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Sensor picks up earthquake in rural village. Aug 5, 2022 204
Actasys signs Memorandum of Understanding with Webasto Group. Aug 5, 2022 216
Brave diver holds 7ft-long shark for a full minute after hypnotising the predator; A man has been photographed putting a Caribbean reef shark in a 'trance-like' state. Sharks have special sensors that mean they can become disorientated if moved by people in a certain way. By, Benjamin Lynch Aug 5, 2022 557
Smart textiles that sense how their users move. Aug 3, 2022 1264
Aeva strikes deal to sell industrial sensors to Germany automation firm. Reuters News Service Aug 2, 2022 318
Diabetes patients in England to be offered 'life-changing' gadget; The device uses a bottle-cap-sized sensor which attaches to the arm to measure glucose levels from just under the skin. By, Ella Pickover, PA Health Correspondent & Chris Attridge Aug 2, 2022 441
Mouser Electronics Signs Agreement with Amphenol PCB Piezotronics and The Modal Shop, Expands Amphenol Sensor Selection. Aug 1, 2022 284
Scientists make Alzheimer's breakthrough with blood test that can spot signs 17 years before symptoms; Scientists have created a sensor that can detect signs of the condition. By, Gwyn Wright & Steven Smith Aug 1, 2022 596
Google Pixel 6a Can Be Unlocked By Any Fingerprint, Say Some Users. Aug 1, 2022 220
How upping spending on IoT can benefit food manufacturers. Simon Creasey Jul 29, 2022 1478
Athletics Kenya install air quality sensor in Nakuru. Jul 28, 2022 406
Eight Sleep Introduces Pod 3: The Latest Generation of Sleep Fitness Technology That Improves Sleep Quality by up to 32%. Jul 27, 2022 1366
Russia building a satellite-blinding laser weapon. admin Jul 27, 2022 1216
IPS Group launches Stereoscopic Vehicle Detection Sensor. Jul 27, 2022 166
DC visits Gawalmandi area to monitor water level in Nullah Lai; reviews arrangements. Jul 26, 2022 522
Admin issues alert as water level reaches 15 ft at Gawalmandi. Jul 26, 2022 422
DC visits Gawalmandi area to monitor water level in Nullah Lai; reviews arrangements. Jul 26, 2022 388
An Electrochemical-Based Point-of-Care Testing Methodology for Uric Acid Measurement. Zhao, Yuetong; Song, Xia Jul 23, 2022 4348
Advanced Intelligent Big Data Analytic-Based Automated Layout for Environmental Design Intelligent Sensor Networks. Yu, Xueyong; Yu, Heng; Liu, Chunjing Jul 22, 2022 7357
Evaluation of Takeover Time Performance of Drivers in Partially Autonomous Vehicles Using a Wearable Sensor. Dogan, Daghan; Bogosyan, Seta; Acarman, Tankut Jul 22, 2022 11871
Federal lawsuit focuses on use of ShotSpotter. GARANCE BURKE AND MICHAEL TARM Associated Press Jul 22, 2022 755
Analysis of Regional Economic Development Trends and Strategy Formulation Based on Sensor Data Collection. Qin, Lulu; Gao, Rongwei; Wu, Tuolei; Xu, Zeyu Jul 21, 2022 8039
Organic Photoelectric Materials and Organic Photoelectric Devices Based on Smart Image Sensors. Huang, Gang Jul 21, 2022 7346
Design of Water Quality Monitoring System in Shaanxi Section of Weihe River Basin Based on the Internet of Things. Dang, Tianjiao; Liu, Jifa Jul 21, 2022 4620
Elliptic Labs and Xiaomi Announce Global Launch of Xiaomi 12 Lite Smartphone. Jul 21, 2022 276
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 20, 2022 17963
Fabrication of Nanofiber Flexible Pressure Sensor and Application in Human Motion Monitoring. Zhang, Shuhua; Tu, Xiaohong; Shao, Qiang; Zhang, Huan; Liu, Shuai Jul 19, 2022 5743
Implementation of Combined Machine Learning with the Big Data Model in IoMT Systems for the Prediction of Network Resource Consumption and Improving the Data Delivery. Sugadev, M.; Rayen, Sonia Jenifer; Harirajkumar, J.; Rathi, R.; Anitha, G.; Ramesh, S.; Ramaswamy, K Jul 19, 2022 6645
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 19, 2022 11162
Mouser Electronics and Allegro MicroSystems Announce Global Distribution Agreement. Jul 19, 2022 231
Sensata Develops Passive Inceptor for eVTOL Aircraft, Provides Prototypes to Manufacturers. Jul 18, 2022 246
Sensata Develops Passive Inceptor for eVTOL Aircraft, Provides Prototypes to Manufacturers. Jul 18, 2022 233
Mouser Electronics Equips Engineers with Latest Insights into Smart Infrastructure. Jul 18, 2022 260
Kingslake implements Infor SyteLine at HITEC Sensors in record time. Jul 18, 2022 497
Kingslake implements Infor SyteLine at HITEC Sensors in record time. Daily Financial Times Jul 18, 2022 508
Design and Analysis of a Smart Sensor-Based Early Warning Intervention Network for School Sports Bullying among Left-Behind Children. Ren, Panhong; Nie, Mengjian Jul 18, 2022 7645
Design and Implementation of College Students' Physical Fitness Test Management System Using IoT Smart Sensors. Xu, Jin; Chen, Qing; Li, Xinwen Jul 18, 2022 7269
Cognitive Computation in Ideological and Political Classroom Teaching Based on Digital Sensor Technology. Cai, Hong Jul 18, 2022 5767
Development for Multisensor and Virtual Simulator-Based Automatic Broadcast Shooting System. Lee, Wonjun; Lim, Hyung-Jun; Kim, Mun Sang Jul 16, 2022 7051
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)-Based Smart Healthcare System: Trends and Progress. Srivastava, Jyoti; Routray, Sidheswar; Ahmad, Sultan; Waris, Mohammad Maqbool Jul 16, 2022 11471
Accurate Detection of Intelligent Running Posture Based on Artificial Intelligence Sensor. Zhang, Chenguang; Cheng, Kun Jul 16, 2022 4066
Optimization Drive on a Flat Tire Vehicular System for Autonomous E-Vehicles Using Network Distribution Simulations. Sivamaran, V; Manoharan, Hariprasath; Teekaraman, Yuvaraja; Kuppusamy, Ramya; Radhakrishnan, Arun Jul 15, 2022 4764
Fast and Intelligent Irrigation System Based on WSN. Oussama, G.; Rami, A.; Tarek, F.; Alanazi, Ahmed S.; Abid, M. Jul 14, 2022 8246
Industrial Internet of Things Model Driven by Particle Filter and Network Communication Technology. Liu, Jianlan Jul 14, 2022 6541
Mouser Now Shipping Crocus CT41x XtremeSense TMR Current Sensors. Jul 14, 2022 166
Ask the Mechanic. Jul 14, 2022 966
Raytheon Co. awarded $353,930,171 contract to procure additional lower tier air and missile defense sensor radar prototypes. Jul 13, 2022 165
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 12, 2022 14605
Design and Implementation of Smart Hydroponics Farming Using IoT-Based AI Controller with Mobile Application System. Ramakrishnam Raju, S. V. S.; Dappuri, Bhasker; Ravi Kiran Varma, P.; Yachamaneni, Murali; Verghese, Jul 12, 2022 5723
Medical Big Data and Postoperative Nursing of Fracture Patients Based on Cloud Computing. Yan, Li; Chen, Yufei; Caixia, Gao; Jiangying, Wu; Xiaoying, Li; Zhe, Li Jul 11, 2022 6070
Image Detection System Based on Smart Sensor Network and Ecological Economy in the Context of Fine Agriculture. Wang, Yile; Li, Hanbing; Teo, Brian Sheng-Xian; Jaharadak, Adam Amril Jul 11, 2022 7617
Analyzing Human Muscle State with Flexible Sensors. Chen, Zhiyong; Wang, Qingsuo; Bi, Yunce; Lin, Juncong; Yang, Wei; Deng, Chaoyang; Guo, Shihui Jul 11, 2022 7712
A Full-Duplex MIMO System Based on CP-Free OFDM in Sensor Network. Jiang, Hao; Chen, Hongming Jul 11, 2022 2758
MFA: A Smart Glove with Multimodal Intent Sensing Capability. Wang, Hongyue; Feng, Zhiquan; Tian, Jinglan; Fan, Xue Jul 11, 2022 9022
Distt admin issues pre-alert for Kattarian, Gawalmandi. Jul 10, 2022 475
Korean Air plane makes emergency landing in Azerbaijan after engine defect. Jul 10, 2022 190
ABBA planning massive shake-up of Voyage virtual concert residency with new songs; The legendary band have recorded far more than the 22 songs their holograms belt out as they plan to review, remix and reorder tracks over the coming years and until long after they're dead. By, Seamus Duff Jul 9, 2022 517
US floating hot-air balloons to guard against hypersonics. admin Jul 8, 2022 845
Elliptic Labs Introduces AI Virtual Position Sensor. Jul 8, 2022 237
Elliptic Labs Introduces AI Virtual Position Sensor. Jul 8, 2022 238
Elliptic Labs Introduces AI Virtual Position Sensor. Jul 8, 2022 229
Software for Mapping and Extraction of Building Land Remote Sensing Data Based on BIM and Sensor Technology. Zhang, Shaoping; Wan, Yaqin Jul 8, 2022 4308
Visible and Infrared Image Fusion-Based Image Quality Enhancement with Applications to Space Debris On-Orbit Surveillance. Tao, Jiang; Cao, Yunfeng; Ding, Meng; Zhang, Zhouyu Jul 8, 2022 10995
A Novel 1D-CNN-Based Diagnosis Method for a Rolling Bearing with Dual-Sensor Vibration Data Fusion. Yu, Fajun; Liao, Liang; Zhang, Kun; Xing, Hechen; Zhao, Qifeng; Zhang, Liming; Luo, Zheng Jul 7, 2022 7641
Wireless Sensor Technology-Based Physical Education Teaching Evaluation. Feng, Wei Jul 7, 2022 4314
Hybrid Encryption Method for Health Monitoring Systems Based on Machine Learning. Malmurugan, N.; Nelson, S. Christalin; Altuwairiqi, Majid; Alyami, Hashem; Gangodkar, Durgaprasad; A Jul 7, 2022 7705
Integrity Testing of a Platform-Pile System Using a Sensor Array and Wavenumber Domain Analysis. Fu, Minghui; Lin, Meihong Jul 7, 2022 6941
Application of Symmetric Encryption Algorithm Sensor in the Research of College Student Security Management System. Wu, Kexu; Li, Chaolin Jul 7, 2022 4578
Interlink Electronics provides new product, technology update. Jul 6, 2022 156
Fujitsu develops new technology for accurately estimating postures of the human body from point cloud data using millimeter-wave sensor. Jul 6, 2022 749
Perseverance Mars rover wind sensor damaged by pebbles, but still operational. Jul 5, 2022 447
Elliptic Labs Launches with Xiaomi. Jul 5, 2022 315
Elliptic Labs Launches with Xiaomi. Jul 5, 2022 308
Elliptic Labs Launches with Xiaomi. Jul 5, 2022 314
Mouser Stocks Latest Sensor Solutions for a Diverse Set of Applications. Jul 5, 2022 205
Xiaomi 12S Ultra Launches With a 1-inch sensor and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC. Jul 5, 2022 296
Perseverance Mars rover wind sensor damaged by pebbles, but still operational. Jul 5, 2022 456
A Taxonomy on Smart Healthcare Technologies: Security Framework, Case Study, and Future Directions. Chaudhary, Sachi; Kakkar, Riya; Jadav, Nilesh Kumar; Nair, Anuja; Gupta, Rajesh; Tanwar, Sudeep; Agr Jul 5, 2022 21006
Workbench for a Parabolic Trough Solar Collector with a Tracking System. Fiamonzini, Luciano A.; Rivas, Gustavo A. R.; Ando Junior, Oswaldo H. Jul 5, 2022 5590
Analysis of People Flow Image Detection System Based on Computer Vision Sensor. Ou, Bing; Yang, Jingjing; Wang, Wei Jul 4, 2022 3831
Intelligent Campus Resource Sharing System Based on Data Fusion Sensor. Huang, Guangshun Jul 4, 2022 4502
Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Urban Green Space Pattern Based on GIS Sensors and Remote Sensing Information: Taking Xi'an as an Example. Li, Wei; Wang, Hui; Zhang, Shaowei; Jiang, Bingshen; Lee, Shi-Young Jul 4, 2022 5083
Application of Sensor and Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm in Hybrid Recommender System. Xu, Zihang; Zhu, Jiawei Jul 4, 2022 4613
Information Steganography Technology of Optical Communication Sensor Network Based on Virtual Reality Technology. Wang, ZhongBao; Li, WenMing; Wang, GuoQing Jul 4, 2022 4117
An Enhancement on Convolutional Artificial Intelligent Based Diagnosis for Skin Disease Using Nanotechnology Sensors. Aruna R, Dr; K, Srihari; Surendran S, Dr; S, Jagadeesan; K, Somasundaram; Yuvaraj N, Dr; S, Deepa Jul 4, 2022 3961
Application of New Sensor Technology and Few-Shot Learning in Education Based on IoT Era. Feng, Jianwen Jul 4, 2022 5877
Dynamic Characteristics Analysis and Applications of Electromagnetic Environment Based on Group Perception. Gao, Peiwei; Zhi, Yongfeng; Hu, Chufeng Jul 4, 2022 4233
Hanoi to expand network of vending machines. Jul 4, 2022 592
Hackers lifting fingerprints from your Android phone. Jul 4, 2022 324
Hanoi to expand network of vending machines. Jul 4, 2022 590
WHO'S THE ROBOT IN THE BLACK? Collina reveals Qatar will use new tech for offside calls with ball sensor and decisions in 25 seconds. JOHN CROSS Jul 2, 2022 517
high robot; Collina reveals Qatar will use new offside AI technology - which has a sensor in the ball - and will track 29 points on each player making decisions possible within 25 seconds. JOHN CROSS Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror Jul 2, 2022 474
HIGH ROBOT; Collina reveals Qatar will use new offside AI technology - which has a sensor in the ball - and will track 29 points on each player making decisions possible within 25 seconds. JOHN CrOss Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror Jul 2, 2022 475
Adidas FIFA World Cup 2022 In Qatar Will Have Semi-Automatic Offside Tracking. Jul 2, 2022 306
Neural Network-Based Routing Energy-Saving Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks. Pang, Lili; Xie, Jiaye; Xu, Qiqing Jul 1, 2022 6051
Application of Wireless Sensor Network Technology in Multipoint Control in Music Performance Management System. Zhao, Jing Jul 1, 2022 6121
Model reference adaptive backstepping control of double star induction machine with extended Kalman sensorless control. Chaabane, H.; Khodja, D.E.; Chakroune, S.; Hadji, D. Report Jul 1, 2022 5422
Energy Efficiency Improvement of Composite Energy Building Energy Supply System Based on Multiobjective Network Sensor Optimization. Huang, Jingyun Jul 1, 2022 7188
Application of 3D Virtual Reality Sensor in Tourist Scenic Navigation System. Deng, Fei Jul 1, 2022 3869
Application of Image Processing Sensor and Pattern Recognition in Detection of Bearing Surface Defects. Wu, Qinghong; Zhu, Minghui Jul 1, 2022 4548
Gymnastics Action Recognition and Training Posture Analysis Based on Artificial Intelligence Sensor. Chen, Yuanxiang; Chen, Qiao Jul 1, 2022 4514
The Coming Wave of Aquatic Robotics. Young, Sierra; Ore, John-Paul; Hall, Steven; R.E. Jul 1, 2022 1326
The Importance of Sensors in Water Quality Research and Monitoring. Hjort, Robert; Gomes, Carmen Jul 1, 2022 2089
Using Cumulative Indicators to Detect Management Effects on Water Quality. Birgand, Francois Jul 1, 2022 1199
Improvement of power quality in grid-connected hybrid system with power monitoring and control based on internet of things approach. Balakishan, P.; Chidambaram, I.A.; Manikandan, M. Report Jul 1, 2022 4304
Driving lidar forward: Gemma Church discovers how automotive companies can go about choosing the right lidar technology for their applications. Church, Gemma Jul 1, 2022 926
Improved Design of Automatic Solar Tracking System based on Integration of Accelerometer, Compass Sensor, and GPS. Hoa, Nguyen Thi; Toan, Nguyen Canh; Hanh, Tran Van; Anh, Gian Quoc; Hieu, Tran; Phuong, Hoang Thi; T Jul 1, 2022 4700
An IoT enabled Smart City: Assessing the Applications, Resource Constraints, Existing Solutions and Research Directions. Zahoor, Saniya; Mir, Roohie Naaz Jul 1, 2022 8435
New Tech Gives Robots Sense of Touch. Carberry, Sean Jul 1, 2022 537
Sensor System Offers Maritime Surveillanace. Easley, Mikayla Jul 1, 2022 416
Improved Sensors, Loitering Munitions on Marine Corps Wishlist. Easley, Mikayla Jul 1, 2022 1650
Application of Improved Manta Ray Foraging Optimization Algorithm in Coverage Optimization of Wireless Sensor Networks. Zhu, Fang; Wang, Wenhao; Li, Shan Jun 30, 2022 9874
Sports Analysis and Action Optimization in Physical Education Teaching Practice Based on Internet of Things Sensor Perception. Chen, Mengjunguang; Jiang, Jingjing Jun 30, 2022 5515
Monitoring System for the Construction of Arch Cover Method Subway Station Based on DT and IoT. Jiang, Hongren; Jiang, Annan Jun 30, 2022 8614
Computer Vision-Based Structural Displacement Monitoring and Modal Identification with Subpixel Localization Refinement. Liu, Tao; Lei, Yu; Mao, Yibing Jun 30, 2022 5233
Google Pixel 7 to support 4K selfie video sensors. Jun 30, 2022 271
Review: A slimmed-down dashcam with a big list of features; Gareth Butterfield tests the brand new MIOFIVE 4K Dash Cam. By, Gareth Butterfield Jun 29, 2022 367
Review: A slimmed-down dashcam with a big list of features; Gareth Butterfield tests the brand new MIOFIVE 4K Dash Cam. By, Gareth Butterfield Jun 29, 2022 367
Water funds. IAN BUNTING Jun 29, 2022 277
Data Management Platform of Forest Ecological Station Based on Internet of Things and Big Data Sensor. Sun, Ping'an Jun 29, 2022 5101
Predictive Maintenance Model Based on Multisensor Data Fusion of Hybrid Fuzzy Rough Set Theory Feature Selection and Stacked Ensemble for Fault Classification. Buabeng, Albert; Simons, Anthony; Frempong, Nana Kena; Ziggah, Yao Yevenyo Jun 29, 2022 15526
Signal Analysis of Characteristics Using Passive Acoustic Emission Technique in Gas-Solid Pipeline Flows. Qin, Weigang Jun 29, 2022 3140
Application of Accelerometer to Monitor Students' Exercise Load in 50m Round Trip. Li, Hao; Xu, Meng Jun 29, 2022 8219
Research on Optimization of Adaptive Positioning and Routing Algorithm for Industrial Internet of Things Engineering Based on Improved Neural Network. Fang, Xuanzheng; Yu, Yang Report Jun 28, 2022 3998
Research on Human Pose Capture Based on the Deep Learning Algorithm. Xie, Wenbin; Gu, Xueyun; Li, Xiuming; Zheng, Luqi; Li, Guodong; Lu, Haisheng; Li, Huakang Jun 28, 2022 3602
A Neighborhood Grid Clustering Algorithm for Solving Localization Problem in WSN Using Genetic Algorithm. Chen, Junfeng; Sackey, Samson H.; Ansere, James Adu; Zhang, Xuewu; Ayush, Altangerel Jun 28, 2022 8757
Human Behavior Recognition in Outdoor Sports Based on the Local Error Model and Convolutional Neural Network. Hua, Xia; Han, Lei; Jiang, Yang Jun 28, 2022 4566
Application of Internet of Things Based on Wireless Sensor in Tunnel Construction Monitoring. Cao, Jianfeng; Zhao, Ruichuan; Hu, Liqiang; Liang, Qing; Tang, Zhenhua Jun 28, 2022 5185
Application of Industrial Big Data Cloud Control Platform Based on Fusion Transmission Sensor. Meng, Weiping; Shao, Wenxin Jun 28, 2022 4586
This Week's News. Jun 27, 2022 14614
Manta Ray Foraging Optimization (MRFO)-Based Energy-Efficient Cluster Head Selection Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks. Khodeir, Mahmoud A.; Ababneh, Jehad I.; Alamoush, Bara'ah S. Jun 26, 2022 8832
Application of GIS Sensor Technology in Digital Management of Urban Gardens under the Background of Big Data. Chang, Jiang; Tan, Yingying Jun 26, 2022 5534
Life Prediction of Dry Reactor Sensor Based on Deep Neural Network. Guo, Hongbing; Meng, Jianying; Yang, Yue; Zheng, Lu; Liu, Xuan; Tan, Ming Jun 25, 2022 4918
Tennis Technology Recognition and Training Attitude Analysis Based on Artificial Intelligence Sensor. Li, Ke Jun 24, 2022 5040
A Micro Neural Network for Healthcare Sensor Data Stream Classification in Sustainable and Smart Cities. Wu, Jin; Sun, Le; Peng, Dandan; Siuly, Siuly Jun 24, 2022 5552
Elliptic Labs Releases Smartphone for India Market. Jun 24, 2022 328
Elliptic Labs Releases Smartphone for India Market. Jun 24, 2022 329
Elliptic Labs Releases Smartphone for India Market. Jun 24, 2022 320
Elliptic Labs Announces Xiaomi Poco F4 5G Smartphone for India Market. Jun 24, 2022 256
Lifecare has initiated clinical studies of the smallest glucose sensor in the world for people diagnosed with diabetes. Jun 24, 2022 1266
Alterity receives AIFA authorization to proceed with ATH434 Phase 2 trial. Jun 23, 2022 170
Development of a Wireless Sensor Network and IoT-based Smart Irrigation System. Ndunagu, Juliana Ngozi; Ukhurebor, Kingsley Eghonghon; Akaaza, Moses; Onyancha, Robert Birundu Jun 23, 2022 6874
Application of Machine Learning to Predict Trajectory of the Center of Pressure (COP) Path of Postural Sway Using a Triaxial Inertial Sensor. Wantanajittikul, Kittichai; Wiboonsuntharangkoon, Chakrit; Chuatrakoon, Busaba; Kongsawasdi, Siripha Jun 22, 2022 5494
Privacy Protection and Intrusion Detection System of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Artificial Neural Network. Shi, Lusheng; Li, Kai Jun 22, 2022 5753
Design and Research of Building Indoor Environment Monitoring System Relying on 3D Modeling and Image Processing. Liu, Chenguang Jun 21, 2022 6145
Multisensor-Based Heavy Machine Faulty Identification Using Sparse Autoencoder-Based Feature Fusion and Deep Belief Network-Based Ensemble Learning. Zhou, Yiqing; Wang, Jian; Wang, Zeru Jun 21, 2022 8990
Research on Application of High-Frequency Pulse Vibration in Ship Electric Propulsion System. Langtao, Yan; Guangyin, Liu; Jianfeng, Zhang Jun 21, 2022 5136
Comprehensive Biometric Smart Card Solution enabled by IDEX Biometrics and Linxens. Jun 21, 2022 186
Erskine water project. Jun 21, 2022 365
Tecno' Latest Camon 19 Series Brings First RGBW Sensor And Industry's Slimmest Bezel. Jun 20, 2022 580
Vueron Technology receives autonomous vehicle permit for one LiDAR sensor from California DMV. Jun 20, 2022 155
Sustainable Smart Industry: A Secure and Energy Efficient Consensus Mechanism for Artificial Intelligence Enabled Industrial Internet of Things. Sasikumar, A.; Ravi, Logesh; Kotecha, Ketan; Saini, Jatinderkumar R.; Varadarajan, Vijayakumar; Subr Jun 20, 2022 8687
The Navigation of Mobile Robot in the Indoor Dynamic Unknown Environment Based on Decision Tree Algorithm. Yan, Yupei; Ma, Weimin; Li, Yangmin; Wong, Sengfat; He, Ping; Zhu, Shaoping; Yin, Xuemei Jun 20, 2022 4872
Optimal Relay Angle-Based Clustering Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. Hu, Huangshui; Guo, Yuxin; Wang, Chuhang; Gao, Dong; Liu, Qinxue Jun 20, 2022 8145
Rapid Identification of Fupenzi (Rubus chingii Hu) and Its Adulteration by AuNP Visualization. Li, Yuan; Suo, Yixin; Wei, Liuna; Zhang, Yue; Wang, Youyou; Deng, Jiaxin; Chen, Hengye Jun 20, 2022 5794
Leakage Current Sensor and Neural Network for MOA Monitoring. He, Tao; Li, Yang; Zhang, Zhong; Shen, Pengfei; Zhang, Yu Jun 17, 2022 6373
Teledyne gains CAA STC for ACES on A320. Jun 17, 2022 574
IMU-Based Respiratory Signal Processing Using Cascade Complementary Filter Method. Erfianto, Bayu; Rizal, Achmad Jun 17, 2022 6560
Innovative Sensor Design Method of Industrial Ceramic Product Modeling Based on Immune Optimization Algorithm. Gu, Chihui Jun 17, 2022 4260
Construction of Wireless Sensor Network Video Surveillance System for Multimedia Classroom Education and Teaching under 5G Communication Network. Wu, Wenping; Lu, Biao Jun 17, 2022 7163
S. Korea announces plan to launch space rocket on June 21 after replacing defective part. Jun 17, 2022 402
S. Korea plans to launch space rocket on June 21 following cancellation over tech glitch. Jun 17, 2022 340
OTSL introduces Advanced Millimeter Wave Radar Simulator. Jun 17, 2022 278
Elliptic Labs Launches 3 TECNO Mobile Smartphones. Jun 16, 2022 389
Elliptic Labs Launches 3 TECNO Mobile Smartphones. Jun 16, 2022 390
Elliptic Labs Launches 3 TECNO Mobile Smartphones. Jun 16, 2022 381
Technical inspection of Nuri space rocket under way after canceled launch. Jun 16, 2022 461
Technical inspection of Nuri space rocket underway after canceled launch. Jun 16, 2022 362
Sports Training Strategy and Interactive Control Method Based on Digital Twins and Wireless Sensor Networks. He, Zheyu; He, Xi Jun 16, 2022 6909
SPR-Based Sensor for the Early Detection or Monitoring of Kidney Problems. Mulyanti, Budi; Nugroho, Harbi Setyo; Wulandari, Chandra; Rahmawati, Yuni; Hasanah, Lilik; Hamidah, Jun 16, 2022 9423
Future aircraft cabinswill have heat sensors, new lights and sugar cane. Jun 16, 2022 1084
A Method Applied in Anomaly Detection of Impurities Adhering to Pipes of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter. Ren, Jianxin; Qin, Yixin; Yang, Peng; Zhang, Peng Jun 15, 2022 4820
Innovation of Tin Oxide Ceramic Manufacturing Process Based on WSN and Remote Visualization Technology. Wu, Junyan; Wang, Zhihao Jun 15, 2022 5275
Optimization of Online Course Platform for Piano Preschool Education Based on Internet Cloud Computing System. Hu, Qianru Jun 15, 2022 5642
Analysis and Prospect of the Application of Wireless Sensor Networks in Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things. Cao, Li; Wang, Zhengzong; Yue, Yinggao Jun 15, 2022 11883
The Impact of the Live Delivery of Goods on Consumers' Purchasing Behaviour in Complex Situations Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. Li, Xia Jun 15, 2022 5645
Bridgetek to Simplify IoT Implementation for Businesses. Jun 15, 2022 154
Bridgetek to Simplify IoT Implementation for Businesses. Jun 15, 2022 153
Microchip announces LX34070 IC for EV motor control applications. Jun 15, 2022 154
New at Mouser: ams OSRAM AS7050 Medical and Health Sensors for Smart Devices and Wearables. Jun 15, 2022 251
Rune Labs gets FDA clearance to use Apple Watch to track Parkinson's symptoms. Jun 14, 2022 337
Fault Diagnosis Using Data Fusion with Ensemble Deep Learning Technique in IIoT. Venkatasubramanian, S; Raja, S; Sumanth, V; Dwivedi, Jaiprakash Narain; Sathiaparkavi, J; Modak, San Jun 14, 2022 6075
IoT Enabled Sustainable Automated Greenhouse Architecture with Machine Learning Module. Lanitha, B.; Poornima, E.; Sudha, R.; David, D. Beulah; Kannan, K.; Jegan, R.; Peroumal, Vijayakumar Jun 14, 2022 4418
Quality Data Collection and Quality Monitoring of Smart Electric Energy Meter Based on Acceleration Sensor. Shen, Guang; Ye, Shen; Shen, Shuming; Xu, Yongjin; Shang, Huaiying Jun 14, 2022 7033
Security Control of Denial-of-Service Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems Based on Dynamic Feedback. Wang, Yihe; Hu, Bo; Pan, Xiao; Xu, Tingting; Sun, Qiuye Jun 13, 2022 6209
Motion Capture and Dance Image Discrimination Based on Silent Positioning Algorithm. Zhu, Lin Jun 13, 2022 5350
IoT-Based Intelligent System for Internal Crack Detection in Building Blocks. Babu, J. Chinna; Kumar, M. Sandeep; Jayagopal, Prabhu; Sathishkumar, V. E.; Rajendran, Sukumar; Kuma Jun 13, 2022 5112
Interior design and technology - Suzuki Vitara. Matthew Beecham Jun 13, 2022 909
Mouser Electronics Showcases Latest Sensor Technologies at Sensors Converge 2022. Jun 13, 2022 194
This Week's News. Jun 13, 2022 9921
Israeli Army Develops 'Tammuz-4' Missile with Electro-Optical Sensors. Tel Aviv - Asharq Al-Awsat Jun 11, 2022 316
Aetina Launches MegaEdge for Use of AI Inference. Jun 10, 2022 410
Aetina Launches MegaEdge for Use of AI Inference. Jun 10, 2022 400
Aetina Launches MegaEdge for Use of AI Inference. Jun 10, 2022 409
Monitoring Area Coverage Based on Improved Virtual Force and Multimedia Nodes Movement Data in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks. Li, Qiangyi; Liu, Ningzhong Jun 9, 2022 4912
Wearable Psychological Stress Monitoring Equipment and Data Analysis Based on a Wireless Sensor. Xu, Huixiang; Zhang, Nan; Liu, Qiuju Jun 9, 2022 5723
A Pulse Rate-Triggered Wearable Device for Critical Assistance. Tanwar, Rohit; Choudhary, Shailee Lohmor; Singh, Anupam; Manoharan, S.; Ghafoor, Kayhan Zrar Jun 9, 2022 4767
Research on Intelligent Recognition and Management of Smart City Based on Machine Vision. Liu, Rulin; Liu, Longfeng Jun 9, 2022 6212
A Pressure-Based Electromagnetic Energy Harvester for Pipeline Monitoring Applications. Bakhtiar, Sadia; Khan, Farid Ullah; Rahman, Wahad Ur; Khan, Atif Sardar; Ahmad, Muhammad Masood; Iqb Jun 8, 2022 8474
Blockchain-Based IoT-Enabled System for Secure and Efficient Logistics Management in the Era of IR 4.0. Ugochukwu, Nwosu Anthony; Goyal, S. B.; Arumugam, Sampathkumar Report Jun 8, 2022 5660
Recognition Method of Corn and Rice Crop Growth State Based on Computer Image Processing Technology. Tian, Li; Wang, Chun; Li, Hailiang; Sun, Haitian Jun 8, 2022 6413
Elliptic Labs Signs Agreement for More Smartphones. Jun 8, 2022 241
Elliptic Labs Signs Agreement for More Smartphones. Jun 8, 2022 240
Elliptic Labs Signs Agreement for More Smartphones. Jun 8, 2022 232
Apple MacBook Air 2022 launched with M2 chip, revamped design. Jun 7, 2022 159
Node Localization Algorithm Based on Modified Archimedes Optimization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks. Cheng, Mangmang; Qin, Tao; Yang, Jing Jun 7, 2022 6663
Application of Temperature Compensation Combined with Neural Network in Infrared Gas Sensor. Dong, Kangning; Yang, Jinfang Jun 7, 2022 5319
Research on Communication Optimization of Power Carrier Sensor Control Network Based on Ant Colony Algorithm. Ma, Xiang; Workneh, Tewabe Chekole Jun 7, 2022 4096
Innovation of Human Body Positioning System and Basketball Training System. Yue, Qiang; Wei, Chao Jun 6, 2022 5083
Influence of Propagation Distance on Characteristic Parameters of Acoustic Emission Signals in Concrete Materials Based on Low-Frequency Sensor. Liu, Fen; Guo, Rui; Lin, Xiujuan; Zhang, Xiaofang; Huang, Shifeng; Yang, Feng; Cheng, Xin Jun 6, 2022 7271
GE Hydro to test HID Global's rugged RFID sensor tags. Jun 6, 2022 498
Abbott to develop new biowearable to monitor glucose and ketone levels in one sensor. Jun 6, 2022 223
Socionext Introduces Ultra-compact 60GHz Radio-wave Ranging Sensor. Jun 6, 2022 467
Socionext Introduces Ultra-compact 60GHz Radio-wave Ranging Sensor. Jun 6, 2022 466
Socionext Introduces Ultra-compact 60GHz Radio-wave Ranging Sensor. Jun 6, 2022 458
Abbott to develop new biowearable to monitor glucose and ketone levels in one sensor. Jun 6, 2022 222
Improved Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control of a Variable Structure Fighter with Multiple Faults Based on an Extended Observer. Hu, Kaiyu; Sun, Wenjing; Yang, Chunxia Jun 3, 2022 7986
Study on Thermal Performance Measurement and Construction of Passive Exterior Wall with Low Energy: Teaching and Laboratory Building of Shandong Jianzhu University. Lan, Yirui; Zou, Ran Jun 3, 2022 7126
Dynamic Resource Allocation and Forecast of Snow Tourism Demand Based on Multiobjective Optimization Algorithm. Feng, Mingfen; Zhang, Xiaomei; Dong, Shuqi Jun 3, 2022 6268
Application of Wireless Network Multisensor Fusion Technology in Sports Training. Tang, Wenjun Report Jun 3, 2022 5830
The Collection and Recognition Method of Music and Dance Movement Based on Intelligent Sensor. Geng, Jun Jun 3, 2022 4566
LMI launches smart 3D line confocal sensors. Jun 2, 2022 386
With OnQuality 4.0, Voith sets new standards in the field of quality control systems. Jun 2, 2022 341
OPPO Launches Reno7 Series with Portrait Photography Features. Jun 2, 2022 246
Comparative Study of Two Localization Approaches for Mobile Robots in an Indoor Environment. Alhamdi, Eman; Hedjar, Ramdane Jun 2, 2022 6755
Optimal Signal Control Design for Isolated Intersections Using Sample Travel-Time Data. Maripini, HimaBindu; Vanajakshi, Lelitha; Chilukuri, Bhargava Rama Jun 2, 2022 9369
Design of an Intelligent Sensor Teaching Experiment System and Measurement of Student Innovation Literacy. Li, Xiaorong; Xing, Qianli Jun 2, 2022 5548
Detection of Adulteration in Food Using Recurrent Neural Network with Internet of Things. Nagamalla, Vishwesh; Kumar, B. Muthu; Janu, Neha; Preetham, Anusha; Parambil Gangadharan, Syam Machi Jun 2, 2022 7708
Improving Recognition of Overlapping Activities with Less Interclass Variations in Smart Homes through Clustering-Based Classification. Sarwar, Muhammad Usman; Gillani, Labiba Fahad; Almadhor, Ahmad; Shakya, Manoj; Tariq, Usman Jun 2, 2022 10200
Wireless Sensor System of UAV Infrared Image and Visible Light Image Registration Fusion. Gu, Lei; Meng, Juan Jun 2, 2022 7530
Healthcare Data Security Using IoT Sensors Based on Random Hashing Mechanism. Khadidos, Adil O.; Shitharth, S.; Khadidos, Alaa O.; Sangeetha, K.; Alyoubi, Khaled H. Jun 2, 2022 8449
Data for Data's Sake Is Pointless: Businesses Need Action from IOT. The Internet of Things generates a lot of data, but it is all worthless unless businesses can turn clear insight into actionable conclusions; argues Toby Hawkins, Sales Director for mpro5. Hawkins, Toby Jun 1, 2022 691
Airport Wildlife Hazard Management System A Sensor Fusion Approach. Dziak, Damian; Gradolewski, Dawid; Witkowski, Szymon; Kaniecki, Damian; Jaworski, Adam; Skakuj, Mich Report Jun 1, 2022 6029
A Novel Duty Cycle Based Cross Layer Model for Energy Efficient Routing in IWSN Based IoT Application. Singh, Ghanshyam; Joshi, Pallavi; Raghuvanshi, Ajay Singh Report Jun 1, 2022 9276
Physical Layer Security for Two-Way Relay NOMA Systems with Energy Harvesting. Li, Hui; Chen, Yaping; Zou, Borong Report Jun 1, 2022 7607
Digital Twin-based Product Development and Manufacturing Processes in Virtual Space: Data Visualization Tools and Techniques, Cloud Computing Technologies, and Cyber-Physical Production Systems. Michalkova, Lucia; Machova, Veronika; Carter, Daniel Jun 1, 2022 4035
Deep Learning Computer Vision Algorithms, Customer Engagement Tools, and Virtual Marketplace Dynamics Data in the Metaverse Economy. Hamilton, Steve Jun 1, 2022 3825
Sense of achievement: A look at the market for lidar and some of the systems, products and solutions available. Jun 1, 2022 1385
Design and Analysis of a Mid-Infrared Ultra-High Sensitive Sensor Based on Metal-Insulator-Metal Structure and Its Application for Temperature and Detection of Glucose. Bensalah, Hocine; Hocini, Abdesselam; Bahri, Hocine Jun 1, 2022 4604
Future technology for maintenance now. Dickens, Charles Jun 1, 2022 897
Force Attenuation Properties of Padded Dance Support Socks. Russell, Jeffrey A.; Mueller, Isabella F. Report Jun 1, 2022 5691
Fully integrated service for sensor solution requirements. Jun 1, 2022 240
Solving thermal system complexity: Brandy Phillips* explains how adaptive thermal solutions (ATS) can provide an answer to common heat processing challenges. Jun 1, 2022 657
Building Information Modeling and Internet of Things Integration in the Construction Industry: A Scoping Study. Hashim Mohammed, Baydaa; Sallehuddin, Hasimi; Safie, Nurhizam; Husairi, Afifuddin; Abu Bakar, Nur Az Jun 1, 2022 15717
Application of Image Recognition Based on Wireless Sensors in Dance Teaching System. Ben, Chi Jun 1, 2022 5979
A BP Neural Network Algorithm for Multimedia Data Monitoring of Air Particulate Matter. Zhang, Chunyi May 31, 2022 4750
System Resource Allocation and Rural Industry Revitalization Based on Max-Min Algorithm. Dai, Qiongyao May 31, 2022 6216
Correlation-Based Anomaly Detection Method for Multi-sensor System. Li, Han; Wang, Xinyu; Yang, Zhongguo; Ali, Sikandar; Tong, Ning; Baseer, Samad May 31, 2022 8356
Feedback Delay of Sports Intelligent Learning System Based on Model Predictive Control. Lv, Haidong May 31, 2022 5387
PolyU develops advanced vision sensors that emulate human visual adaptability. May 31, 2022 602
Why is vivo X80 currently the top flagship smartphone in Pakistan? May 31, 2022 759
Point-of-Care Based Electrochemical Immunoassay for Epstein-Barr Virus Detection. Yu, Miao; Liu, Ming; Li, Yuan May 30, 2022 4437
Sensor-enabled traffic police vehicles to catch violations. May 30, 2022 245
Ugandan Researchers Develop Low-Cost Sensors to Track Air Pollution. May 30, 2022 360
Design and Implementation of Multiple Music System Based on Internet of Things. Xu, Mengchen May 30, 2022 6202
A Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Deployment of Sensor Nodes in WSN Network. Liang, Jie; Wang, Lu; Ji, Qingchang May 30, 2022 8035
Secure MRI Brain Image Transmission Using IOT Devices Based on Hybrid Autoencoder and Restricted Boltzmann Approach. Deepthi, S. Aruna; Rao, E. Sreenivasa; Giriprasad, M. N. May 29, 2022 6894
Research on the Intrusion Detection Model of Underwater Sensor Networks. Huang, Haijie; Liu, Na; Chen, Dandan; Yang, Qiuling; Huang, Xiangdang May 29, 2022 9367
Modeling and Simulation of Basketball Players' Cardiopulmonary Endurance Sensor under Different Intensity Training. Dai, Yang May 29, 2022 5409
Application of Motion Capture Based on Digital Filtering Algorithm in Sports Dance Teaching. Rao, Fan May 29, 2022 7391
Ink Animation VR Design Based on Wireless Sensor and HTML5 Interactive Technology. Ding, Wei May 29, 2022 6894
A Neural Network Model of Smart Aging Combining Family Structure Change Factors. Jin, Yin-shi May 28, 2022 7224
The Effect of Exercise Training on the Detection of Heart Rate and Body Temperature Sensors in Adolescents. Xiao, Wei May 28, 2022 5894
Multisign Health Monitoring Technology of Athletes Based on Artificial Intelligence. Cai, Long; Zheng, Yuan May 27, 2022 5674
This Motorola Budget Phone Has Launched With Android 12 and a 90Hz Display. May 27, 2022 203
Intelligent Supply Chain and Logistics Route Optimization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network. Ma, Zhijun; Yang, Xiaobei; Li, Huahui May 27, 2022 6029
Application of Artificial Intelligence System Based on Wireless Sensor Network in Enterprise Management. Li, Kefeng May 27, 2022 5612
Design and Bulk Sensitivity Analysis of a Silicon Nitride Photonic Biosensor for Cancer Cell Detection. S., Prasanna Kumaar; A., Sivabramanian May 25, 2022 5161
Research Progress on Humidity-Sensing Properties of Cu-Based Humidity Sensors: A Review. Wang, Jingyu; Zeng, Wen May 25, 2022 13407
Computer Digital Technology Combined with Dynamic Visual Communication Sensors in Target Tracking with Big Data. Han, Zhihui; Zhao, Jianhua May 25, 2022 5179
Continental develops sensors to protect EV batteries. David Leggett May 25, 2022 366
Elliptic Labs and Xiaomi Launch the Redmi Note 11T Pro and 11T Pro Plus. May 25, 2022 246
Liverpool stars train with brain sensors ahead of Champions League final vs Real Madrid; Liverpool are poised to take on Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Paris, with the opportunity for Jurgen Klopp's men to win a third different cup competition this season. By, Tom Victor May 25, 2022 499
Cloud-Based IoE Enabled an Urban Flooding Surveillance System. Dhaya, R.; Ahanger, Tariq Ahamed; Asha, G. R.; Ahmed, Emad A.; Tripathi, Vikas; Kanthavel, R.; Atigl May 25, 2022 6818
Financial Risk Avoidance Based on the Sensor Network and Edge Computing. Yu, Yong; Yin, Xiaoguo May 24, 2022 6196
Texture Image Classification Based on Deep Learning and Wireless Sensor Technology. Chen, Fengping; Qi, Jianhua; Li, Xinquan May 24, 2022 5456
App to Help Blind People Navigate Public Transit to Debut in Washington. Asharq Al-Awsat May 24, 2022 321
Forwarding Collision Assessment with the Localization Information Using the Machine Learning Method. Guo, Lei; Jia, Yizhen; Hu, Xianghui; Dong, Feihong May 23, 2022 5758
Research on the Development Model of Rural Tourism Based on Multiobjective Planning and Intelligent Optimization Algorithm. Yang, Lu; Dong, Xiaoying May 23, 2022 5961
An AI-Enabled Internet of Things Based Autism Care System for Improving Cognitive Ability of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Abdel Hameed, Mohamed; Hassaballah, M.; Hosney, Mosa E.; Alqahtani, Abdullah May 23, 2022 8076
Expedite Quantification of Landslides Using Wireless Sensors and Artificial Intelligence for Data Controlling Practices. Kshirsagar, Pravin R.; Manoharan, Hariprasath; Kasim, Samir; Khan, Asif Irshad; Alam, Md Mottahir; A May 23, 2022 5538
An Improved VSLAM for Mobile Robot Localization in Corridor Environment. Ge, Gengyu; Qin, Zhong; Fan, Lilve May 23, 2022 5888
A Globe Calibration Method for Optical Multisensor in 3D Complex Surface Measurement System. Guo, Yanyan; Che, Xiangqian; Meng, Xiangli; Bian, Li May 23, 2022 5931
Urbanization Detection Using LiDAR-Based Remote Sensing Images of Azad Kashmir Using Novel 3D CNNs. Hameed, Mazhar; Yang, Fengbao; Bazai, Sibghat Ullah; Ghafoor, Muhammad Imran; Alshehri, Ali; Khan, I May 23, 2022 4228
Intelligent Running Posture Detection Based on Artificial Intelligence Combined with Sensor. Lai, ZhiRong; Wang, Mingming; Wang, Longhai; Zhou, Yining May 23, 2022 4362
Application of the VR Sensor Image Combined with Sports Games in the Treatment of Autistic Children. Wang, Li May 23, 2022 5192
Road-Type Detection Based on Traffic Sign and Lane Data. Fazekas, Zoltán; Balázs, Gábor; Gyulai, Csaba; Potyondi, Péter; Gáspár, Péter May 21, 2022 12960
Joint DOD and DOA Estimation of Bistatic MIMO Radar for Coprime Array Based on Array Elements Interpolation. You, Zhiyuan; Hu, Guoping; Zheng, Guimei; Zhou, Hao Report May 21, 2022 5485
Design of Nuclear Radiation Monitoring System in Floor Exploration Based on Deep Learning. Zong, Bochen May 21, 2022 7016
Smart Farming System Based on Intelligent Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics. Ferehan, Nourelhouda; Haqiq, Abdelkrim; Ahmad, Mohd Wazih May 20, 2022 5823
Cooperative Recharge Scheme Based on a Hamiltonian Path in Mobile Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks. Li, He; Liu, Quan; Ma, Xiaopu; Qi, Qinglei; Liu, Jinjiang; Zhao, Pan; Yang, Yang Report May 19, 2022 16122
3D Reconstruction Method of Virtual and Real Fusion Based on Machine Learning. Zhu, Wenyao; Zhou, Shuyue May 19, 2022 6849
Elliptic Labs signs contract expansion with laptop customer for AI Virtual Presence Sensor. May 19, 2022 183
Elliptic Labs signs contract expansion with laptop customer for AI Virtual Presence Sensor. May 19, 2022 184
Elliptic Labs signs contract expansion with laptop customer for AI Virtual Presence Sensor. May 19, 2022 182
Elliptic Labs Signs Fourth Expansion Agreement with Laptop Customer. May 19, 2022 234
Analysis of Smart Grid Using Multimedia Sensor Networks with Effective Resource Allocation. Teekaraman, Yuvaraja; Kirpichnikova, Irina; Manoharan, Hariprasath; Kuppusamy, Ramya; Radhakrishnan, May 18, 2022 5914
Methane emissions reduction: TotalEnergies implements a worldwide drone-based detection campaign. Josephine Nettey May 18, 2022 511

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