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Sept. 16--Paris Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee.

* Member Kerr welcomed Mr. Beedham, Mr. Webb and Mr. Grob from the Brant Youth Volleyball Club.

* Beedham said that the Brant Youth Volleyball Club had 12 competitive pair's teams and 24 children in the house league program. The children were 12 to 18 years old. The committee looked at various locations and the ideal location was determined to be Green Lane Sports Complex. They have looked into grants and fundraising opportunities.

* Beedham stated they were proposing three courts, but would like to have the option of expanding to add three more courts at a later date. Six courts were required to be able to run a tournament that would be sanctioned by the Ontario Volleyball Association. Coun. Atfield said he would like the organization and players to help volunteer with the maintenance.

* The Brant Youth Volleyball Club would use the courts about three nights during the week and about one weekend a month for tournaments. Other groups could also use the courts. There were no adult programs. The group only used the courts during the summer months when lighting in the evening was not a concern. Webb said they had looked at lighting as a consideration, but not in the initial proposal. The group had only done preliminary research on grants available. Volleyball Canada likely would not contribute funding. Most participants would be from the St. George area, but if the group had a permanent central location, it could attract more children from different areas.

* The location at Green Lane Sports Complex conflicted with a couple of the holes from the disc golf course. Darrin Ayres had spoken with Mr. Bereziuk from the disc golf organization about these concerns. The volleyball courts required a north to south orientation, but the location could be moved slightly. The proposed location required very minimal cutting.

* The fence was similar to a low level garden fence, to keep the ball from rolling out of the courts. The fence was not a permanent fixture, and is used during play. The club would assist with the topping up of the sand on the courts each year. If high quality nets and posts were installed, they should last a long time. Five posts and three nets would be needed for the three proposed courts. If high quality sand was used and if drainage was good, the courts would require little maintenance. A small shed would be needed. Ayres noted that a storage building would need to be built. The group was encouraged to include the shed in any grant applications.

* Revenue rental for the courts was discussed. The club was charged $22 per hour to use Brantford's courts. Ballantyne noted that there was revenue potential from other groups booking the courts.

* Mrs. Smith questioned if the costs could be lower on the initial installation. Coun. Atfield will inquire whether Lafarge could supply the required type of sand needed for the courts.

* Mrs. Smith questioned whether the courts could be installed at Paris Lions Park. Ayres said there would be no room for expansion there because trees had been planted in that area. In the original plan for Green Lane Sports Complex, beach volleyball courts were intended for that location.

* Ayres said that with every addition to Green Lane Sports Complex, there would be greater need for more parking.

* DeLaronde noted that the Community Services department could look at programming the beach volleyball courts for groups other than the Brant Youth Volleyball Club.

* Coun. Atfield pointed out that the courts would not require a lot of upkeep and this use was not offered in other parts of the county. It would be a great opportunity for local youth.

* The Paris Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee supported the concept plan as presented by the Brant Youth Volleyball Club that specified the installation of six beach volleyball courts at Green Lane Sports Complex. The committee supported including $8,000 as a 2015 Capital Projects request towards Phase One, which includes the installation of three beach volleyball courts at the Green Lane Sports Complex and working with county staff to explore other funding.

* Member Smith was concerned with the breakdowns inside the Brant Sports Complex. Ayres said most of the warranties had expired, but anything that did occur within the first year was still covered.

* Member Williams noted that the lighting on the walkway to the Paris Lawn Bowling Club was not sufficient. He also requested an update on the building.

* Ballantyne said the Paris Lawn Bowling Club building will become a seasonal building and will only be used during the lawn bowling season. The building will be winterized and not used during the winter months.

* Member Williams said that the plaque and picture of Syl Apps should be moved to the Brant Sports Complex or a copy placed at the Brant Sports Complex.

* Ballantyne reported that the farmers market ran again this year at Syl Apps Community Centre. It was better attended than last year. The playground equipment at Syl Apps will be planned this fall with installation occurring in the spring.

* Placing washrooms at Paris Lions Park was being affected by the topography of the park and the current placement of equipment. The demolition will most likely occur in October. The foundation for the band shell should be poured in November and the rest completed in the spring.
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Date:Oct 31, 2014
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