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Separate strength training from long runs.

I'm in the middle of my marathon training and wondered should I taper strength training as I approach the race? I typically lift weights, including lower body exercises, the day after my long run (in addition to two other times per week). Should I phase this out as I taper for the marathon, or simply cut out the lower body exercises?

The day after a long run should be an easy day--you certainly shouldn't be doing strength training. Your goal at this point should be to maintain strength and maximize explosiveness. You can accomplish that with just two workouts a week, focusing on higher weights. It's a little late for this race, but you should move away from body-part training many weeks prior to any major event. Your strength training should reflect that the body works as an integrated whole, not in parts, particularly with running.

Steven Fender

Burlington, VT

Stephen Holt, CSCS, PES

Lutherville, MD
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Date:Jul 1, 2011
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