sepsis monitoring technology. Feb 24, 2022 242
Noninvasix granted Breakthrough Device Designation for sepsis monitoring technology. Feb 24, 2022 241
Mum who collapsed with backache wakes up to be told she needs 4 limbs amputated; Sadie Kemp, from Peterborough, had been laughing and joking with her family on Christmas Day, but hours later she was fighting for her life as sepsis ravaged her body. By, Hollie Bone Feb 15, 2022 995
Mum wakes up in 2022 after Christmas collapse to be told docs need to amputate her arms and legs; 'The doctors have told me they are so confused that I'm still here. I shouldn't be alive'. By, Hollie Bone & Ria Tesia Feb 15, 2022 928
Brit mum has fingers amputated and may lose her legs after sepsis spread through her body; Sadie Kemp, from Peterborough, was celebrating festivities with her family on Christmas Day -and was fighting for her life hours later. By, Hollie Bone & Latifa Yedroudj Feb 15, 2022 897
Mum wakes up in 2022 after Christmas collapse to be told docs need to amputate her arms and legs; 'The doctors have told me they are so confused that I'm still here. I shouldn't be alive'. By, Hollie Bone & Ria Tesia Feb 15, 2022 928
Cost of living crisis leaves sick mum-of-one 'begging' on GoFundMe to survive; Camilla Wild and partner, Ian Clark, used all savings during maternity leave with one-year-old son, Joshua, and feared they would lose home. By, Hollie Bone & Brett Gibbons Feb 9, 2022 521
Family of mum with cancer 'beg' for cash on GoFundMe amid cost of living crisis; Camilla Wild, 31, from Bristol says that the cost of living crisis has left her family feeling like they are 'begging' for help after a shock cancer diagnosis has left her unable to work for a year. By, Hollie Bone Feb 8, 2022 779
Student, 20, left fighting for life after mistaking deadly sepsis for 'freshers flu'; Georgia Coulson, 20, Guildford, Surrey, was run down with fever following her first week at university and claims she was twice told it was Covid and then appendicitis. By, Lucy Notarantonio Feb 3, 2022 624
Fatal Case of Mediterranean Spotted Fever Associated with Septic Shock, Iran. Esmaeili, Saber; Latifian, Mina; Khalili, Mohammad; Farrokhnia, Mehrdad; Stenos, John; Shafiei, Mehd Clinical report Feb 1, 2022 1536
Meningokoksemik Septik Sok; Olgu Sunumu ve Literatürün Gözden Geçirilmesi/Meningocoxemic Septic Shock; A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Özkale, Murat; Gökay, Naime; Yildizdas, Dinçer Clinical report Dec 1, 2021 4250
The Prevalence of Sepsis and Septic Shock in a Middle-Income Country: Experience of Two Tertiary Hospitals in Jordan. Omar, Saleh Al; Alshraideh, Jafar Alasad; Khassawneh, Basheer; Muhaisen, Shahd M. Al Clinical report Dec 1, 2021 3876
Wohlfahrtiimonas chitiniclastica Monomicrobial Bacteremia in a Homeless Man. Harfouch, Omar; Luethy, Paul M.; Noval, Mandee; Baghdadi, Jonathan D. Clinical report Dec 1, 2021 1597
The Potential Role of Vitamin B12 in the Prevention of COVID-19 Complications: A Narrative Review. Rai, Srinidhi; Sindhu; Prajna; Rai, B. Shamantha; Pakkala, P. Rithesh Report Dec 1, 2021 4912
Hospital sent me home with 'flu' - but I could have died; student says she had toxic shock after leaving tampon in too long. REBECCA COOLEY Nov 25, 2021 572
Student 'could have died' after doctors misdiagnosed her with 'freshers flu'; Ellie Makin, 18, was rushed to hospital after forgetting to remove her tampon following a night out -but claims doctors dismissed her concerns and advised her it was 'freshers flu'. By, Hollie Bone Nov 24, 2021 1027
Mum who lost legs to deadly infection 'speechless' at strangers' incredible gift; Cher Little, 46, had both legs amputated after contracting Meningococcal Septicaemia. She has been confined to a single room at home but thanks to some incredible strangers will get her independence back. By, Annie Owen & Kate Buck Nov 1, 2021 523
World & nation in 60 seconds. Oct 17, 2021 366
Prognostic Accuracy of QSOFA Score Compared to SOFA Score among Patients with Sepsis. Hamsa, B.T.; Srinivas, S.V.; Prabhakar, K.; Maharaj, L.S.Y.M.; Raveesha, A. Clinical report Oct 11, 2021 3414
Conkers and acorns are extremely dangerous to dogs and can cause toxic shock; Vet warns of the dangers lurking on every autumn walk. By, Hannah Jones Oct 11, 2021 339
Conkers and acorns are extremely dangerous to dogs and can cause toxic shock; Vet warns of the dangers lurking on every autumn walk. By, Hannah Jones Oct 11, 2021 339
Guardian angel girl, 8, saves father's life; DAUGHTER IS DADDY'S LITTLE HERO Child spots danger in middle of night. AMY REAST Oct 4, 2021 404
Girl, eight, saved dad in middle of night after hearing him gasping; "I'll never forget that night for the rest of my life -if Rochelle hadn't stepped in, I would have woken up and found Chris dead in the bed.". By, Neil Shaw Oct 3, 2021 441
No Local Findings after Subclavian Catheter Removal. Is Everything Alright? Case Report. Kihtir, Hasan Serdar; Basaran, Abdurrahman Erdem; Eroglu, Hatice Nur; Kadem, Naz Clinical report Oct 1, 2021 2017
Endoscopic Image-guided treatment of Upper Gastrointestinal foreign body and nursing care of complications. Na Liu Sep 30, 2021 1991
Qatar's National Sepsis Programme raises awareness to help save lives. Sep 13, 2021 731
Prognostic importance of serum presepsin level in pneumonia focal sepsis and its relationship with other biomarkers and clinical severity scores. Ozkan, Seda; Kahveci, Ugur; Hur, Izzettin; Halici, Ali Report Sep 1, 2021 4457
Air Ambulance hero saved granddaughter; Talkback. Aug 21, 2021 161
Fully vaccinated 90-year-old Singaporean man dies of Covid-19 complications; death toll hits 45. Aug 18, 2021 182
Intravenous Vitamin C, Hydrocortisone, and Thiamine for Septic Shock: Update. Clinical report Aug 1, 2021 1781
Drunk? A vowel slur; Countdown Susie's caffeine shock. Ross Kaniuk Jul 18, 2021 314
Non-C. difficile Clostridioides Bacteremia in Intensive Care Patients, France. Morel, Guillaume; Mulier, Guillaume; Ghrenassia, Etienne; Nabey, Moustafa Abdel; Tandjaoui, Yacine; Report Jul 1, 2021 6886
Inotrem Touts Positive Outcome of Interim Futility Analysis for Its Phase IIB ASTONISH Trial in Septic Shock Patients to Demonstrate Nangibotide Efficacy. Jun 14, 2021 583
ViA?t Nam reports 55th COVID-related death. Jun 8, 2021 155
Tragic teenager's mum in fundraiser to save lives. Jun 2, 2021 410
'She was the kindest person I have known' TRIBUTE TO 'BEAUTIFUL' 42-YEAR-OLD WHO DIED AFTER BEDROOM FIRE. AMELIA SHAW Daily Post Reporter Jun 1, 2021 483
Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Antibiotic Stewardship--Antibiotic Usage in Adult Patients: Is It Necessary? When Should It be Concerned?. Onal, Ugur; Akalin, Halis Report Jun 1, 2021 4842
Mediastinitis due to Cervical Osteophytes in a Patient after Hemithyroidectomy. Bayalieva, Ainagul Zholdoshevna; Gardanov, Shamil Damirovich; Surikov, Artem Anatolyevich Clinical report Jun 1, 2021 1796
Covid care-home reckoning must not see a repeat of the struggle to establish why Milly Main died in a Glasgow hospital - Scotsman comment; In 2017, ten-year-old Milly Main, who was in remission from leukaemia, died at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow after going into toxic shock caused by an infection. Scotsman comment May 28, 2021 425
Health ministry reports 46th death related to COVID-19. Obituary May 27, 2021 303
Deaths due to COVID-19 in Olongapo rises to 75. May 17, 2021 184
Early Surgical Intervention Improves Survival in Acute Intestinal Ischemia in the Intensive Care Unit. Bukhari, Hassan Adnan; Kumar, Anand Report May 17, 2021 4231
Masimo announces O3 Regional Oximetry study findings published. Clinical report May 10, 2021 479
Septic shock in patients admitted to intensive care unit with COVID-19 pneumonia. Rollas, Kazim; Ersan, Gursel; Zincircioglu, Ciler; Sahar, Isa; Caliskan, Taner; Kose, Isil Guldogan; May 1, 2021 3785
Factors afffecting the treatment success of patients followed in the intensive care unit with community-acquired pneumonia. Cetin, Nihan; Arslan, Gulten; Eler, Banu Cevik May 1, 2021 5904
SC to give cash aid to judges, court personnel for COVID-19 hospital expenses. Apr 28, 2021 246
Noxopharm's interim trial data indicates Veyondaà potentially prevents cytokine storm in patients with moderately severe COVID-19. Apr 23, 2021 891
Noxopharm files patent for Veyondaà as treatment for septic shock. Apr 7, 2021 563
Serial C1 Inhibitor Levels in Patients with Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia: A Prospective Observational Study. Taskin, Gurhan; Selcuk, Ali; Uysal, Serhat Clinical report Apr 1, 2021 4783
Multiorgan dysfunction syndrome in sepsis: Is macrophage activation syndrome secondary to infection? Nandy, Arnab; Mondal, Tanushree; Sarkar, Mihir; Nag, Shankha Subhra; Chel, Soumita; Ivan, Divyoshanu Report Apr 1, 2021 3172
READ: Henry Sy Jr.'s message of hope and love for daughter's untimely passing. Mar 21, 2021 691
A severity-of-illness score in patients with tuberculosis requiring intensive care. Lalla, U.; Irusen, E.M.; Allwood, B.W.; Taljaard, J.J.; Koegelenberg, C.F.N. Report Mar 1, 2021 4389
The Significance of Asymptomatic Kidney Stones as a Predictive Factor for Sepsis in Critically Ill Older Adults. Taskin, Gurhan; Sekerci, Cagri Akin; Tanidir, Yiloren; Cam, Kamil Mar 1, 2021 4148
Knowledge, attitudes, practices and perceived barriers of emergency health care providers regarding sepsis and septic shock in a tertiary care centre: A cross-sectional study. Ismail, Madiha; Aftab, Umaira; Azizi, Kiran; Khan, Badar Afzal Report Feb 28, 2021 1730
Transcriptomic markers in pediatric septic shock prognosis: an integrative analysis of gene expression profiles. Wang, Qian; Huang, Jie; Chen, Xia; Wang, Jian; Fang, Fang Report Feb 19, 2021 3895
'My baby started grunting and stopped breathing in my arms after going into septic shock'; Sophie Roberts carried Group B Strep throughout her pregnancy and couldn't hold her baby daughter for three weeks while she was treated for meningitis. By, Lydia Stephens Jan 30, 2021 1069
Baby went into septic shock after being sent home without antibiotics. lydia stephens Reporter Jan 29, 2021 990
Endogenous methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus as a source of post-operative surgical site infections. Farwa, Umme; Aftab, Irum; Kaleem, Fatima; Khattak, Mehnaz; Iqbal, Mariam Danish; Butt, Tariq; Abbasi Report Jan 19, 2021 2929
A Novel Nomogram for Predicting Survival in Patients with Severe Acute Pancreatitis: An Analysis Based on the Large MIMIC-III Clinical Database. Han, Didi; Xu, Fengshuo; Li, Chengzhuo; Zhang, Luming; Yang, Rui; Zheng, Shuai; Wang, Zichen Jan 1, 2021 6283
The Value of Combining Carbon Dioxide Gap and Oxygen-Derived Variables with Lactate Clearance in Predicting Mortality after Resuscitation of Septic Shock Patients. Ahmed, Walid; Laimoud, Mohamed Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 7381
Clinical and Laboratory Findings of 12 Children with Invasive Meningococcal Disease in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Kiral, Eylem; Yetimakman, Ayse Filiz Jan 1, 2021 3339
Target Groups for a Short Dexamethasone Course among Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients. Oganesyan, Armen; Menzulin, Ruslan; Surovoy, Yury; Nikiforchin, Andrei; Zykov, Kirill Jan 1, 2021 6209
Unfractionated Heparin Improves the Intestinal Microcirculation in a Canine Septic Shock Model. Zhang, Heng; Sun, Yini; An, Xin; Ma, Xiaochun Jan 1, 2021 5877
Clinical Outcome Predictive Value of Procalcitonin in Patients Suspected with Infection in the Emergency Department. Leroux, Pierre; De Ruffi, Sébastien; Ramont, Laurent; Gornet, Marion; Giordano Orsini, Guillaume; Lo Jan 1, 2021 4518
Lipocalin 10 as a New Prognostic Biomarker in Sepsis-Induced Myocardial Dysfunction and Mortality: A Pilot Study. Wang, Lu; Xie, Wenjie; Li, Guang; Hu, Bo; Wu, Wei; Zhan, Liying; Zou, Handong Report Jan 1, 2021 5024
Antimicrobial Resistance Trends in Staphylococcus aureus Strains Carried by Poultry in North of Morocco: A Preliminary Analysis. Mourabit, Nadira; Arakrak, Abdelhay; Bakkali, Mohammed; Zian, Zeineb; Bakkach, Joaira; Laglaoui, Ami Jan 1, 2021 3852
Factors Associated with Mortality in Severe Acute Cholangitis in a Moroccan Intensive Care Unit: A Retrospective Analysis of 140 Cases. Touzani, Soumaya; El Bouazzaoui, Abderrahim; Bouyarmane, Fatima; Faraj, Kaoutar; Houari, Nawfal; Bou Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 5617
Effect of Prolonged-Release Pirfenidone on Renal Function in Septic Acute Kidney Injury Patients: A Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial. Chávez-Iñiguez, Jonathan S.; Poo, Jorge L.; Ibarra-Estrada, Miguel; García-Benavides, Leonel; Navarr Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 4206
Diagnostic Value of High-Sensitivity Troponin T for Subclinical Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction in Patients with Sepsis. Hai, Pham Dang; Binh, Nguyen Thanh; Tot, Nguyen Hong; Hung, Ha Manh; Hoa, Le Thi Viet; Hien, Nguyen Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 5043
Mum glad to be alive after op. Dec 28, 2020 277
Mum walks again following Covid-19 and sepsis ordeal. REBEKAH MCVEY Dec 26, 2020 529
Retracted: A Rare Reason for Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy: Infectious Sacroiliitis. Medicine, Case Reports in Dec 22, 2020 262
Doctor jailed for medical negligence loses final appeal. Dec 15, 2020 345
Long Noncoding RNA THAP9-AS1 and TSPOAP1-AS1 Provide Potential Diagnostic Signatures for Pediatric Septic Shock. Wu, Yong; Yin, Qigai; Zhang, Xiaobao; Zhu, Pin; Luan, Hengfei; Chen, Ying Report Dec 2, 2020 5377
Gram Positive Bacteria Carriage among Health Care Workers: An Under-Reported Source of Infections? Toshniwal, Vaishnavi; Mudey, Gargi; Khandekar, Aditya; Kubde, Vandana; Mudey, Abhay Dec 1, 2020 3055
Frequency of need for Mechanical Ventilation and Dialysis in Children with Septic Shock. Razzaque, Jaweria; Muhammad, Nazir; Hamid, Muhammad Haroon Report Nov 30, 2020 2694
Damage Control Management of Perforating Pyometra Presenting with Septic Shock after the Return of Spontaneous Circulation. Takamatsu, Jumpei; Kang, Jinkoo; Fukuhara, Aya; Matsuda, Tomoya; Ishida, Tomo Nov 20, 2020 2278
Whitmore cases increase dramatically during flood season. Nov 19, 2020 528
Boy from Bacolod City dies from COVID-19 complications. Nov 13, 2020 179
Coronavirus: 197 new cases, one death, care home in spotlight (Update 2). Nov 2, 2020 432
COVID19: One more elderly death in Cyprus from same care home. fm Nov 2, 2020 516
Coronavirus: 197 new cases, one death, care home in spotlight (Update 2). Nick Theodoulou Nov 2, 2020 372
Acute cardiac injury is associated with adverse outcomes, including mortality in COVID-19 patients: A single-center experience. Naeem, Kashif B.; Hachim, Mahmood Y.; Hachim, Ibrahim Y.; Chkhis, Ayman; Quadros, Rajesh; Hannawi, H Report Nov 1, 2020 4194
Clinical characteristics and in-hospital mortality of COVID-19 adult patients in Saudi Arabia. Abohamr, Samah I.; Abazid, Rami M.; Aldossari, Mubarak A.; Amer, Hala A.; Badhawi, Omar S.; Aljunaid Report Nov 1, 2020 5795
Impacts of Multidrug-Resistant Pathogens and Inappropriate Initial Antibiotic Therapy on the Outcomes of Neonates with Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia. Wang, Hsiao-Chin; Liao, Chen-Chu; Chu, Shih-Ming; Lai, Mei-Yin; Huang, Hsuan-Rong; Chiang, Ming-Chou Nov 1, 2020 7185
Unexpected Fatal Empyema in a Previously Healthy Woman. Aksu, Nalan M.; Ozdamar, Yasemin; Akkas, Meltem Clinical report Nov 1, 2020 1087
Clinical features, diagnosis, complications, and treatment of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children MIS-C during the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review. Abujafer, Mustafa; Dhem, Nawal, Dr.; Idhaym, Naday, Dr. Clinical report Nov 1, 2020 4955
Analysis of volume management by comparing between critical care ultrasound examination and pulse indicator cardiac output in patients with septic shock. Jia Mingwang; Yang Jialin; Peng Fang; Wang Yinling; Liao Guangyuan; Gao Yuanmei Report Oct 31, 2020 2565
Interplay between Nox2 Activity and Platelet Activation in Patients with Sepsis and Septic Shock: A Prospective Study. Tiseo, Giusy; Cavarretta, Elena; Forniti, Arianna; Nocella, Cristina; Sciarretta, Sebastiano; Spagno Clinical report Oct 27, 2020 4358
Another medical negligence claim. Oct 27, 2020 672
Prognostic Role of Left Ventricular Systolic Function Measured by Speckle Tracking Echocardiography in Septic Shock. Hai, Pham Dang; Binh, Nguyen Thanh; Hien, Nguyen Viet Quang; Hoang, Nguyen Huy; Hoan, Vu Ngoc; Son, Report Oct 23, 2020 4923
Quantitative Assessment of Blood Lactate in Shock: Measure of Hypoxia or Beneficial Energy Source. Levitt, David G.; Levitt, Joseph E.; Levitt, Michael D. Report Oct 23, 2020 22398
HO-1/PINK1 Regulated Mitochondrial Fusion/Fission to Inhibit Pyroptosis and Attenuate Septic Acute Kidney Injury. Li, Hai-Bo; Zhang, Xi-Zhe; Sun, Yi; Zhou, Qi; Song, Jian-Nan; Hu, Zhan-Fei; Li, Yun Report Oct 22, 2020 7417
Sen. Villanueva on coping with the loss of mom, sister. Interview Oct 21, 2020 214
Mum almost dies from sepsis after forgetting about toxic tampon for five days; Amy Williamson, 24, was left fighting for life in hospital when she accidentally left her tampon in which turned black and led to sepsis. By, Laura Sharman & Chelsea Heatley & Laura Sharman Oct 10, 2020 798
Use of Gentamicin for Sepsis and Septic Shock in Anaesthesia-Intensive Care Unit: A Clinical Practice Evaluation. Pernod, Cyril; Lamblin, Antoine; Cividjian, Andrei; Gerome, Patrick; Pierre-Francois, Wey Report Oct 1, 2020 4763
Maternal Mortality: 10 Year Experience of a Tertiary Center in Turkey. Fadiloglu, Erdem; Unal, Canan; Tanacan, Atakan; Ocal, Serpil; Kilicaslan, Banu; Akinci, Seda Banu; T Sep 30, 2020 2942
Occupational Therapy in the Time of COVID-19. Dirette, Diane Powers Report Sep 22, 2020 2027
Subclinical Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction in Patients with Septic Shock Based on Sepsis-3 Definition: A Speckle-Tracking Echocardiography Study. Hai, Pham Dang; Phuong, Le Lan; Dung, Nguyen Manh; Hoa, Le Thi Viet; Quyen, Do Van; Chinh, Nguyen Xu Clinical report Sep 21, 2020 4366
Sepsis poses grave mortality risk, early intervention needed: Experts. Sep 7, 2020 771
Qatar raises awareness on sepsis. Sep 6, 2020 578
The Impact of Sex Differences on Renal Protective Effects of Lipopolysaccharide Preconditioning in Septic Shock. Kadkhodaee, Mehri; Seifi, Behjat; Ranjbaran, Mina; Shams, Sedigheh; Delavari, Fatemeh; Najafi, Atefe Sep 1, 2020 4168
Antimicrobial Resistance and Virulence of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus from human, Chicken and Environmental Samples within Live Bird Markets in Three Nigerian Cities. Ogundipe, Flora Olubunmi; Ojo, Olufemi Ernest; Fe[beta]ler, Andrea T.; Hanke, Dennis; Awoyomi, Olajo Report Sep 1, 2020 8127
Treatment of Bloodstream Infections Due to Gram-Negative Bacteria with Difficult-to-Treat Resistance. Bassetti, Matteo; Vena, Antonio; Sepulcri, Chiara; Giacobbe, Daniele Roberto; Peghin, Maddalena Report Sep 1, 2020 9749
Time-to-use of Intravenous Antibiotics in Patients with Sepsis in whom Activation of the Sepsis Fast Track Protocol was Facilitated by the National Early Warning Score. Thuakta, Pannika; Wittayachamnankul, Borwon; Chounjai, Titisuda; Tangsuwanaruk, Theerapon Sep 1, 2020 5106
Thirty-Day Mortality in Septic Shock Patients is Directly Associated with High Disease Severity Score but not with the Length of Stay in the Emergency Department. Elay, Gulseren; Al, Behcet Sep 1, 2020 4009
ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction in the Presence of Septic Shock. Ishmael, Leah; Zalocha, Joseph Aug 31, 2020 1551
PDK1/mTOR Signaling in Myeloid Cells Differentially Regulates the Early and Late Stages of Sepsis. Du, Juan; Li, Guoli; Hua, Mingxi; Han, Junyan; Hao, Yu; Zeng, Hui; Li, Ang; Kong, Yaxian Aug 31, 2020 5686
Former India president Mukherjee dies after Covid diagnosis. Reuters News Service Aug 31, 2020 151
Former Indian President Pranab Mukherjee passed away. Aug 31, 2020 514
33rd COVID-19 death in Vigt Nam. Obituary Aug 31, 2020 199
Association between the Lymphotoxin-[alpha] A252g Gene Polymorphism and the Risk of Sepsis and Mortality: A Meta-Analysis. Guo, Shujin; Zuo, Qiunan; Li, Xiaohui; He, Ye; Zhou, Yutian Report Aug 31, 2020 7183
24th person dies of COVID-19 complications. Aug 16, 2020 178
COVID-19-Associated Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children--United States, March-July 2020. Godfred-Cato, Shana; Bryant, Bobbi; Leung, Jessica; Oster, Matthew E.; Conklin, Laura; Abrams, Josep Aug 14, 2020 5926
Covid-related kids' disease 'changes cells'. Aug 11, 2020 309
MES alumnus' humanitarian act gets wide praise in India. Aug 3, 2020 264
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy and New Approaches in COVID-19 Patients/COVID-19 Hastalarinda Mezenkimal Kok Hucre Tedavisi ve Yeni Yaklasimlar. Ozkan, Serbay; Koyuturk, Meral Aug 1, 2020 4641
Ticagrelor Can Be an Important Agent in the Treatment of Severe COVID-19 Patients with Myocardial Infarction. Aksit, Ercan; Kirilmaz, Bahadir; Gazi, Emine; Aydin, Fatih Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2020 663
Strain-Specific Adaptations of Streptococcus mitis-oralis to Serial In Vitro Passage in Daptomycin (DAP): Genotypic and Phenotypic Characteristics. Mishra, Nagendra N.; Tran, Truc T.; Arias, Cesar A.; Seepersaud, Ravin; Sullam, Paul M.; Bayer, Arno Aug 1, 2020 5640
Taiwan's political leaders offer condolences on Lee Teng-hui's passing. Jul 31, 2020 994
China's TAO says 'Taiwan independence is dead end' after Lee's death. Jul 31, 2020 364
Euglycemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis in a Lung Cancer Patient Using Empagliflozin. Sexe, Jordan; Mayes, Chadwick; Tofts, Peter Jul 31, 2020 2052
A Descriptive Study on Sepsis: Causes, Outcomes, and Adherence to Guidelines on Patients with Sepsis at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Sri Lanka. Matthias, Anne Thushara; Indrakumar, J.; Ranasinghe, Tharushi; Wijekoon, Shalini; Yashodara, Charuni Report Jul 31, 2020 2242
A Retrospective Study of Intestinal Obstruction and Anastomotic Leak in Emergency and Sepsis Cases. Sambasivudu, Chandu; Vineela, Chandu Report Jul 27, 2020 3435
A joy-filled servant pastor remembered. Remedios, Jesse Obituary Jul 24, 2020 1115
Novartis To Help Low-Income Countries With Non-Profit Covid-19 Drugs. Jul 16, 2020 151
KP CM inaugurates specialized COVID-19 model hospital in Peshawar. Jul 10, 2020 589
KP CM inaugurates COVID hospital in City, interchange on Swat Motorway. Jul 9, 2020 818
Current Concepts in Community and Ventilator Associated Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in ICU Patients. Martin-Loeches, Ignacio Jul 1, 2020 5612
How COVID-19 is Changing Behaviors of Population - A Study from Punjab? Ahmad Sadiq, Muhammad Salman Saleem, Muna Malik, Muhammad Irfan Malik, Fahd Kamal Akhtar and Khalid Jun 30, 2020 3928
Delayed Diagnosis of a Diffuse Invasive Gastrointestinal Aspergillosis in an Immunocompetent Patient. Guglielmetti, S.; Jaccard, C.M.; Muhlethaler, K.; Bigler, A.; Springe, D.; Ebnother, L.; Delgado, M. Jun 30, 2020 2030
Noxopharm Starts COVID-19 Trial Programme in Europe. Jun 26, 2020 261
COVID-19 children: 'Kawasaki-like' disease, what we know so far. Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editor Jun 21, 2020 2048
Tributes paid to snooker player Willie Thorne. GEORGE THORPE Jun 19, 2020 170
Snooker cult hero Willie dead at 66. Obituary Jun 18, 2020 228
'Deeply saddened' Lineker leads tributes to Thorne; Snooker. Obituary Jun 18, 2020 233
Association between Blood Pressure after Haemodynamic Resuscitation in the Prehospital Setting and 28-Day Mortality in Septic Shock. Jouffroy, Romain; Saade, Anastasia; Philippe, Pascal; Buffo, Milene; Carli, Pierre; Vivien, Benoit Jun 1, 2020 4281
Consider COVID-19-associated multisystem hyperinflammatory syndrome. Pelton, Stephen I.; Camelo, Ingrid Jun 1, 2020 1105
Ileo-sigmoid knotting: the Parirenyatwa hospital experience. Mbanje, C.; Mungazi, S.G.; Muchuweti, D.; Mazingi, D.; Mlotshwa, M.; Maunganidze, A.J.V. Jun 1, 2020 2565
Albumin-to-Fibrinogen Ratio Independently Predicts 28-Day Mortality in Patients with Peritonitis-Induced Sepsis. Tai, Huiyu; Zhu, Zhiyun; Mei, Haifeng; Sun, Wenbin; Zhang, Wei Clinical report May 31, 2020 5287
Mysterious coronavirus-related illness is showing up in adults in their early 20s; Several patients in their early 20s have been hospitalised with the illness, including a 20-year-old in San Diego and a 25-year-old in New York, according to a new report. By, Shivali Best May 22, 2020 432
Coronavirus: Scores of UK, US children affected by rare inflammatory disease. Afencies May 14, 2020 896
New York leaders sounds alarm over potentially COVID-linked syndrome. May 11, 2020 596
New Symptoms for Coronavirus Perplexes Doctors, Scientists. May 9, 2020 2501
Deadly syndrome in kids 'linked to Covid-19', study finds -but experts urge caution; Scientists have called for perspective after a new clinical study linked a deadly inflammatory syndrome to coronavirus in kids. An "unprecedented cluster" of children were taken to hospital and one died from a stroke. By, John Besley & Ryan Merrifield Clinical report May 7, 2020 655
Baxter announces FRESH study results published. May 6, 2020 406
Kids with coronavirus-related illness 'feel like blood vessels are on fire', doctor says; Sunil Sood, a doctor at Cohen Children's Medical Centre in New York has warned about some of the painful symptoms linked to the coronavirus-related illness. By, Shivali Best May 1, 2020 307
Foreign footballer dies in Chittagong jail. May 1, 2020 170
Tigecycline Therapy for Infections Caused by Extended-Spectrum [beta]-Lactamase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae in Critically Ill Patients. Yu, Wen-Liang; Lee, Nan-Yao; Wang, Jann-Tay; Ko, Wen-Chien; Ho, Chung-Han; Chuang, Yin-Ching May 1, 2020 9262
Discontinuation of Glycopeptides in Patients with Culture Negative Severe Sepsis or Septic Shock: A Propensity-Matched Retrospective Cohort Study. Kim, Yong Chan; Kim, Jung Ho; Ahn, Jin Young; Jeong, Su Jin; Ku, Nam Su; Choi, Jun Yong; Yeom, Joon- May 1, 2020 6410
Acute Pancreatitis Induced by Diabetic Ketoacidosis with Major Hypertriglyceridemia: Report of Four Cases. Bouchaala, Karama; Bahloul, Mabrouk; Bradii, Sabrine; Kallel, Hela; Chtara, Kamilia; Bouaziz, Mounir Apr 30, 2020 2383
It Is Always Early with Point-of-Care Ultrasound. Bitar, Zouheir Ibrahim; Zaalouk, Tamer Mohamed; Maadarani, Ossama Sajeh; Elshabasy, Ragab Desouky Apr 30, 2020 1404
Melioidosis with Septic Shock and Disseminated Infection in a Neutropenic Patient Receiving Chemotherapy. Sukauichai, Sitthi; Pattarowas, Chantana Apr 30, 2020 2326
Coronavirus: Key symptoms of Kawasaki disease that 'may be related to COVID-19'; A handy diagram has emerged, highlighting the key symptoms of Kawasaki disease that parents should be aware of. By, Shivali Best Apr 30, 2020 239
Rare syndrome affecting kids is investigated. Apr 29, 2020 650
Circularity announces new clinical trial of FDA-approved drug and IDE device D'OXYVA in COVID-19 patients. Apr 22, 2020 196
CytoSorbents- CytoSorb improves outcome in pneumonia patients on ECMO. Apr 15, 2020 289
CytoSorbents Corporation wins FDA emergency use authorization for CytoSorb to treat COVID-19 patients. Apr 14, 2020 198
La Jolla providing Giapreza for patients with septic shock due to COVID-19. Apr 3, 2020 182
La Jolla to provide GIAPREZA for named patient emergency use. Apr 2, 2020 154
COVID-19-negative patient in Quezon dies of septic shock. Apr 1, 2020 357
Commercial Cannabinoid Oil-Induced Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Yin, Han Y.; Hadjokas, Nicholas; Mirchia, Kanish; Swan, Robert; Alpert, Samuel Medical condition overview Mar 31, 2020 1844
DOH: Latest deaths from COVID-19 are 14 senior citizens. Mar 28, 2020 847
We caught Covid-19 & survived; coronavirus CRISIS: victims tell of bug fight. JULIE MCCAFFREY Mar 14, 2020 1131
We caught Covid-19 & survived; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: VICTIMS TELL OF BUG FIGHT. JULIE MCCAFFREY Mar 14, 2020 1126
Woman's four limbs amputated after allergic reaction put her into septic shock; WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. Kim Gilliam Steele, 53, had her hands and feet amputated in 2016, but since then has adapted to her new life -she has even gone sky diving and snorkeling. By, Chiara Fiorillo Mar 14, 2020 1805
Mum thought son, 3, had 'nursery bug' but he ended up losing his legs; Gemma Reckless said her son William first started to vomit and had a temperature, but when he developed a rash she took him to hospital, where she learned he had sepsis. By, Jamie Barlow Mar 13, 2020 816
Invasive Group B Streptococcal Infection with Toxic Shock-Like Syndrome in a Postsplenectomy Patient. Mada, Pradeep Kumar; Castano, Gabriel; Chandranesan, Andrew Stevenson Joel Mar 1, 2020 2234
Ruptured Obturator Internus Muscle Abscess Causing Extensive Retroperitoneal Necrosis. Bett, Zablon Mar 1, 2020 2221
Chryseobacterium/Elizabethkingia species infections in Saudi Arabia. Alyami, Abdulaziz M.; Kaabia, Naoufel M.; AlQasim, Marzouq A.; Doghaim, Fahad S. Al; Albehlal, Lulu Mar 1, 2020 2779
Refinement of LPS induced Sepsis in SD Rats to Mimic Human Sepsis. Bhardwaj, Meenakshi; Patil, Rutuja; Mani, Sugumar; Malarvizhi, R.; Vasanthi, Hannah R. Report Mar 1, 2020 5672
Chilling tale of toxic shock; MOVIES. with CHRIS HUNNEYSETT @ChrisHunneysett Feb 28, 2020 353
Chilling tale of toxic shock. with CHRIS HUNNEYSETT Feb 28, 2020 356
Chilling tale of toxic shock. with CHRIS HUNNEYSETT Feb 28, 2020 357
Health Ministry: Penang ICU patient died of septic shock, not Covid-19. Feb 13, 2020 422
Contribution of the Pre-Hospital Blood Lactate Level in the Pre-Hospital Orientation of Septic Shock: The LAPHSUS Study. Jouffroy, Romain; Tourtier, Jean Pierre; Debaty, Guillaume; Bounes, Vincent; Gueye-ngalgou, Papa; Vi Clinical report Feb 1, 2020 2261
Effects of epinephrine on heart rate variability and cytokines in a rat sepsis model. Chang, Yun-Te; Huang, Wei-Chun; Cheng, Chin-Chang; Ke, Meng-Wei; Tsai, Jung-Shun; Hung, Yao-Min; Hua Report Feb 1, 2020 8103
High-Dose IV Vitamin C Does Not Speed Resolution of Septic Shock; Combination of vitamin C, hydrocortisone, thiamine not superior to usual care with hydrocortisone alone. Jan 24, 2020 282
Inotrem signs strategic licensing agreement with Roche for a companion diagnostics test in septic shock. Jan 21, 2020 246
Inotrem signs strategic licensing agreement with Roche for a companion diagnostics test in septic shock. Jan 21, 2020 242
How tragic teenager's mum is helping to save lives around the world; hidden rocks raise awareness about potentially deadly syndrome. EMMA GILL @FamilyManc Jan 2, 2020 486
Anticipated difficult intubation in a septic shock patient. Hasan, S. Shakir Jan 1, 2020 385
A Quality Improvement Project to Evaluate the Implementation of a Sepsis Education Program in a Medical-Surgical Department. Luna, Nadia; Turner, Barbara S.; Carrion, Judith; Silvestri-Elmore, Angela; Burog, Richel Report Jan 1, 2020 2826
Dosing of Antimycotic Treatment in Sepsis-Induced Liver Dysfunction by Functional Liver Testing with LiMAx[R]. Kirchner, Carmen; Sibai, Jasmin; Schwier, Elke; Henzler, Dietrich; Eickmeyer, Claas; Winde, Gunther; Jan 1, 2020 3735
Group A Streptococcal Toxic Shock-Like Syndrome in a Male Presenting as Primary Peritonitis: A Case Report and a Review in Japan. Sakuraba, Shunsuke; Ueda, Shuhei; Tokuda, Satoshi; Ito, Tomoaki; Kushida, Tomoyuki; Sakurada, Mutsum Jan 1, 2020 3215
Prolonged Pediatric Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support with Cardiopulmonary Failure in Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia. Bartkevics, Maris; Hennig, Bert; Gungor, Tayfun; Ammann, Roland; Kadner, Alexander Jan 1, 2020 1228
Emphysematous Pyelonephritis Caused by a Giant Fecaloma. Abdallah, Mikael Abi; Raad, Nehme; Yarak, Naim; Noujeim, Jean Paul; Noujeim, Antoine Jan 1, 2020 1918
A Fatal Case of Septic Shock Secondary to Acinetobacter Bacteremia Acquired from a Platelet Transfusion. Nevala-Plagemann, C.; Powers, P.; Mir-Kasimov, M.; Rose, R. Jan 1, 2020 2336
Soluble Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-(sICAM-) 1, Thrombospondin-1, and Vinculin for the Identification of Septic Shock Patients Suffering from an Invasive Fungal Infection. Decker, Sebastian O.; Incamps, Anne; Sigl, Annette; Uhle, Florian; Bruckner, Thomas; Heininger, Alex Clinical report Jan 1, 2020 8920
New Potential Weapons for Refractory Scleritis in the Era of Targeted Therapy. Fabiani, Claudia; Sota, Jurgen; Sainz-de-la-Maza, Maite; Pelegrin, Laura; Emmi, Giacomo; Lopalco, Gi Clinical report Jan 1, 2020 3433
The Forgotten Hemodynamic (PCO2 Gap) in Severe Sepsis. Bitar, Zouheir Ibrahim; Maadarani, Ossama Sajeh; Shably, AlAsmar Mohammed El-; Elshabasy, Ragab Deso Clinical report Jan 1, 2020 3060
Plasma and Renal Cortex Meropenem Concentrations in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Renal Biopsy. Sepulveda, Rodrigo A.; Downey, Patricio; Soto, Dagoberto; Wong, Kwok-Yin; Leung, Yun-Chung; So, Lok- Dec 31, 2019 4846
Clinical Features, Outcomes, and Risk Factors of Bloodstream Infections due to Stenotrophomonas maltophilia in a Tertiary-Care Hospital of China: A Retrospective Analysis. Chen, Yibing; Suo, Jijiang; Du, Mingmei; Chen, Liangan; Liu, Yunxi; Wang, Leili; Liang, Zhixin Dec 31, 2019 4693
A Delayed Diagnosis of Hemorrhagic Shock in a Patient with Alcoholic Cirrhosis and Ascites on Bedside Ultrasound. Bach, Madeline; Choi, Julian; Smith, Rory A.; Arabian, Sarkis Dec 31, 2019 1856
Transient Central Diabetes Insipidus after Discontinuation of Vasopressin. Carman, Nathaniel; Kay, Carl; Petersen, Abigail; Kravchenko, Maria; Tate, Joshua Dec 31, 2019 1903
Intestinal Tuberculosis Masquerading as Crohn's Disease? A Case of Disseminated Tuberculosis after Anti-TNF Therapy for Suspected Crohn's Disease. Abadir, Alexander P.; Han, James Y.; Youssef, Fady A. Dec 31, 2019 1381
Prolonged Myelosuppression due to Progressive Bone Marrow Fibrosis in a Patient with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Inagawa, Yuta; Komeno, Yukiko; Saito, Satoshi; Maenohara, Yuji; Yamagishi, Tetsuro; Kawashima, Hiroy Dec 31, 2019 3819
Acute Pulmonary Aspergillosis as a Severe Complication of Influenza, Pneumococcal Pneumonia, and Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia in ICU. Seitz, Tamara; Hoepler, Wolfgang; Neuhold, Stephanie; Wenisch, Christoph Disease/Disorder overview Dec 31, 2019 2583
Propionibacterium acnes Osteomyelitis after Intraosseous Cannulation in a Child. Cole, Keegan A.; Banerjee, Samik; Dipreta, John A. Dec 31, 2019 2482
Salmonella typhimurium Endocarditis and Myocarditis in a Cat. Vercelli, Andrea; Lo Cicero, Enrico; Pazzini, Luca Dec 31, 2019 3594
Using pC[O.sub.2] Gap in the Differential Diagnosis of Hyperlactatemia Outside the Context of Sepsis: A Physiological Review and Case Series. Waldauf, Petr; Jiroutkova, Katerina; Duska, Frantisek Dec 31, 2019 6048
Prevalence and Management of Septic Shock among Children Admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital, Longitudinal Survey. Vekaria-Hirani, Varsha; Kumar, Rashmi; Musoke, Rachel N.; Wafula, Ezekiel M.; Chipkophe, Idris N. Dec 31, 2019 5424
The ABCCs of sepsis: A framework for understanding the pathophysiology of sepsis. Ladha, El; House-Kokan, Michelle; Gillespie, Mary Disease/Disorder overview Dec 22, 2019 5488
Dengue toll in Sindh rises to 45 as two more die in Karachi. Dec 8, 2019 194
Two more die of Dengue Fever induced complications. Dec 1, 2019 280
Two more succumb to dengue. Dec 1, 2019 268
Two more die of Dengue Fever induced complications. Dec 1, 2019 280
Dengue claims two more lives; Sindh toll stands at 42. Dec 1, 2019 286
Compliance with the Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines for early resuscitation does not translate into improved outcomes in patients with surgical sepsis in South Africa. Green, S.; Smith, M.T.D.; Kong, V.Y.; Skinner, D.L.; Bruce, J.L.; Laing, G.L.; Brysiewicz, P.; Clark Dec 1, 2019 3678
Streptococcus suis-Associated Meningitis, Bali, Indonesia, 2014-2017. Susilawathi, Ni Made; Tarini, Ni Made Adi; Fatmawati, Ni Nengah Dwi; Mayura, Putu I.B.; Suryapraba, Dec 1, 2019 6407
Comparison of Pulmonary Artery Catheter and Central Venous Catheter for Early Goal Directed Targeted Therapy in Sepsis and Septic Shock. Elay, Gulseren; Coskun, Ramazan; Gundogan, Kursat; Guven, Muhammet; Sungur, Murat Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 4533
Pasteurella multocida Septic Shock: Case Report and Literature Review. Ajameely, A.; Wali, G. Nov 30, 2019 1579
Mum's horror as veg steamer tipped over son's head leaving him with horror burns; Little Dougie had nine litres of boiling water poured over half of his body when mum Nadia was cooking and video-calling in the kitchen. He suffered third-degree burns to his face, neck and chest. By, Tiffany Lo Nov 10, 2019 501
Woman left fighting for life after catching flesh-eating bug from infected cat scratch; WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES -Shirley Hair, 65, of Winterbourne, Bristol, was left fighting for her life after the would became infected. By, Elaine McCahill Nov 3, 2019 485
The utility of hyperlactataemia in the definition of septic shock: Evaluating the Sepsis-3 definitions in a sub-Saharan African intensive care unit. Elhouni, A.A.; de Vasconcellos, K. Nov 1, 2019 4568
Early Infectious Diseases Consult May Lower Sepsis Mortality; In-hospital mortality reduced among patients receiving severe sepsis, septic shock treatment bundle. Oct 31, 2019 266
Pediatric cardiac arrest in the emergency department: Outcome is related to the time of admission. Ali Yurtseven, Caner Turan, Funda Karbek Akarca and Eylem Ulas Saz Oct 31, 2019 4361
Marian Hanna, MPH: Launches a Kickstarter for 100% Organic, Non-toxic, 100% Biodegradable Feminine Hygiene Brand. Oct 31, 2019 1071
Elderly man dies of dengue fever in Karachi. Oct 24, 2019 210
Elderly man dies of dengue fever in Karachi. Oct 23, 2019 220
Study discovers enzyme that may prevent streptococci infection. ANI Oct 19, 2019 497
Woman Contracts Deadly Blood Infection After Using Tampon. Darwin Malicdem Oct 10, 2019 359
Baby girl dies in agony after killer dad melts skin in scalding shower; Germanii Amarii Stewart, one, was found by police crying and writhing in pain after the horrific ordeal. By, Amber Hicks Oct 9, 2019 335
Global Opera Legend Jessye Norman Dies At 74. AFP News Obituary Oct 1, 2019 694
Global Opera Legend Jessye Norman Dies At 74: Family. AFP News Obituary Oct 1, 2019 356
Jessye Norman, international opera star, dead at 74. Mesfin Fekadu AP Music Writer Obituary Oct 1, 2019 424
Does the time between ordering and administering the first dose of antibiotic influences outcome in septic shock patients? Algethamy, Haifa M.; Arab, Abeer A.; Morish, Ayman; Meriky, Lama H.; Numan, Mohammad S.; Alotaibi, A Oct 1, 2019 4803
Sepsis and septic shock. Gupta, Mayuri; Sharma, Shivani; Bansal, Pranav; Sehrawat, Priyanka Oct 1, 2019 1574
The Role of Blood Cortisol Levels in the Prognosis for Pediatric Septic Shock. Phung, Nguyen The Nguyen; Doan, Thi Ngoc Diep; Tran, Diep Tuan Report Oct 1, 2019 3797
The Conundrum of Septic Shock Imitators in Patients with Hematologic Cancers: Case Presentation and Possible Differential Diagnoses. Berlot, Giorgio; Moratelli, Giulia; Tarchini, Martina; Battaglia, Katiuscia; Grassi, Paolo; Zarrillo Sep 30, 2019 4592
Multiorgan Drug Action of Levosimendan in Critical Illnesses. Pan, Jian; Yang, Yun-Mei; Zhu, Jian-Yong; Lu, Yuan-Qiang Clinical report Sep 30, 2019 6138
Epinephrine Market Projected to Experience Major Revenue Boost during the Period between 2018-2026. Sep 27, 2019 789
Epinephrine Market Expectations & Growth Trends Highlighted until 2026. Sep 26, 2019 802
Widow's plea after dad, 60, dies as doctors miss signs of sepsis; Simon Healey's widow, Alison, was 'fobbed off' by doctors as he began to deteriorate. Sep 13, 2019 553
US FDA Grants Fast Track Designation to Nangibotide Development Programme for the Treatment of Septic Shock. Sep 5, 2019 542
Every Scot should know these five warning signs that could save a life -- Dr Catherine Calderwood. Sep 5, 2019 630
Inotrem awarded FDA Fast Track Designation for Nangibotide development programme for septic shock. Sep 3, 2019 202
Inotrem awarded FDA Fast Track Designation for Nangibotide development programme for septic shock. Sep 3, 2019 198
Procalcitonin testing as an aid to antibiotic stewardship. Levy, H. Roma; Sayegh, Monet Sep 1, 2019 4497
Streptococcus constellatus Peritonitis and Subsequent Septic Shock following Intrauterine Device Removal. Tymon-Rosario, Joan; Atrio, Jessica M.; Yoon, Hyun Ah; Erlichman, David; Lerner, Veronica Aug 31, 2019 3337
Leclercia adecarboxylata Cholecystitis with Septic Shock in Immunocompetent Patient. Merza, Nooraldin; Lung, John; Taha, Ahmed; Qasim, Ahmed; Frost, Jill; Naguib, Tarek Aug 31, 2019 3175
Use of Direct Hemoperfusion with Polymyxin B-Immobilized Fiber for the Treatment of Septic Shock Complicated with Lemierre Syndrome Caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum. Kodama, Yoshiyuki; Takahashi, Gaku; Kan, Shigenori; Masuda, Takayuki; Ishibe, Yoriko; Akimaru, Rise; Aug 31, 2019 2037
Surgical Management Outcome of Intestinal Obstruction and Its Associated Factors at University of Gondar Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia, 2018. Mariam, Tesfamichael G.; Abate, Addisu Taye; Getnet, Mehammed Adem Clinical report Aug 31, 2019 5259
Gas6/TAM Axis in Sepsis: Time to Consider Its Potential Role as a Therapeutic Target. Salmi, Livia; Gavelli, Francesco; Patrucco, Filippo; Caputo, Marina; Avanzi, Gian Carlo; Castello, L Aug 31, 2019 9123
Devastated family to sue after man's tragic death; Virus: John, 43, contracted legionella. Aug 21, 2019 350
Dengue fever claims another life in Karachi. Aug 20, 2019 333
Dengue fever claims another life in Karachi. Aug 20, 2019 345
Dengue fever claims another life in Karachi. Aug 19, 2019 347
US FDA Clears Inotrem Investigational New Drug for the Phase IIB ASTONISH Trial in Septic Shock Patients to Demonstrate Nangibotide Efficacy. Aug 7, 2019 689
Low Cortisol Levels as a Cause of Hypotension During Extended ICU Stay/Uzamis Yogun Bakim Yatisi Sirasinda Gelisen Hipotansiyon Sebebi Olarak Dusuk Kortizol Seviyeleri. Talan, Leyla; Guven, Goksel; Altintas, Neriman Defne Aug 1, 2019 4380
Association between Elevated Serum Tau Protein Level and Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy in Patients with Severe Sepsis. Zhao, Teng; Xia, Yan; Wang, Dawei; Pang, Li Jul 31, 2019 4726
A scratch from stray cat almost killed me; Mum tells of toxic shock horror. Jul 22, 2019 389
Cardiac Arrest Following Liposuction: A Case Report of Lidocaine Toxicity. Mrad, Sandra; Tawil, Chady El; Sukaiti, Waleed A.; Chebl, Ralph Bou; Dagher, Gilbert Abou; Kazzi, Zi Jul 1, 2019 2335
Prediction of anastomotic leakage after anterior rectal resection. Jun 30, 2019 3492
Reevaluating the Role of Corticosteroids in Septic Shock: An Updated Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Lian, X.-J.; Huang, D.-Z.; Cao, Y.-S.; Wei, Y.-X.; Lian, Z.-Z.; Qin, T.-H.; He, P.-C.; Liu, Y.-H.; W Clinical report Jun 30, 2019 8301
Capnocytophaga canimorsus as Cause of Fatal Sepsis. Hundertmark, Moritz; Williams, Tatjana; Vogel, Anja; Moritz, Maria; Bramlage, Peter; Pagonas, Nikola Jun 30, 2019 1999
Use of Ceftolozane/Tazobactam in a Case of Septic Shock by Puerperal Sepsis. Pezzi, Mario; Scozzafava, Anna Maria; Giglio, Anna Maria; Vozzo, Renata; Casella, Patrizia Dina; Tib Jun 30, 2019 3066
Epinephrine Market Scenario Highlighting Major Drivers & Trends, 2018-2028. Jun 4, 2019 724
Epinephrine Market Scenario Highlighting Major Drivers & Trends, 2018-2028. Jun 4, 2019 710
COMPARING THE VALUES OF SERUM HIGH DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN (HDL) LEVEL IN NEONATAL SEPSIS. Macooie, Ali Aghayar; Fakhraie, Seyed Hasan; Afjeh, Seyed Abulfazl; Kazemian, Mohammad; Kolahi, Ali Jun 3, 2019 3666
Atrial Fibrillation in Patients with Septic Shock: A One-Year Observational Pilot Study. Steinberg, Irene; Brogi, Etrusca; Pratali, Lorenza; Trunfio, Danila; Giuliano, Greta; Bignami, Elena Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 4606
Disseminated strongyloidiasis in an immunocompetent male: A Case Report. Report May 31, 2019 1660
An Insidious Gastrointestinal Bleeding from Secondary Aortoduodenal Fistula Leading to Septic Shock. Khan, Ahmad; Ahmad, Ejaz; Javaid, Saad; Sankari, Mohamed Riad Report May 31, 2019 2041
Influenza A Viral Infection with Septic Shock in Pregnancy. Lwin, Soe; Yi, Myat San; Leong, May Shi; Suharjono, Haris; Nwe, Tin Moe May 31, 2019 2437
Does Whole-Blood Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin Stratify Acute Kidney Injury in Critically Ill Patients? Cuartero, M.; Betbese, A.J.; Nunez, K.; Baldira, J.; Ordonez-Llanos, J. Clinical report May 31, 2019 6015
dad's heartbreaking message a year after losing his daughter. ZOE CHAMBERLAIN Feature Writer May 15, 2019 1112
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in Oman: Current Situation and Going Forward. Awaidy, Salah T. Al; Khamis, Faryal Report May 1, 2019 1599
A 63-Year-Old Man with Markedly Increased Whole Blood Lactate and Discrepant Plasma Lactate Values. Zhou, Huifang; McCoy, Diane G.; Scott, Mitchell G. May 1, 2019 518
Urinary TIMP2 and IGFBP7 Identifies High Risk Patients of Short-Term Progression from Mild and Moderate to Severe Acute Kidney Injury during Septic Shock: A Prospective Cohort Study. Maizel, Julien; Daubin, Delphine; Van Vong, Ly; Titeca-Beauport, Dimitri; Wetzstein, Morgane; Kontar Clinical report Apr 30, 2019 5842
Case Report of Gastrointestinal Bleeding in an Adult with Chronic Visceral Acid Sphingomyelinase Deficiency. Cassiman, David; Libbrecht, Louis; Meersseman, Wouter; Wilmer, Alexander Apr 30, 2019 2266
Uncoupling Protein 2 Drives Myocardial Dysfunction in Murine Models of Septic Shock. Tang, Rong; Qi, Ping-ping; Liu, Yan-song; Jia, Liu; Liu, Rui-jin; Wang, Si-cong; Wang, Chang-song; G Apr 30, 2019 4441
The cAMP Pathway Amplifies Early MyD88-Dependent and Type I Interferon-Independent LPS-Induced Interleukin-10 Expression in Mouse Macrophages. Ernst, Orna; Glucksam-Galnoy, Yifat; Athamna, Muhammad; Ben-Dror, Iris; Ben-Arosh, Hadar; Levy-Rimle Apr 30, 2019 8624
Epinephrine Market Segmentation, Industry trends and Development to 2026. Apr 2, 2019 899
Canada Extends Commitment To Stem Cell Network With Multi-Year $18M Investment. Apr 1, 2019 216
Canada Extends Commitment To Stem Cell Network With Multi-Year $18M Investment. Apr 1, 2019 216
Sudden Onset Nephrotic-Range Proteinuria. Fromonot, Julien; Marlinge, Marion; Petit, Camille; Burtey, Stephane; Guieu, Regis Apr 1, 2019 658
The use of Vasoactive-Inotropic Score in Adult Patients with Septic Shock in Intensive Care/Yogun Bakimda Septik Soklu Eriskin Hastalarda Vazoaktif Inotropik Skor Kullanimi. Kara, Iskender; Sargin, Mehmet; Bayraktar, Yesim Serife; Eyiol, Hatice; Duman, Ipek; Celik, Jale Ben Apr 1, 2019 5580
Unusual Presentation of Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis in a Kidney Transplant Patient. Yang, Danwen; Thamcharoen, Natanong; Marcus, Chelsea; Varkaris, Andreas; Aird, William; Khankin, Eli Mar 31, 2019 2343
The Impact of EGDT on Sepsis Mortality in a Single Tertiary Care Center in Lebanon. Khuri, Christopher El; Dagher, Gilbert Abou; Chami, Ali; Chebl, Ralph Bou; Amoun, Tarek; Bachir, Ran Mar 31, 2019 6507

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