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Septic Bone and Joint Surgery.

Septic Bone and Joint Surgery

Reinhard Schnettler and Hans-Ulrich Steinau

Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc., 2010

Hard Cover, 328 pages, 524 illustrations, $199.95

Though numerous textbooks highlight the salient points in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic osteomyelitis, few books to date provide in-depth coverage of all aspects of osteomyelitis. This first English edition of Schnettler and Steinau's Septic Bone and Joint Surgery, published by Thieme, provides a practical step-by-step reference for any orthopaedic resident, fellow, or practicing surgeon. While financial support for the text was provided by the industry, no form of commercialism is found within the text.

The basic layout of the book is organized into eight color-tabbed chapters that offer an easy and quick reference. The textbook begins with the historical background of osteomyelitis and its treatment, appropriate basic science, and a discussion on the pathophysiology of orthopaedic infection. It then goes on to cover all relevant aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic osteomyelitis, including radiologic imaging, nuclear medicine, antibiotic treatment, surgical techniques, plastic surgery reconstruction, treatment of infected prostheses, and arthrodesis techniques for infected joints.

Each chapter is well organized with color titles, subtitles, and user-friendly text columns. Within its 328 pages, there are over 500 high-quality, full-color illustrations and photos demonstrating the clinical presentations, radiographic anatomy, and surgical techniques discussed in the text. Color coded boxes on each page provide a succinct summary of the key learning points, with tips and tricks highlighted in the text. The tables are clearly labeled and easy to read. Numerous case reports are also provided within the chapters, which make the textbook user-friendly and clinically oriented. The surgical treatment of various types of orthopaedic infection is clearly communicated with step-by-step clinical photos and captions detailing each procedure. The chapter on antibiotic therapy has a reference chart of various types of antibiotic profiles, with indications, dosages, and side effects. This important information could be organized in a better manner, perhaps in tabular form.

The authors and contributors are based in Germany and represent a spectrum of clinical leaders in each field, those of orthopedic trauma, plastic surgery, radiology, infectious diseases, and medicine. Other textbooks (Orthopedic Infection: Diagnosis and Treatment by Gustilo RB, Gruninger RP, and Tsukayama DT, 1989; Diagnosis and Management of Bone Infections by Jauregui LE, 1995; and Musculoskeletal Infections by Calhoun JH and Mader J, 2003) have been dedicated strictly to the diagnosis, pathology, and treatment of osteomyelitis. Septic Bone and Joint Surgery is up to date and enhanced by a user-friendly format and descriptive and well conceived illustrations and photographs. These features make-up somewhat for the lack of multimedia enrichment often provided in similar-types of text books that include a CD or DVD.

In summary, this concise yet comprehensive, well illustrated and pictured user-friendly text provides an excellent resource for orthopaedic, plastic, and general surgeons at all stages of training and practice. I believe it is of value for those currently in training and for the orthopaedic surgeon with an interest in acute and chronic infections of the bone.

Reviewed by Kenneth A. Egol, M.D.
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Author:Egol, Kenneth A.
Publication:Bulletin of the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2010
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