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Sensory Science Theory and Applications in Foods.


This text forms the Proceedings of the 14th Annual Basic Symposium entitled Advances in Sensory Science that is sponsored by the Institute of Food Technologists and the International Union of Food Science and Technology. It was held in mid June 1990 and the book runs to fifteen chapters, being the work of some 19 authors.

The first chapter is intended to bridge the gap that exists between psychologists and physiologists as regards the understanding of sensory perception and the various theories that are involved, to ensure the nature of the subject is understood as far as our current knowledge extends. It is getting very complicated and is very much a topic for the specialist as the chapters show. They have been entitled: Bridging the gap between sensory science and product evaluation; More than meets the tongue - temporal characteristics of the taste intensity and quality; Oral chemesthesis - the importance of time and temperature for the perception of chemical irritants; Specific anosmias - implications for the physiological mechanisms of quality discriminations; Toward the unification of the law of sensation - some food for thought; Metaphor and the unity of the senses; Neural networks in sensory perception; Descriptive analysis and concept alignment; Language categorization in wine expertise; Individual differences in taste and smell; Descriptive techniques and their hybridization; Selection of terms for descriptive analysis; Procrustes analysis and its applications to free- choice and other sensory profiling; The uses of qualitative research in product research and development; and Claim substantiation for sensory equivalence and superiority.

It is at once apparent that the various authors go into this subject in depth and after all this is a topical subject and the more than can be understood about it the better the new products can be 'aimed' at their target audience.
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Date:Nov 1, 1991
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