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September--October 1944.

September 1 Canadian troops liberate Dieppe, France. September 3 On the heels of retreating Germans, British forces enter Brussels, Belgium. September 8 The first German V2 rocket to hit London explodes in the Chiswick section, killing three people. September 11 In Quebec City, President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill open the Octagon Conference, which produces a British commitment to help finish off Japan after Germany's surrender. September 11 American troops move through Luxembourg to probe enemy positions north of Trier, Germany. September 15 Swarming ashore across five beaches, the US 1st Marine Division invades Peleliu, in the Western Pacific's Palau Islands. September 17 The Allies launch Operation Market Garden, a doomed effort to enter Germany through the Netherlands, bypassing Germany's western defenses. September 19 After six weeks of fighting, Americans capture Brest on France's Brittany coast, and some 35,000 German soldiers. September 22 Soviet troops seize Tallinn, Estonia's capital. September 26 Advancing up the Italian boot, British Eighth Army units cross the Rubicon River. September 27 Besieged Brits and Poles surrender after a desperate nine-day fight to hold a key bridge at Arnhem, Holland, as part of Market Garden. October 2 For more than two months, Polish troops and civilians have battled German occupiers in an uprising in Warsaw, Poland. On this day, the resistance forces surrender their bombed-out city. October 7 Sonderkommandos (Jewish prisoners forced to guard fellow captives) attack their German SS guards with improvised weapons at the Birkenau death camp near Auschwitz (Oswiecim), Poland, and destroy a crematorium in a bold but quickly smashed revolt. October 12-14 Carrier planes from Admiral William Halsey's US Third Fleet pound Japanese installations on Formosa (Taiwan). October 14 In Greece, British troops and Greek partisans secure Athens and Piraeus after driving out German troops. October 14-15 American and British bombers blast Duisburg, in Germany's Ruhr Valley. October 15 Soviet Red Army troops take over Latvia's capital, Riga. October 20 More than two years after the Philippines fell to Japan, General Douglas MacArthur wades ashore on the Philippine island of Leyte, keeping his 1942 promise to return as a liberator. October 21 US troops secure Aachen, Germany, after 10 bloody days of street fighting. October 21 Joined by Soviet troops, Marshal Josip Broz Tito's Yugoslav partisans drive the last German occupiers from Belgrade. October 23-26 Looking to disrupt American landings in the Philippines and win a decisive naval victory, Japanese naval forces attack the US Third Fleet outside Leyte Gulf. The multi-phase battle that follows leaves Japan's Combined Fleet virtually destroyed. October 25 Soviet troops capture northern Norway's port city of Kirkenes. October 31 In a raid designed to aid the Danish resistance, British bombers blitz Gestapo headquarters at Aarhus, Denmark.


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