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Sept. 9--public works committee.

* Mary Lou Bergman outlined the water issues that she experienced at her Queen Street North, Oakland home which is located in a low area. She believed that the issues were worsened by the reconstruction of Simcoe Street and Oakland Road with curb and gutter, and the construction of the subdivision on the western side of Simcoe Street. She indicated that water came up to her home and has reached a point where mushrooms grow in her basement because of the water and moisture, and that the water pools on the property. She noted that a berm had been installed at the edge of her property in attempt to slow the water, but that it has been ineffective. She requested that the county come up with a solution to properly direct stormwater runoff away from her property.

* Peter Donn noted that storm-water runoff is directed towards his property on Queen Street North, Oakland, and suggested that he could provide an easement to the county to address the water runoff. He noted that the catch basin on Queen Street North plugged frequently, and did not slow the flow of water. He noted issues with water that ran across his property to neighbouring properties, and requested that the county figure out a solution for the water issues.

* Mike Tout, Director of Roads, explained that because there was not a secure outlet for the stormwater in the area, it would require a complex and expensive solution to mitigate the issues and to develop and secure an outlet, and would likely require the completion of a Class Environmental Assessment. The committee concurred that the matter would be referred to the 2015 budget, and directed staff to examine an interim solution to lessen the impact of the stormwater problem.

* Michael Bradley, Chief Executive Officer of Brant Municipal Enterprises, discussed the county's LED streetlighting conversion project. Coun. Cardy declared a pecuniary interest and removed himself from the meeting during the presentation and committee consideration.

Bradley noted that through BME's assumption of the activities of the former Brant County Power Services Inc., BME is responsible for maintenance activities on the county's streetlights and outlined BME's two core business units, Brant Renewable Energy and Brant Fibreoptics. He explained that BME can use its current expertise to manage the county's streetlighting conversion program. He outlined three different options for BME to be involved in the conversion, noting that these options have been presented to the BME board of directors who have authorized BME to undertake Option 3:

1. Assume full control of the county's streetlighting assets, and undertake the upgrades itself, using the savings from the upgrade to finance the project and derive profits. Under this model, some escalation of BME's annual fees back to the county would be required, as long-term increases in energy costs would eventually make this unprofitable.

2. Provide full proj ect management for an LED streetlight conversion for the county. Under this scenario, BME would enter into a contract with the county to deliver a streetlighting upgrade, and project manage either all or portions of the upgrade; the project could see BME procuring product, overseeing logistics, and retaining installation expertise,

3. Provide project oversight to a competitive process for an LED streetlight conversion. Under this scenario, BME would act in the roll of a consultant and oversee either a Request for Expressions of Interest or a Request for Proposals. BME would bill the county for its efforts on a consultant basis.

In response to questions from the committee, Bradley noted that Ontario Energy Board (OEB) regulations prevent Brant County Power from undertaking the conversion as it would cross into current Hydro One service territory, and that the current labour force would not be sufficient to complete the conversion. He noted that similar limitations would apply to the purchaser of BCP, Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro. He further explained that the estimated cost to complete the conversion is $2.6 million financed over 10 years, with savings from electricity costs and maintenance to cover the financing costs.

In response to a question from Mayor Eddy, Cynthia Compeau, General Manager of Public Works, noted that Public Works Department staff were supportive of BME's proposal.

Mayor Eddy requested additional infonnation be presented to council during consideration of this request, notably an outline of the estimated financial details associated with the conversion including the cost to replace lights, and potential cost savings.
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Date:Oct 31, 2014
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