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Seoul says N Korea sank patrol ship.

5/20/2010 1:21:04 AM

A torpedo fired by a North Korean submarine was responsible for the sinking of a South Korean warship with the loss of 46 lives, investigators in Seoul have announced.

"The evidence points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that the torpedo was fired by a North Korean submarine," the multinational team said on Thursday.

They said there was "no other plausible explanation" for the March 26 sinking of the patrol ship Cheonan.

The team said parts of the torpedo recovered from the scene off the west coast of the Korean peninsula were compatible with a North Korean made weapon that South Korea has secured seven years ago.

In addition it said intelligence gathered with allies, the United States, Britain and Australia, showed North Korean submarines were likely in operation near the scene of the sinking.

"Based on all such relevant facts and classified analysis, we have reached the clear conclusion that Cheonan was sunk as a result of an external underwater explosion caused by a torpedo made in North Korea," the report said.

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Date:May 20, 2010
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