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September 1991.

* Arts and Leisure: The September 1991 issue of LD+A focused on Museums & Exhibitions. The cover story addressed the rescue of Philadelphia's Franklin Institute Railroad Hall. Founded in 1934, the museum was a major tourist attraction for train enthusiasts of all ages, but had fallen into decline after years of neglect. Lighting played a major part in the rescue of the American treasure. Lawrence Silverman, Transtek president, envisioned general architectural lighting for the gallery, display lighting for exhibits and creating a sense of theater through decorative and performance lighting. A combination of MR16 accent lighting, decorative pendant lights and a programmable dimmer system put the aging exhibit back on track.

* Hurry Sundown: In "Crazy Horse Commands Attention," sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski (famous for his work on Mount Rushmore) was contacted by Chief Henry Standing Bear to sculpt The Crazy Horse Memorial (photo, bottom). "My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to know the red man has great heroes, too." Sculpting began on June 3, 1948 on Thunderhead Mountain in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Hubbell Lighting, Mlazger and Associates and Jim Muehl, Border States Electric Supply, undertook lighting the ongoing work. Lights were placed hundreds of feet from the mountain, using a fixture and a lamp combination that could throw a tightly focused beam. The 600 ft-high monolith is illuminated and backlighted, giving the memorial a new life after sundown. "It gives you goose bumps when the huge mountain looms up out of the darkness," said Robb DeWall, spokesman for the memorial. Ziolkowski passed away in 1982, but his wife, Ruth, and seven of his children carry on the work to this day.

* What's New and Hip?: During the '80s and '90s newly affluent yuppies were spreading their disposable income everywhere in New York City. One trend was to invest in converting old industrial buildings in SoHo into art galleries. "On the Light Track" covered the Snyder Fine Arts Gallery, which used a track lighting system suspended below the high ceilings, hovering at the line of huge column capitals to highlight and dramatize the sculptural qualities of these spaces.

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