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SentrX Announces Revolutionary Wound Healing Products for Equine Practitioners.

equitrX Wound Treatment Products Accelerate Healing and Reduce Scar Tissue in Wounds and Proud Flesh Infections

SALT LAKE CITY -- SentrX Animal Care, Inc., a leading provider of innovative veterinary care for horses and small animals, today announced equitrX, a new product line designed for the large animal veterinarian. equitrX products actively support cell proliferation by providing an environment that enables rapid and complete healing with good cosmetic outcomes.

Developed by leading medicinal chemists and bioengineers, equitrX consists of a chemically modified glycosaminoglycan that is cross-linked to form a matrix that works with the animal's natural repair system to encourage enhanced production of new healthy tissue. An eight-week study on several animal species showed that animal wounds treated with equitrX exhibited the same level of healing at four weeks as non-equitrX treated wounds showed at eight weeks.

"I recently used equitrX for several wound repairs I performed on multiple horses and the results were remarkable. The new product enabled the animals to heal faster and with less scaring than I've ever seen before," said Dr. Roger Rees, DVM, South Valley Large Animal Clinic.

equitrX facilitates complete healing and functionality through its exclusive patented formula. It is fully biocompatible and does not elicit immune stimulation, local or systemic toxicity, or inflammation in animals. It is designed specifically for animals and was not derived from human treatments. equitrX's unique film application is also easy to apply and provides an effective treatment that is complementary for use in both hospital and ambulatory visits.

"From its founding, SentrX has been devoted to advancing veterinary care and is continually transforming biotechnologies into superior products for horses and small animals as shown by equitrX," said Dr. Richard Koehn, president and CEO, SentrX Animal Care, Inc. "Countless third-party, scientific studies have shown this new product to be extremely effective in accelerating healing and reducing scar tissue in wounded animals, especially horses."

About SentrX

SentrX was founded at the University of Utah and collaborates with a variety of veterinary academic institutions, practicing veterinarians, and is led by a board of distinguished industry leaders. The company's unique mix of medicinal chemistry, bioengineering, and product manufacturing capabilities allow it to deliver truly cutting-edge animal care solutions. For more information, visit
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Date:Dec 11, 2006
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